Rolling Waves

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Summary: Dean and Sam in the car going through America's heartland.

As far as the eye could see there were rolling waves of grain. As. Far. As. The. Fuckin'. Eye. Could. See. Nothing interrupted the sight. It was just miles after miles of golden grain. Sam sat next to his brother bored out of his mind. He couldn't take the silence anymore. Even talking to his brother had to be better than watching the unending miles of grain go by.


"What Sammy?"

Sam took a deep breath. If it had been two years earlier he would never have hesitated in asking such a… well a personal question. "Do you think about settling down. You know wife, 2.5 kids, a dog, house with a nice yard?" At first Sam had though he had overstepped his boundaries. He hardly knew his brother anymore. Two years in this line of work could change a person.

Dean snorted. "A family Sammy? Honestly, I hunt supernatural creatures for a living. Who would want me?"

"I'm serious Dean. Don't you ever wonder what life could have been like?"

"What life could have been like? You mean if mom hadn't died, dad hadn't gone on his crusade to find her killer dragging us along for the ride?"


"No. There really isn't any point in the dwelling on the past." The finality of the statement mad Sam wonder if perhaps his brother had though about it.

"You mean to tell me that you're going to do this until you're in your golden years?"

"Golden years Sammy? Fuck Sam! I do this hoping I make to my next birthday, hell the next week." Dean glanced at his brother staring out at America's heartland. "Was Jessica the one?"

"The one?" Sam asked hoping that if he played dumb his brother wouldn't ask what he was asking.

"You know, your domestic fantasy. Wife, kids, dog in the front yard?"

"When did this get to be about me?" If you can't play dumb, try to change the conversation.

"I'm making it about you." Dean said taking another sidelong glance at his brother.

Sam didn't want to talk about this. So he gave the only answer he could that would appease his brother and hopefully derailing the conversation. "She's dead it doesn't matter."

Dean look hard at his brother. The walls had come down effectively cutting himself off. "I met this girl once, in Seattle. She was fine all around. Even better, she knew about it all. Everything from ghost and goblins to werewolves and witches. Had a sweet ride, a Ninja 650. Thing purrs like a kitten. Anyway sometime between hunting and making out I thought maybe she could be the one. The one I settled down with or at the very least drove around, hunted with. Not that I needed anyone to hunt with but you know… except when I asked her to come with me she said no. She didn't have any intentions of what happened be more than just a passing fling. She stayed and I left. Don't know what happened to her. But yea sometimes I think about what it would be like to have a family, except I can't imagine giving this up or lying to them. And I don't know how my girl would take it or whether or not she would make it without becoming a victim."

Sam opened his mouth but then closed not wanting to ruin the moment. But his brother who loved the sound of his own voice ruined the moment by saying "But then again if I did get a girl who would look after your ass. We'd be too occupied getting it on." Dean said smirking.

Sam shook his head. His brother couldn't keep his mouth shut if his life depended on it. Always turning a serious moment into a joking one. Life was one big joke to him or perhaps that was a defense mechanism.