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An Angel's Plea

I'll break before I bend...

"Their going to kill him aren't they?" She asked looking inquiringly at him. It was the first time she'd spoken since seeing Hannibal...

"I don't know." He answered truthfully, leaning back in his chair.

"She seems to hold some sort of attachment to him... If he tells them what they want..." Drake offered, really not having considered much of 'their' plans. She looked downfallen...

"He won't tell them." She sighed, her bottom lip trembling slightly.

"Then they'll kill him." He states simply, he has no reason to spare her feelings. In truth he wants to see if she'll cry in front of him. She wants to, he can tell, but doubts she will.

"He always said he rather died then go back." She frowned.

"Then he'll get his wish…" Drake couldn't help but brood on that fact a little… The descendants of his bloodline were so pathetically boring and the only ones of interest were all inevitably going to die. What a boring world it could be.

"You could save him…" She said looking set on it.

"I suppose I could." He offered in a quiet husked voice.

"But you won't." She almost accused, her mouth setting into a firm line.

"I have no reason too."

"I s'pose not." She frowned looking once more at floor. A tear dribbled lazily from her eye. Drake watched its path over her cheek, around her mouth and across her chin. It clung for a moment to pale flesh and then dropped to the carpet. It left a muddy feeling at the back of his throat.

Zoe curled in on herself and fought the tears that threaten to choke her. Yet there seemed to be no end to the dark pit in her stomach. Seeing Hannibal like that had chipped a small part of her soul.

Drake sat back and watched her start to crumble slightly, considering the blood he could still smell on his own hands. The hunters blood… How different it smelt from all the rest.

"She treats you like puppet you know." Zoe mumbled, tearing Drake from lusty thoughts.

"I know she tries." Drake frowned wondering what the pixyish mass was up to now.

"You should teach her to respect you." Zoe ventured.

"Should I?" He was beyond intrigued by now.

"You said it yourself, she wants to own him… Why not keep him like you're keeping me…" Zoe stumbled, her voice quickening with nervousness.

"Such cheap antics won't save your friend." Drake interrupted quietly, getting down on one knee before her. She stared at him stubbornly.

"But since you have been so brave I'll make a deal with you… I keep him alive for as long as you stay here… If you leave, I will have her rip his throat out." He promised coolly.