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This story was written as a birthday present for my little sis Audrey. I asked her to give me a list of five things (a song, a place, a color, a flower, a sentence)and I came up with this. This is a complete AU and I hope you'll have as much fun as I had writting it.

Learn to fly…

"Hello, my name is Bruce Mayers. I'm the principal of this school. You must be the two new teachers the council has sent. Come inside, I'll show you the buildings."

The two mutants looked at each other a bit apprehensive. For both, the situation screamed troubles but they followed him, taking in their new surroundings. What on earth had come over Adam to think they could be teachers?

Brennan tightened his grip on the box containing his and Emma's books. He could still remember Adam telling them about the mission. 'Long term mission, one or two months, maybe more'. Their leader had received information about young mutants disappearing in a small town. Two young girls had already disappeared a few weeks ago. The mission was simple: find out who was kidnapping the mutants and protect the other kids. It had appeared easy, until Adam had told them about the… little details.

And when he had asked why he couldn't send Shalimar and Jesse, Adam had simply answered 'Could you imagine Shal teaching mathematics or Jesse literature?' The memory brought a smile on his face. Seeing Jesse trying to dissect Frost's poems would be priceless. And the picture of Shalimar solving an equation was just hilarious. Their arrival in a huge room brought him back to the real world.

"This is the main office. Each of us has a desk here. It's also a place where we can talk and relax."

The trio made its way to two huge facing desks under seemingly friendly stares of their new colleagues. And suddenly, Brennan felt like a kid going to school for the first time.

"Those are yours. Everybody, can I have a few minutes. I present you mister and miss Micheals. Miss Emma Micheals is teaching chemistry and mathematics, her husband Brennan is our new history and literature specialist. I hope you'll welcome them as two new members of our family."

Soon other teachers surrounded the two mutants. After a few hands shake and two or three polite words exchanged with their colleagues, Bruce led them to their respective classes for their first course.


Brennan opened the door of his classroom and came face to face with twenty-four noisy teenagers. Despite his arrival, silence didn't settle in the room; the mess only amplified with papers and pencils flying everywhere, unruly students screaming on top of their lungs. The situation was worst than in a bad movie. Calling up for all his self-control, he slammed the door shut and made his way to the desk. Facing his students for the first time, the elemental wished Adam had sent Jesse instead of him.


Emma gave her students their homework for the next course and dismissed them. Four o'clock; it was her last class of the day. The perspective of going back home, taking a bath and doing nothing sounded like heaven. But the pile of papers on her desk called her back to reality without mercy. Her predecessor had left her a huge amount of papers to correct plus two tests to prepare for the next week. She grabbed the pile and wearily made her way to the main office.

Brennan was already there, working on student's files. Emma watched him from the doorstep amazed. He was chewing on the end of his pencil while ruffling through a huge amount of files visibly in search for something precise. The mess on the desk and his frown increased proportionally, until he found a red file. She shook her head wondering how he could work in such a mess.

As quietly as possible, the psionic reached her desk, put the papers down and collapsed on her chair. Her forehead came in contact with the cold wood partly easing away her headache. But she quickly straightened in her chair reminding herself she was in a common office with other teachers. She could not let her weariness show in front of them. It would raise suspicions.

"How was your day Bren?"

The elemental looked up at his so-called wife. In one single glance, he understood she was stressed, tired and ready to explode. He knew too well that staying in a crowd an entire day could give her splitting headaches. Many times, she had found refuge in his bedroom or in the gym after her little shopping trips with Shalimar. The first time he had asked her why, she had just answered that his presence was soothing. At that moment, he had felt really special; for the first time someone needed his presence and wasn't expecting anything else from him. The thought made him want to hold her, comfort her and bring her that soothing feeling again.

"Fine. Come on, let's head back home. You'll correct those after having eaten. I'll even prepare pancakes."

Quietly, he gathered the files spread on his desk in one single pile and put them in a drawer. Emma was still sitting, her stare lost, fixed on a world he would never see. She didn't protest as he took his coat and put the papers in her bag. She didn't even protest when he wrapped his arm around her waist in a protective gesture and led her to their car. Having him so close gave her the peace her mind needed in the ruckus of emotions people were spreading around her.


A few hours and a ridiculous amount of pancakes later, Emma settled in their bed with the papers, a pen and a cup of tea. Carefully, she put the pillow against the headrest and reclined on it. The tension in her muscles was slowly diminishing, giving way to lassitude. But she was nowhere about done. Wearily the young woman began correcting the tests, sighing and getting frustrated with each new fanciful answer. Some people would never understand the subtleties of mathematics.

She was halfway through when Brennan got out of the adjoining bathroom, cursing under his breath. She looked up and nearly dropped her pen. He was searching for something in the dresser, a towel wrapped around his waist as if it was a normal situation. The muscles of his back were rippling beneath his skin, giving him an air of powerfulness. This man was simply impossible. How was she supposed to work, let alone focus, with him parading like that nearly every morning and evening?

"Your underwear is in the second drawer and your pyjama bottom is under your pillow."

"Hmm. Yeah thanks. What would I do without you?"

That was a question she refused to consider. The elemental found what he was searching for and headed back in the bathroom, playfully winking at her.

Three days of close proximity were slowly starting to weigh down on her mind. Brennan was her best friend, her confident, but pretending she was his wife sounded… disturbing. Admitting that she might be attracted to him perturbed her even more. Angrily she shoved the little voices calling her a hypocrite in the back of her mind and resumed her work.

However, the relief and solitude were short-lived. A few minutes later, she felt the bed shift under his weight and her attention was focused on him once more. It was hopeless; she would never finish her work tonight. Carefully she put the papers on the floor and finished her tea trying to divert her mind from his presence. This whole pretending was seriously starting to get to her. Half amused, she shook her head as if it could help her get rid of those feelings. Unaware of her turmoil, Brennan took one of the books on the bedside table and started searching for a poem.

Silence settled between them, only interrupted by the discreet noise of pages being turned. And after a few minutes Emma couldn't stand it anymore.

"Anything yet in the files you've consulted?"

"Nope. But I went only through a few files. Everything seems pretty normal. Well except from the fact that they have strange requirements for their teachers. Why would they hire only married teachers? It's not because you're married that you're more qualified."

"They hire only married teachers because according to statistics, they are less distracted by their private life and more focused on students. I tried to read some of my students but the only result I managed to get was a splitting headache. I have nearly forgotten what is going on inside the head of a teenager."

She yawned; if all her days were the same, she would not be able to survive there more than a week. 'Everything is worst at night Emma! Sleep and tomorrow everything will be alright.' She put her pillow back on the mattress rearranging the covers swiftly.

The elemental watched her discretely from behind his book. They had been sleeping in the same bed for three nights. Each time she was doing the same ritual. He knew that it was necessary for her to be able to sleep peacefully; it helped her clear her mind from unwanted thoughts and feelings. First she would finish quietly her tea, then she would sit in a lotus position for a few minutes. After that she would switch off her lamp and settle for the night nearly at the edge of the bed. Was she afraid of him? The thought brought a smile on his lips and a fluttering feeling in the pit of his stomach. But the sensation disappeared before he had the time to identify it clearly.

"Night Brennan. Don't work too late."

"Night Emma."

Quickly her breath slowed down and she succumbed to tiredness. The elemental watched her unaware of flowing time; the rise and fall of her chest mesmerized him. After a few minutes, he knew sleep would not come easily. He got up, careful not to wake her up. Silently he made his way to the kitchen and prepared himself a cup of tea.

Memories of their arrival in the house distracted him from his preparation. It had been quite comical. Their new 'home' was surrounded by other teacher's home. It was completely furnished and not in the style he would have chosen, modern cream furniture nearly everywhere. The house seemed to come out of a designer catalogue.

Their 'friendly neighbours' had shown only a few minutes later, volunteering to help with their luggage and the few other things they had brought along. One of the only problems was the indiscreet questions they seemed to be fond of.

But it had not been the peak of the day. Emma's reaction upon seeing their bedroom had won the prize. She had walked to the bed with a defeated smile. They had not argued about the sleeping arrangements and the elemental knew it was because she had been too stunned to even protest. The change had been abrupt and the fact that it was for a long term was even more destabilizing. The memory elicited a small smile from the young man as he resumed preparing his tea.


Bacon. The distinctive smell reached his sleepy mind but he refused to acknowledge it. He buried his head deeply in the pillow beside him, hoping to fall asleep again. The smell of food was instantly forgotten as a too well known perfume invaded his nostrils, quickly reaching his sleepy mind. He grumbled and opened his eyes. They instantly landed on her alarm clock; upon reading the numbers disbelief reached the active part of his brain. Half-past six, that woman was a nightmare. They still had a few hours before their first courses and she was already up preparing breakfast. Not that he minded having breakfast ready; the only problem was the hour. Half past six was definitely not a decent hour to wake up.

Wearily he got up not bothering to put a t-shirt on and padded barefoot through the halls. Arriving in the kitchen, he stopped and leaned on the doorframe. Emma was there, in front of the stove, her hips swaying to a sensuous upbeat while cooking eggs.

Instantly his mind completely woke up. He knew he should signal his presence, but something about the way she moved prevented him from doing so. When did his little sister change into that beautiful enticing woman, had she always been so gorgeous? A warm feeling settled in the pit of his stomach, quickly travelling, reaching every part of him. The urge to hold her, to feel her moving close to him, against him, became stronger nearly overpowering his will.

Emma felt his stare riveted on her hips and the turmoil playing in his head. She should have told him to stop, to divert his mind from the heated turn it was taking. Instead it fed her sensations; so she just kept moving, silently wishing he would join and hold her.

Less than a minute later, she felt his strong hands gripping at her hips, following each move, guiding her toward him. The heat coming from his hands radiated through her clothing, warming her skin, quickening her breath. She willed her pulse down but her heart seemed to have a mind of its own. What was happening to her?

One of his hands slid to rest on her stomach bringing her closer to him. The move instantly made her forget what she was trying to cook. Her left hand rested on his, their fingers intertwining and the other travelled to his neck. They moved as one, closely pressed against one another till the end of the song, not wanting to dwell further in rational thoughts about what was happening. When the song ended, he simply kissed her cheek and let her go back to her cooking task.

As if nothing had happened, he poured himself a cup of tea and started dressing the table. He didn't want to think about what was going on in his head right now. Emma put the food down on the table without a word. She busied herself with small tasks, denying the fact that something had happened; a little something had snapped in her brain, changing her perception of him and she didn't know if it was a good thing.