Title: Colors

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Universe: Naruto

Rating: T

Word Count: 397

Spoilers: eh…not that many…actually…not at all…

Warnings: romance. Yaoi.

Time Started: 11:40 PM 10/2/05

Time Completed: 11:37 PM 10/2/05

Pairing (s): Shikamaru x Sasuke

A/N: My writing is still childish and unstructured. So sue me again.

Dedication: Lala to the Power of 2

For ninja, stealth is fundamental to most if not all missions; this is why Nara Shikamaru has adapted accordingly.

Living in the Hidden Village of the Leaf, Shikamaru has been wearing green, brown and grey for several years now.

Shikamaru looks at some of the other colors present in the village and wonders how some people haven't gotten killed yet. Take Sasuke for example—which doesn't imply anything about any sort of relationship Shikamaru might have, Sasuke is prone to wearing blue.

And black.

And anything with an Uchiha fan on the back of it.

Shikamaru finds those colors to be rather violent, in their own way—not violent like Naruto's orange or Lee's green, but violent nonetheless.

Violent colors for violent people.

Blue and black stick out in a sea of green and brown.

Shikamaru has yet to point this fact out to Sasuke, not like he talks to the stupid asshole anyway, and not because he would derive pleasure from seeing Sasuke dead. Sasuke, who is all guilt and porcelain skin.

But because seeing Sasuke in green, grey, or brown would be wrong.

Aesthetically wrong, it just wouldn't feel right the stupid bastard with deceiving pale, smooth skin and soft blue-black hair. Like a girl's, but a girl would never be made up of hard angles and callused muscles.

Shikamaru isn't sure he'd ever be attracted to a girl, not after that stupid bastard. Stupid bastard with his pointless guilt after what happened more than a decade ago, Shikamaru has read the ANBU reports and looked at the crime scene photos.

The Nara boy has already arrived at the conclusion that maybe becoming an avenger may have been worse than being fooled into serving Orochimaru. The curse seal has long since become a scar, a disturbing memory that's faded away at the edges.

But without his guilt and his betrayed feelings, Sasuke had nothing to live for, a fact that makes Shikamaru slightly uneasy. That uneasy feeling is a tentative grey-green.

Shikamaru hates that color.

It also happens to be the color of all his shirts.