Title: Haze

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Universe: Naruto

Rating: M

Word Count: 399

Spoilers: eh…not that many…actually…not at all…

Warnings: romance. Yaoi. Angst abound, but Sasuke's in this fic so that should be expected.

Time Started: 09:31 PM 10/2/05

Time Completed: 11:37 PM 10/2/05

Pairing (s): Shikamaru x Sasuke

A/N: My writing is childish and unstructured. So sue me. I don't have a beta, which is probably bad. WTF did I just write? Can anyone tell me?


Shikamaru thinks that maybe, just maybe; he might have a masochistic streak. Just look at the people he keeps company with, Ino who'd sooner nag him into the ground than leave him alone. Asuma who'd kill him with second hand smoke. Chouji who'd clog his arteries with cholesterol until he had a heart attack. Naruto who'd—probably find a way to kill him without even trying to.

Lastly on that list, is Uchiha Sasuke, who is a sadistic bastard.

Shikamaru has realized this, especially since his hickeys have begun to bleed. Shikamaru suspects that he might also have bad luck, as he was the one who was sober enough to walk himself home without falling into a ditch (which didn't say much) that night.

That stupid night that started all of the problems that Shikamaru's mind has become too hazy to deal with.

Sometimes Shikamaru thought about killing Kiba, who's idea it'd been to go out for drinks. But that's irrelevant because it doesn't help Shikamaru in the position he is in now.

Which is in his bed. Alone.


His mind isn't functioning at its normal capacities or it would have realized that this attachment is A) unhealthy and B) confusing.

Thinking doesn't help him anymore; it just confuses him. Why couldn't they just go back to the days where the most Shikamaru ever saw Sasuke was when he was in a large wooden tub. Good times.

Odd as it is, sometimes Shikamaru finds himself missing the other boy's presence, which is extremely disconcerting as Shikamaru never thought he would ever miss Sasuke of all people.

Shikamaru, being all laziness and fishnet shirts, is annoyed with the imbalance in his personal routine. Sasuke, being angst and angry colors, could care less.

Which probably should have bothered him more, if that pesky masochistic streak wasn't ingrained into the very fiber of his being.