Title: The Food Chain

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Universe: Naruto

Rating: T

Word Count: 305

Spoilers: none.

Warnings: yaoi

Time Started: 07:25 AM 9/28/05

Time Completed: 04:22 PM 10/16/05

Pairing (s): Kiba/Naruto

A/N: More Kiba/Naruto! Kiba feel likes prey.

Disclaimer:…love me when I'm gone baby.

Dedication: all my reviewers who help me out of my slumps.

Sometimes, when Naruto is truly angry, someone else comes out, with red eyes and elongated claws. Kiba notes that his scent also changes, becoming more pronounced and fox-like. The scent of fox feels odd on the other boy.

Unlike his usual bouquet of ramen and sweat.

Dogs and foxes do not get along. As his sister has told him, chastising, after many time catching Kiba observing the other boy.

Kiba doesn't feel like telling her that he has done more than that.

Sometimes if they're on a mission the fox will come out unbidden, and suddenly Naruto's power increases, afterward with the effects still lingering, Kiba feels like prey.

With Naruto who is all two eye colors and two different scents, Kiba knows he shouldn't feel like prey because foxes have nothing on dogs.

But later when Kiba is the predator and the one with the sharper teeth and elongated claws, Naruto is the one who becomes prey.

Kiba thinks that foxes and dogs get along just fine. Naruto seems oblivious to the change in himself most of the time, but Kiba sighs because that's what he gets for having an unusually acute sense of smell.

But the dog in him suggests that Naruto should be able to smell scents too, that's usually the part of him that insists that foxes and dogs aren't good for interspecies mating, Kiba can usually shut that part of him up with a doggy biscuit.