Title: Timing

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Word Count: 425

Universe: Bleach

Theme: house-sitting

Disclaimer: I might be a little rusty. I would like to purchase your couch.

Warnings: Yaoi, shounen ai. Post Soul-Society arc. Ichigo's potty mouth.

Pairings: Ishida/Ichigo. Chad/Orihime

Rating: M to be sure

Featuring: !Wet! Ishida. Perv! Ichigo. ?Conspicuously? Absent Orihime and Chad.

Time Completed: 06:30 PM 10/23/05

A/N: Did I mention that I like to do weird pairings? Yeah, you should see my Naruto fics. I was reading the manga and then I had to water the plants and here came this story. I'm giving up on Family Guy for this. I also started like three Byakuya/Ukitake fics before I returned to my old standard.


Really, the timing had been perfect. Sometimes the gods could be slightly favorable.

Orihime and Chad deciding to go on a second honeymoon and leaving run of their house to Ichigo had been perfect. Well, not only to Ichigo because that could have had disastrous results, but Ichigo and Ishida have become an establishment so only mentioning one of their names was sufficient.

And honestly, who would leave their house in Ichigo's care?

Nevertheless, it was chance that Ishida had arranged for the fumigators to come that week, so their apartment would be unlivable for several days anyway.

Their routine hadn't changed much since their high school days anyway, Ishida would get up first and make coffee and usually toast, and then Ichigo would stumble in with his clothes half on and Ishida would annoyedly adjust them and then they would do whatever they had planned.

But that's irrelevant, even if their setting had changed drastically their routine remained unchanged, before he'd left Chad had suggested that Ishida water his extensive garden.

Ichigo would have either over-watered or under-watered it. And Ishida was likely to follow Chad's instructions to a tee, so whenever it came time to water Ishida dutifully would retrieve the hose and set it to a gentle spray and water the garden.

Ichigo usually watched from his vantage point on the deck as Ishida slowly got wetter and wetter, until his usually white clothing was see through.

It was a good thing that the deck was situated high above the ground as Ichigo wasn't sure he would be able to withstand the intensity of Ishida's smugness if he knew why Ichigo was so intent on supervising his chore.

The deck did give him a nice view of Ishida's ass when he bent over.

The binoculars helped too.