Title: Tolerance

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Word Count: 480

Universe: Bleach

Theme: Ichigo has trouble letting go

Disclaimer: …evil laugh

Warnings: yaoi. Post Soul-Society arc.

Pairing (s): you'd have to read it to get it

Rating: T

Featuring: Wacko! Ichigo Violent! Rukia

Time Completed: 07:23 PM 10/13/05

A/N: …still need more structure.


The first time he walked in on it Rukia had to hit him several times over the head with a baseball bat so he'd snap out of it. She, of course found the entire debacle hilarious, typical, she didn't get it.

It was his sister, for God's sake! The one who'd make faces on his pancakes and folded his socks in the shapes of woodland creatures. The most idiotic thing of all was that his father—his fucking father—supported this foolishness.

Apparently, Isshin was a romantic at heart and just loved to take the smarmy little bastard aside for fatherly conversations—not that Ichigo wanted his father to have fatherly conversations with him or anything.

Ichigo could have understood puberty, he could have understood hormones—but there was no way in hell that he'd ever understand this. Of course complaining to people outside the family didn't help either. Not that he would normally expect any support whatsoever from Ishida—but the four-eyed bastard could have been more obliging.

The second and third times Rukia set him on fire, which wasn't fun later when his father was treating the burns with smile faced bandages—he wasn't five anymore.

Subsequently Rukia told him to get used to it because they obviously weren't going to stop, to which Ichigo responded with an eloquent "Shut the hell up."

It was nearly impossible to talk to Karin about it because she seemed to get annoyed whenever Ichigo brought it up, which made no sense to him.

Karin of all people should care who her twin sister dated, right? Maybe not.

Of course Yuzu couldn't have picked someone more suitable—safer. Noooo—she set her eyes on that dickface, which made it harder and harder to have normal conversations with the jackass.

Threatening the jerkoff with death by a very large and sharp sword wouldn't work either—not that Ichigo hadn't tried—Rukia had to once again use violence to stop Ichigo from imploding. This time she threw a potted cactus at his head.

Ichigo was beginning to think that his nerve endings were getting rather frayed what with all the pain he put them through.

Escaping to Soul Society wouldn't help either—that asshole being a shinigami and all.

So when Karin, who had started taking over Yuzu's normal job of making the family dinner barked at him to retrieve said sister and aforementioned asswipe Rukia followed for safety precautions.

Walking in on his little sister and Hitsugaya make out again had been traumatizing, to say the least.