Summary: The Dursley's win a summer vacation to Mexico, leaving nine year old Harry Potter behind. A reluctant Snape to the rescue…

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Chapter One

"Oh my—" Petunia's voice was cut off by a shrill screech of joy. "Vernon! Vernon!"

"What?" Vernon looked up from the newspaper in alarm.

"W—we won," Petunia gasped, waving the envelope in the air excitedly. "The trip to Mexico. Can you believe it, Vernon? We won!" Vernon's eyes widened disbelievingly, staring at the envelope his wife was frantically waving around in the air almost in a trance.

"Duddiekins!" Petunia screeched up the stairs. "Come here, Diddums!" A large boy raced down the stairs.

"What is it, Mummy?" Dudley Dursley asked as he came into the kitchen.

"Guess where we're going, Diddy?" Petunia's eyes shone in delight. A smile was placed on her horse-like face.

"Disneyland?" Dudley guessed.

"Well, no," Petunia admitted. "Mexico!"

"Mexico?" Dudley frowned. "So…we're not going to Disneyland?"

"Go start packing, Popkins," Petunia said. "We'll leave for the airport tonight. Oh, Won't this be fun?" Dudley shrugged.

"As long as Potter's not coming with us it will."

"Oh, don't worry about that," Petunia said, frowning in displeasure. "We'll deal with it after. Go, popkins." Dudley shrugged again and went back up to his room, doing what he was told.

Harry sat motionless in his cupboard. Mexico? They were going to Mexico?

"Boy!" Vernon called out gruffly. "Get out here." Harry let out a sigh. With some difficulty, he was able to get off of the lumpy, uncomfortable mattress and out of the musty, spider-infested cupboard.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked as politely as he could as he stood in front of Vernon Dursley.

"You should know," Vernon started, "that Petunia, Dudley and I have won a trip to Mexico."

"Yes, Uncle Vernon," replied Harry.

"So," Vernon continued, "you will stay here while we're gone."

Harry's eyes widened slightly.

"By myself?"

"Yes," Vernon confirmed curtly. "So don't answer the phone, or answer the door for anybody. Got it?"

Still in awe, Harry could only nod. "Couldn't I stay with Mrs. Figg?" He asked tentatively.

"No," Vernon barked. "Absolutely not. She'd be asking questions about why we wouldn't be taking you with us. No, you stay here and do as you are told." Harry nodded obediently.

"There is extra food in the cupboards and such. That's all you'll have while we're away so don't waste it all," Vernon instructed.

"Are you almost ready, Popkins? We should head out soon," Petunia called up to her son.

"Can you come help me pack, Mummy?" Dudley's voice whined back. "Please?"

"Of course, Diddikins," Petunia called back up. "I'll be right up."

"Will I have to weed the garden while you're out, Uncle Vernon?" Harry questioned.

Vernon gave an exasperated sigh. "Do not leave this house, do you understand me boy? Do not leave this house. Stay in the cupboard and do not go out of this house until we return!"

Harry gulped.

"How long will you be gone for, Uncle Vernon?"

"A few weeks," Vernon guessed, looking chafed. "Maybe a month. I don't know how long it said! Will you stop asking pointless questions, boy?" They're not pointless, Harry thought, frowning inwardly.

"Now, go in your cupboard, boy. And remember: Do not leave your cupboard until we come home. Got it?"

"Yes, Uncle Vernon," Harry said obediently. He walked back to his cupboard and went in, re-seating himself on the lumpy mattress of a bed. He heard the loud voices of the Dursleys, the door to the house slam shut and the engine start up.

He watched a spider in the corner of his cupboard spin a web. Would he have to do this while the Dursleys were out? Watch spiders spin webs the whole time?

What if I have to use the washroom? Harry thought. Or what if I get hungry? Or thirsty? What if I get sick? What if I get bored?

Harry sighed. He had the sudden urge to disobey the Dursley's and get out of his cupboard, but what if they found out? How would they be able to find out? Harry debated with himself. They're on their way to Mexico.

He got up from the mattress and opened the cupboard door. He breathed in the crisp, clean smell of fresh air as he stretched. Even if he had only been in his cupboard for five minutes, the cupboard wasn't what he would call big.

He opened the fridge, glancing tentatively at the door as if he expected the Dursley's to barge through and get after him for not staying in his cupboard like he was suppose to. When nothing came through the door, Harry turned his attention back to what was inside the fridge.

A block of cheese, a sandwich which lay free on the top shelf of the fridge, a few cartons of milk and juice which were only half-full sit on the sides. A bag of chicken strips, a few pieces of ham from the Dursleys' dinner from the day before and a cup of fruit. That was pretty much what the fridge had in it.

Of course, it wasn't much—Dudley must've been hungry sometime last night—but all that was there would do.

"It's better than nothing," Harry said out loud. He picked up the sandwich that lay on one of the shelves. It wasn't wrapped in a bag or any wrapping. He raised it to his lips and took a bite, chewing on it. He felt an awkward, unusual taste to the bread.

Maybe Aunt Petunia picked a different kind of bread, Harry decided. Just to be sure, though, he checked the bread over.

Then he saw it, and it made his stomach churn. He felt the bread come back to his throat, and he closed his eyes, trying to fight the sudden urge to vomit.

A patch of mold was starting to form on the back of the bread, and most likely on the ham, too.

He let out a moan, trying to get the picture of the sandwich out of his head. He tried to forget that he had eaten the moldy sandwich.

Harry stepped out of the house, hoping that maybe the air outside would get his mind off everything. But Uncle Vernon had told him to stay inside the house, didn't he? Harry, as he stood on a patch of bright green grass, looked around cautiously. The Dursley's were gone, though, so how could they possibly ever find out?

Excuse me, a slithery voice demanded. Harry stiffened at the voice, and when he looked around, he saw no one. Down here. Hesitating, Harry warily looked down at the ground. It was a grass snake. The snake was whitish/grey, almost a brown. It had a zigzag shape on his dorsal surface. It slithered around Harry before looking up.

Well? Don't you say anything? The snake asked sarcastically. Are you mute?

I'm not mute! Harry thought, too stunned to speak.

Ah, he speaks! The snake hissed happily.

"I didn't speak," Harry said out loud, then tilted his head to the side, wearing a confused expression. You can hear my thoughts? This time, Harry hadn't spoken out loud, but rather thought it.

That's pretty obvious, the snake said. Harry stiffened again as the snake slithered up his leg and coiled around his arm. Where do you live, boy?

"There," Harry said out loud, turning his head to the side where the Dursley's house was.

It looks empty, the snake observed.

"It's not,"Harry said out loud. "Not completely. I'm there."

Just you? The snake asked. A young boy home alone? Interesting.

"Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and Dudley went out," Harry 'thought' to the snake. "All the way to Mexico. They told me to stay in my cupboard, but…"

I'm not very familiar with humans, the snake hissed, but I don't think they live in cupboards.

"I don't know," Harry said, suddenly wondering the same thing. "But I do."

Are you happy? The snake decided to ask. You look sad, boy.

Harry just shrugged. Was he happy?

"I should go," Harry decided. He bent down and uncoiled the snake from his arm. "Bye." Harry got up and walked back into the house, oblivious to the fact that the snake had followed him.

As Harry closed the door shut and started to walk back towards his cupboards, a voice intruded his thoughts once more.

So, the snake said, this is how humans live? Very interesting. Do you have anything to eat? Harry wasn't surprised as he heard the snake's voice in his head. He looked down at the floor and saw the snake down by his feet.

"Nothing that you'd like. Except a moldy sandwich…do you eat those?"

Very funny, the snake said sarcastically. Do you have any fish?

"No," Harry said.

So what do humans do when they're bored? The snake questioned.

"Watch the telly?"Harry suggested.

The telly? The snake repeated. What's that?

"C'mon," Harry said, gently picking the snake up and bringing him over to the telly. He picked up the remote until he found something that might suit the snake. A television documentary about snakes.

"There," Harry said out loud, putting the control beside the snake.

Interesting… The snake hissed slowly.


Did you know that humans keep snakes for pets? The snake demanded after the documentary was over. Outrageous!

Harry laughed. "We need a name for you, snake."

A name? The snake repeated. Harry could've sworn that if that snake was human, it would've been scowling. I am no house pet, human.

"Harry debated. "Now, are you a girl or a boy?"

How am I suppose to know? The snake asked.

"Fine," Harry said, pausing. He studied the snake carefully before coming up with his decision. "I'm making you a boy. What about…Hissy?"

No, thank you.

"Er—what about, oh I know!" Harry grinned down at the snake. "What about Cornflakes?"

Cornflakes? The snake repeated. Are you crazy, human?

"Uhm—well—What about Sir Hiss?"


"I give up," Harry said with a sigh. "You're going to be impossible to name."

How about—The snake paused, thinking. William Snakespeare? Harry could've sworn he heard the snake chuckle.

"What about—" Harry sighed. He was having trouble coming up with names for the snake. "Slyther?"

Hm…Slyther…the snake pondered. I think I could get used to that…

"Slyther it is," Harry said with a relieved sigh. He and Slyther sat in silence, and Harry could only stare at his cupboard. How long were the Dursleys going to be out for? Would they even come back for him?


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