Chapter Fifty-nine: Epilogue

Harry, as he walked through Diagon Alley with Severus, skimmed the letter with his eyes, seeing what else they had to buy. So far, they had bought: Three sets of plain work robes, one plain pointed hat and one winter cloak. They were all black, just as the letter had said for them to be.

All he needed now were his books and some of the other equipment. As he passed the shops, Harry wondered if Nathaniel was having a good time back home. The older boy had, of course, decided to stay with Amaryllis instead of going to Diagon Alley with him and Severus.


Harry looked up. He didn't realize that Severus had been saying his name. Harry then gazed at Severus attentively, ready to give the Potions Master his full attention.

"What's next on your list?"

Harry glanced down at the list again, replying, "The books. First one is … 'The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk.'"

"We can get your books at Flourish and Blotts. After your books, then we'll get your wand, perhaps? Or did you have something else in mind that you wanted to get after you purchase the books?"

Harry shook his head, following the Potions Master into a bookstore with books piled up on top of each other, almost as high as the ceiling itself. Other books were placed in bookcases, but most were piled on the floor and then made their way up.

Harry brushed passed an unsteady pile of books which inevitably started to sway. He held his hands out, steadying the books and making sure that they didn't pitch forward or topple to the side. After balancing the books, Harry followed Severus throughout the rest of the bookstore.

Severus placed a couple of the books that he had collected into Harry's arms, then started searching for the rest after asking Harry what else was on the list. Harry looked at the book that was positioned on top: One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi.

Harry took a small step backwards as Severus piled a few more heavy books on top of the ones he was already carrying.

Then, after he picked up the rest of his books for Hogwarts and paid for them, he started towards Ollivander's.


Harry entered Ollivanders next. A few wands Harry tried caused several things in the shop to explode, but one wand hadn't…

After Ollivander voiced his thoughts to Harry about the peculiar wand that had 'chosen' him, he couldn't help but then feel that something was wrong with him.

When Harry bought the wand and told Severus that after what Ollivander had said to him made him feel that something was wrong with himself, the man replied that nothing was wrong with him.

So, after shaking the thought away, Harry checked his list to see what else was left and barely glanced back at Ollivander's as they left.


Harry, after he and Severus returned from Diagon Alley, had some time to think of what attending Hogwarts would be like as a student. And the more he thought about it, the more nervous he grew.

He wouldn't arrive at Hogwarts the same time as the other students would—he'd be getting there earlier—but he wondered if it would seem any different than when he was there last year.

Harry piled the rest of things in his trunk and made his way downstairs into the living room. Severus was already there waiting, and Harry ran some things over his mind to make sure he had everything.

I'm going to miss Amaryllis, Slyther sighed mournfully. I will be able to write to her, won't I?

"If you can stand going near an owl," Harry replied. "What will she say, anyway, to getting mail that way?"

I forewarned her that she might be getting mail. In an odd way, Slyther replied lightly.

"Let's get a move on, shall we?"Severus's impatient voice said, startling Harry.

"Sorry," Harry said. He glanced at the floo powder. "You wanna go first?"

"You can," replied Severus. "I'll be right behind you. Just say, 'Snape chambers'."

Harry grabbed a handful of the powder after he set his belongings in the fireplace and then stepped inside himself, and said as Severus told him to.

He was going to Hogwarts, Harry thought to himself, smiling inwardly. More importantly, he was going to be a student at Hogwarts. Finally.



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