Hi people! Thank-you for waiting! I'm glad you all liked my last story "Alone in a stormy night" I'm glad to present you my new story…

Walking in his shoes



It was a peaceful fall day. The red, yellow, and green leaves were falling from the trees, little kids running around playing tag, and people raking leaves.

Tohru Honda with her 2 friends Kyo and Yuki Sohma was walking beside her.

"It's such a beautiful day!" Tohru exclaimed.

"It is isn't it?" Yuki said.

"Whatever" Kyo sneered.

The 3 teens walked into the forest (Shortcut).

"What should we have for dinner?" Tohru asked.

"Noodles and rice" Kyo said.

"Okay! I'll get started when we go in!" Tohru said.

They walked into the house. Yuki's face darkened.

"Yuki! I'm so glad to see you!" A certain brother greeted.

"What is it nii-san?" Yuki asked.

"I'm here to see my precious little brother!" Ayame said.

"Why don't you go bug hatori or something?" Yuki asked.

"Because…Tori-san is busy!" Ayame said.

"Konnichiwa (A/N: I'm so sorry…but I don't really know how to spell it!) Ayame san! It's so good to see you!" Tohru greeted.

"Ah! Konnichiwa Tohru san! Did you check on your Yuki last night?"

"W-what do you mean?" Tohru asked.

"Oh! Yuki didn't tell you? Well…when Yuki was 13 or 14, Mom and Dad told me that Yuki wet the bed!" Ayame said.

"AAHH!" Yuki yelled. "Why the heck did you tell her that?"

"Cause Yuki…she needs to know these stuff! Anyway…when he was 9! Dad told me that Yuki and a stuffed bear name Mr. Cuddles, and will carry it everywhere he goes!" Ayame exclaimed.

"Ah! Um…wel-." Tohru said.

"Then! When Yuki turned 11, Mom and Dad threw him a birthday party and one of the games was a race and Yuki lost to a little girl name Tomayo!" Ayame interrupted

"That's it!" Yuki yelled.

Yuki went into the kitchen and ran back into the living room.

"Fire! There's a fire in the kitchen!" Yuki yelled.

"Oh no! a fire! We have to put it out! Tohru yelled and ran into the kitchen.

"Ms Honda! Don't you'll get hur-." Yuki said.

"Don't worry Yuki! I'll save you! Ayame yelled.

"My house is going into flames!" Shigure cried.

"Nii-san…I can protect myself!" Yuki said.

Tohru was sitting on the kitchen floor crying.

"It's all my fault!" Tohru cried.

"It's not your fault! It's that perverted dog's fault for trying to cook!" Kyo said.

" At least I tried!" Shigure said.

"Yuki! Get out! This job is for adults not for children!" Ayame yelled.

"I'm not a child!" Yuki said.

Kyo finally risked his hate of water and went to the sink with a bucket and through it at the fire.


Yuki went upstairs to his room with Ayame following him.

"Yuki! What's wrong?" Ayame asked.

"Wrong? What's wrong? You were telling embarrassing stories to Ms Honda! Shigure almost made the house catch on fire! You're trying to protect me even though I can protect myself, and you foloow me everywhere I go!" Yuki yelled.

"Why do you have to follow me all the time?" Yuki yelled.

"Because I'm your brother Yuki, I'm suppose to protect you" Ayame said.

"Well you ran out on me when I needed you, and because of those things, I'll never forgive you! Yuki yelled, and slammed the door in front of Ayame's face.

Ayame stood there.

"Well you ran out on me when I needed you, and because of those things I'll never forgive you!

Those words rang in Ayame's head. He went downstairs and sat quietly.

Yuki sat down and laid on the bed.

He blinked and then started falling asleep.

"I'll never forgive you" Yuki said again and went to sleep.

That's chapter 1. Chapter 2 coming soon!