Chapter 11

Yuki sat up wondering about his dream.

"What does Emperor Zhu mean?" Yuki asked himself. He laid back down again staring at the ceiling.

"The answer is in your heart."

The voice echoed in his thought until Yuki got up and went into the lobby. He saw Shigure talking to Tohru. Shigure looked up and saw Yuki.

"Ayaa? Will you please come here?" Shigure asked.

Yuki went over to Shigure while Tohru went upstairs.

"We are about to leave today so will you tell Yuki to start packing?" Shigure asked.

Yuki nodded and went outside and looked around. He heard a noise coming from the broom closet. He walked to the broom closet and opened the door.

"Nii-san what are you doing here?" Yuki asked.

"Yuki! I'm so glad you found me! I was being chased by some mad fan girls so I hid in the closet for my safety." Ayame explained.

"(Sighs) Nii-san, Shigure says that we'll be leaving soon so we have to start packing." Yuki said.

"Okay! Let's get moving!" Ayame exclaimed.

Ayame and Yuki walked inside the hotel and went upstairs.

"I don't want to leave now. The hotel staff members are so nice and they cook for me and-."

"You have to tell Shigure that, and besides, we've been here for 3 days and I think that's long enough." Yuki said.

"Oh well, I have to plan my fashion show anyway." Ayame said.

"Which my school will not be going to." Yuki said.

"But why? It has learning in it and you'll learn about fashion." Ayame whined.

"The principal won't let us anyway."

"Not if I talked to him."

"Yeah right."

"I made him believe that our Dad is the president of the school board."

"Than I never knew the principal was so gullible."

The 2 finished packing and went downstairs into the lobby. Yuki saw Shigure and Kyo with their suitcases.

"Where's Honda-san?" Ayame asked.

"She's up in her room packing you damn rat." Kyo replied.

"Maybe I should go upstairs and help her!" Yuki said unexpected.

"NO!" Both Ayame and Kyo yelled.

"I just wanted to help. How come both of you have to yell at me!" Yuki said with tears in his eyes.

"You damn snake! Don't even start with the fake tears!" Kyo raged.

"What about you 'Gure-san? Can I go upstairs and check up on her?" Yuki said with tears in his eyes.

"Uh, Sure Ayaa you can check up on her."

"Thank-you 'Gure-san!" Yuki ran upstairs. Kyo and Ayame gave him an evil glare. "What?" Shigure asked.

"You Stupid Dog! You just sent Ayame Sohma upstairs to check up on Tohru!" Kyo yelled.

"That must be the dumbest thing you have ever did." Ayame blurted out.

"Did I, Ayame Sohma, just say that to 'Gure-san?"

"What can Aya possibly do to Tohru?" Shigure asked.

Kyo and Ayame stared at each other than back at Shigure.

"You really are stupid."

With Yuki

Yuki ran up the stairs and down the hall. "What the hell was I think down there?"

Yuki found Tohru's room. He knocked on the door and heard an answer.

"Yes?" Tohru answered.

"Uh, Tohru-san? Can I come in? It's Ayame."

"Sure Ayame-san!" Tohru replied. She opened the door and Yuki went inside.

"'Gure-san sent me up here to check on you." Yuki explained.

"Yes, I just finished packing!" Tohru exclaimed.

"Ah. Yes Honda-san. Shall we go ahead?" Yuki said.


"What's wrong Tohru-san?"

"Well, Uh you just called me 'Honda-san'."

Yuki stopped and turned around. "Um, I got it from Yuki, yes?" Yuki said nervously.

"Actually, Now that I think of it. You and Yuki-kun have been acting kind of weird lately." Tohru said.

"Oh great! What if she figures out? I need to do something."

"Ayame-san? Is there something you want to tell me?" "Oh God…"

To be continued.

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