January 18, 2006

Why does everyone keep assuming Rogue has amnesia? Did I ever say Rogue has amnesia? Did I ever imply it? Well, maybe just a little. Food for your thoughts...

Oh, and thank RogueRobin this chapter got out today. Her review got me guility writing.


She sits uncomfortably as the man who he sent to take care of her -- or guard her, which she is half-suspecting -- while he speaks to... she doesn't know. He didn't tell her. But he isn't back yet, and she feels worry creep over her as the minutes tick.

The man who watches over her often flickers his gaze to her nervously, when he thinks she is not looking. She laughs to herself, suddenly reminded of the precarious workers, always nervously twitching around her, ordering her to do something one moment, then begging for her compliance the next. She glances to him and he immediately asks her if she requires assistance.

"No... no, thank ya," she responds, almost timidly. He turns away again, and she is unsure whether she saw a trace of disappointment in his eyes. "But... " he whips back to look at her, and she flinches.

"Yes, milady?" Lady? she thought, mystified. Ah'll ask him later, she decided.

"Ah was wonderin'," she asked tentatively. He nodded his encouragement. "Who-- who's... " she loses her nerve. This big man makes her nervous. His hands alone look capable of crushing her skull. She shudders. This entire place makes her nervous. It is filled with bustling people, who grow oddly silent in her presence. Many beautiful things she has never seen before are within arms reach, dazzling her. When she asked her savior who owns such things, he laughs and says they're hers. They're his to, but more importantly, they're hers.

She wonders at this. Hers... ? She owns something. She never has before. Not even her the clothes she wore at home--

No. Not home. That wasn't home. This is home. This big place, where she owns and people call her "lady" is home. Her new, colossal home. Or perhaps old home? Suddenly pride sweeps her. Her home. She thinks back to her savior, with his burning eyes; just for her. They're home. A tiny grin cracks her face.

"Madame?" The guard asks. "Were y' askin' me somet'in'?"

Her smile fades abruptly and she remembers where she is. This might be her home, but she knows nothing of it.

"Yes-- yes. I was gonna ask... " she trails of, unsure. She swallows, and prepares herself. "Give me a tour please? Ah want ta see the rest of this-- mah house."

The guard opens and shuts his mouth. She suspects he does not know what to say. Studying him carefully, she realizes he is wondering whether he is allowed to. She knows she is influential here. That much she was sure of. If this is her home, than shouldn't she be allowed to see it? "Ah'd lahke ta see mah house now... " She searches for a name.

"Beauvais, madame," he supplies helpfully.

She nods. "Beauvais, then. Ah'd lahke ta see mah house, now, Beauvais," she repeats. She orders. She understands that if he obeys, she is equal in power here to her... husband. Then she will know whether she belongs in this house that may be her home.

Beauvais nods smartly. "I'd be honored t', Dame." He leads the way.

Two language notes: dame and milady are really French (also English) words meaning "lady", as in the honorific form. Madame is actually less formal than the other two. There's a reason I did that. Dame is the most formal (I believe), and is actually the medieval term used for it. Which signifies... something.

You did learn a couple things this chapter, I swear. You just had to pick them up.

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