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Zuko: Hah! Hah! I will have my bride!

Aing: You will not, you fire breathing slime ball!

Zuko: I didn't ask you, you pint size loser!

PrinceDiamondLuver rolls her eyes and snorts in annoyance.

PrinceDiamondLuver: ok let's ignore those two and get on with the fanfic shall we?

Zuko: Wah! Hah! Hah! Hah!

PrinceDiamondLuver Smacks Zuko upside the head.

PrinceDiamondLuver: Shut up, Moron!

chapter 1

Saka groaned as Aing ran around in circles laughing his head off.

"Aing! Watching you run like that makes me hungrier!" he snapped.

"Ah c'mon Saka, you need to learn to have some fun, hungry or not" said Aing, sticking his tongue out at Saka.

Saka groaned and walked off into the forest to find something for them to have for dinner.

Kitara smiled at her energetic friend and put a gentle hand upon his shoulder.

"Aing, you really should be nicer to Saka at times, he just can't help himself" said Kitara wisely.

Aing smiled and nodded, he loved how wise Kitara could be when she wanted too.

"Kitara, I'm going to go say sorry to Saka and help him find dinner, will you be okay alone?" asked Aing.

"Sure" said Kitara with a warm smile.

After Aing left, Kitara sat down beside the fire, with Momo curled in her lap.

Kitara stroked Momo's soft fur and stared at the fire, which suddenly seemed ominous for some reason.

As Kitara studied the fire a bit more, it suddenly blazed up to amazing heights, causing Kitara to jump up and back away, suddenly backing into something solid…and warm.

Kitara spun around to face Prince Zuko with Fire Benders standing behind him.

Kitara was about to scream for help but Prince Zuko put a hand over her mouth and held her tight against him to prevent struggling.

"You're finally mine" Prince Zuko whispered menacingly, lust blazing in his eyes.

Kitara's eyes widened in horror at those words and tried her damndest to struggle.

Prince Zuko laughed at her attempts and tossed her over his shoulders and walked off with his fire benders toward their ship.

Aing and Saka came back with a huge deer only to find Kitara gone and Momo terrified.

"Kitara! She must have been kidnapped by Fire benders," gasped Saka as he noticed how high the fire was roaring.

"Oh no" whispered Aing, feeling terrible for leaving Kitara alone like that.

"We have to save her!" declared Saka.

Aing nodded and they began to discuss together where they think the Fire benders may be going.

Chapter 2

Kitara studied her surroundings; she'd been doing so for the last two hours since Prince Zuko dumped her into his cabin on the ship.

Kitara went immediately alert as the door opened and in stepped a very suavely dressed Prince Zuko, obviously dressed for romance.

Kitara glared at him as he stalked toward her like a hungry panther.

"Don't look so alarmed my sweet water bender, your handsome prince is here to save the day" said Prince Zuko; pressing her tied up form into the bed she was sitting on.

"You're are not my handsome prince, I don't have a handsome prince, get off of me you worthless loser!" shouted Kitara, refusing to give this cold hearted Fire nation prince what he wanted.

Prince Zuko narrowed his eyes, the scar on his left making him look dangerous.

"Do…Not…Ever…Call…Me…Worthless…Ever…Again," said Prince Zuko, stressing each word.

Kitara shivered with fear.

"What do you want with me?" she asked fearfully, almost too scared to know the answer.

"I would think that was obvious, you are going to marry me and be my wife, you will rule at my side one day as my future queen" said prince Zuko, smirking with audacity.

"What!" shrieked Kitara.

Prince Zuko silenced her with a kiss.

Kitara was so furious that when he pulled back ever slowly from the kiss, she spat in his face.

Prince Zuko raised his hand, ready to strike, but then lowered as his temper cooled as he remembered whom he was about to strike.

"No, I will not let you intimidate me that way, a husband must learn to be patient with the woman he plans to wed" Prince Zuko said with a smirk.

"I am not going to marry you!" shouted Kitara.

Prince Zuko smiled deviously.

"Oh, but you will, you will" he said, seductively and then left the room.

Aing and Saka seemed to be getting no where, Zuko was being extra careful to cover his tracks, he had to laugh at thinking about the pampered brat ordered his soldiers around and screaming at them if they messed one thing up that could tip him and Saka off.

"Aing, it's almost morning and we've gotten no where," sighed Saka sadly, sitting down on a log to rest.

"Yeah, I say we go back, get Apa and take to the skies, we might find them way better that way" suggested Aing.

"Sounds good to me," said Saka and they hurried back to camp.

Kitara didn't dare let herself sleep at all that night as Zuko lay with her held tightly in his embrace, she was way too scared he might take advantage of her.

Kitara searched the room with her eyes for some sort of weapon she could use to fend off Zuko when he let go of her.

"Oh Kitara, you like that huh?" she heard him mumble in his sleep and moaning stupidly.

It took all her willpower not too laugh, the crap he was saying was just so funny.

'What a perverted idiot' Kitara thought to herself.

Imagine Kitara's luck when Zuko turned over and flung his arm off her in a 'bout of fitful sleep.

Kitara slipped from the bed as silently as possible and hurried out of the room, onto the ships deck.

Leaning against the ships railing she sighed, escape wasn't possible since all the lifeboats were chained down, and only

Kami-sama knew where the keys were.

Kitara had to just wait… wait to be rescued… wait to die…wait to be forced into marriage… wait for only Kami-sama knew what.

Emitting a soft groan, Kiara turned around to see Zuko, his shirt was left completely open, his sensuous rippling muscles kissed by the dawn's first light, his normal pants exchanged for tight black spandex pants that outlined everything… and I mean everything. (A\N: tee hee)

'Oh boy! This is going to be a long day…'