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Katara sat up on deck, nervous, never knowing what the little perverted prince might do next.

She softly cried out in surprise as he plopped down next to her against the ships railing.

"And how is my lovely bride-to-be doing this morning?" Zuko murmured huskily, knowing his affect on her.

Katara, being as strong as she was though, was not about to fall prey to a nasty dirty fire bender.

"I am not your bride-to-be, and once Aang and Sokka rescue me, I will be doing great" Katara huffed in his face, glaring with distaste.

Zuko sighed irritatedly; she was not falling for him as rapidly as he had wanted her too.

"Katara, I don't think you get it, you will not be rescued and even if the avatar and your brother show up, I will just kill your brother and capture avatar, then when we bring him to the fire nation, my rightful place as heir will be restored and we will one day rule the fire nation as King and Queen" Zuko said passionately, as if he could see it all happening in his mind, well he also saw him and Katara having wild sex but he didn't think it wise to say that right about now.

"Uh huh, well sorry to burst your happy little fairytale, but I will be rescued and you will not ever capture Aang!" Katara snapped, becoming rather annoyed with the fire nation prince.

"We'll see about that" Zuko whispered seductively and forced Katara to kiss him a little more passionately than she would have preferred, and then he walked off to deal with his duties aboard the ship.

"Pig!" Katara hissed as soon as he was lost from view.

"I think I see the ship!" Aang cried excitedly.

"Um, Aang, that's a whale" Sokka said, shaking his head.

"Oh" Aang said with a blush.

"They are probably days worth of flying ahead of us" Sokka whispered, but loud enough so that Aang could hear him

"So! We will not give up, besides Zuko has to know that I'm looking for Katara and there is no way he would take off with me so close behind, giving him a wonderful chance to catch me!" Aang said, making it clear that there was no such thing as giving up.

"Right" Sokka agreed, smiling with confidence that they would save Katara.

It was nearing evening and Zuko had ushered Katara back into his room for dinner, which was extremely much to her dismay, a romantic candle light dinner.

"I hate you" Katara said flatly, as soon as he closed the door.

"Sure you do" Zuko said with a big grin as she sat down.

Katara tried to ignore his lustful eyes as she ate, but they were so tempting, the hot, wanting look making her insides turn to jelly.

"Katara…" Zuko said, breaking the silence at last "Don't fight it, we are meant to be"

Katara said nothing, she was rather confused, yes, Zuko was an arrogant little pervert, but she felt oddly drawn to him, but no! This could not be! Fire benders killed her mother! But… Zuko wasn't one of those Fire benders that did it… could she condone giving herself to him?

Chapter 4

Another awkward silence came about as Katara struggled with her inner battle of thoughts.

"Katara…?" Zuko asked, determined to dig deep into her for some shred of love just for him.

Katara looked up at him, debating whether or not to give him at least one chance, she definitely wanted him, but could she trust him?

Zuko was silent as he saw in her eyes that she was considering a love with him, and he wanted that with all the fire he had billowing within him.

"Zuko…if I tried to love you, could I trust you with my heart… or do I be on my guard always?" Katara asked him, staring him down.

"Katara, I have never really had anyone love me before, I would never risk losing it" Zuko said softly, almost afraid that expressing these feelings, he might appear weak.

"Alright then, I will consider the idea of marrying you, but till I decide, how about you just court me?" Katara asked him, putting the true test before him.

"Fine, whatever you want" Zuko said, reluctantly finding himself giving in to her demands.

He passed, with flying colors.

"Good" she said with a smile and continued to eat her dinner.

"There they are, but we wait till morning to save Katara, we need to be rested and ready" said Aang, noticing they were anchored where they had found them on the sea.

"Alright, sounds good to me," yawned Sokka, falling asleep almost as quickly as Aang once they had landed on a nearby island and found somewhere good to hide Appa.

Zuko crawled into bed and held out his arms for Katara to get in and let him snuggle her.

Reluctantly, Katara found herself getting into the bed and letting Zuko wrap his arms around her.

Katara sighed as she felt Zuko kissing the back of her neck, she hated to admit it but his kisses felt good on her skin… would it feel just as good… other places?

Realizing she must have to be out of her mind but not caring at the moment, she turned around in his arms and locked her lips to his.

Surprised as he was, Zuko took advantage of this moment and deepened the kiss, making it hotly passionate, which much to his joy, she was allowing, her hands even stroking his sides.

Pulling away abruptly, Zuko warned her "Katara if this continues any longer I won't be able to control myself, I want you so badly!".

Katara took in his words and by god were she in her normal senses she would have thought herself crazy for what came out from her lips next!

"Then lose control," she whispered heatedly.

This was it, the moment Zuko had dreamed of ever since that day with the pirates, the moment he would make sweet love to Katara.

But did she really want to do this now…?

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