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Zuko and Katara were silent for a few moments, their haggard breathing the only sounds and then, Zuko leaned forward as if drawn beyond his own will and touched her collarbone with his lips.

His mouth moved a trail of fire (not literally, idiots! She'd get burned! Lol) running from her collarbone up to the pulse beating so frantically in her throat. Her soft mouth trembled, long lashes sweeping down to cover the luminescent glow in her dark eyes.

His fingers tangled with hers. He brought her hand to press against the muscles of his chest, his thumb feathering with false innocence over her pulse, he felt it jump as his lips drifted lower, pushed the limits of the neckline of her shirt, where the creamy invitation of her breasts swelled in anticipation.

She swore there were little tiny flames dancing over her skin.

She actually looked down, expecting to see little orange tongues of fire licking along her skin.

His hand glided over her ribcage until he came to the edge of her shirt, his other hand coming up to free her hair of its restraints, he loved how it floated around her shoulders.

He buried his face in the waves of ebony silk cascading around her tempting shoulders.

"I love the way you smell" Zuko whispered heatedly into her hair, his hand slipped beneath her thin cotton top, his fingers splayed wide to take in as much satin skin as he could.

The sensation was beyond her wildest fantasy. So hot, simply reaching into her insides and melting everything.

Zuko's hand spanned her throat, holding her to him, holding her as if she were apart of him. Holding her as if she was the most precious thing in the world and he couldn't be without her. His other hand skimmed her waist, quickly helping her become relieved of her shirt.

His hand was on the move once more, finding the catch at the front of her bra, and her breasts spilled free. It was such a small thing but her entire body felt wild and untamed and in need.

She felt the moan rising in her throat from within her soul as his hand caressed the full rounded underside of her breast. It amazed her that he could make her feel such intense pleasure by merely cupping the weight of her breasts.

She could feel his hand shaping her, tracing the curve of her breast, the soft swelling invitation, her nipple, aching and hard, pushing into his hand.

Katara slid her own hands beneath his shirt; found his heated skin, the ridge of defined muscles, the dark hair spreading across his chest (Does Zuko have chest hairs?). He made her feel so alive, so completely feminine. He made her feel restless and hot, her body a cauldron of creamy liquid fire.

Zuko caressed her breasts, marveling at the sheer perfection of her body. It was amazing to him, the satin texture of her skin, the silken feel to her hair, the heat rising between them, how small and delicate she felt beside his strong body, yet her every muscle was firm and supple. Her hands were driving him crazy, threatening not only his tenuous control, but also his very sanity. His body was raging at him, so hard with the need for release that his clothing felt tight and unbearable against his flesh.

Katara tugged at his shirt, heedless to buttons flying everywhere. She needed to burrow as close to him as possible. Zuko's body trembled, driven beyond the boundaries of endurance. The feel of her hands on his heated skin only served to arouse him more. His body went rigid as her mouth moved over his chest, began to trace a path down the fine trail of dark hair (again, does Zuko have chest hair?).

Zuko helped release her of the bra clinging to her arms so that her skin gleamed in the pale candlelight. His breath caught in his throat at the perfection of her, his hands spanned her waist, bent her backward so that her breasts rose up to meet his descending mouth. She was luscious, beautiful, everything good and perfect in the world.

His mouth was hot and moist, closing around her, all heat and fire so that flames of desire erupted inside of her, inside him, like a firestorm. With each strong pull of his lips as he fed on her, there was answering rush of hot, creamy liquid as her body called out urgently to his, a rush of swelling heat from his own body.

Zuko's hands slid down her waist to the slender curve of her hips, pushing her long light blue woolen skirt and white panties down in a gentle quick swipe. Her legs were as smooth as satin, firm to his touch yet so soft as he trailed his fingers back up along the inside of her thighs. His mouth left her breasts for just a moment so that he could trace the tiny indention of her belly button, and then once more returned to the temptation of her full breasts. His hand slipped between her legs to find moist heat.

Katara cried out, a soft musical note that reached inside his body and ignited a blazing inferno in him that began licking at her skin, his skin, her body, his body, their very insides.

"I love you" Zuko whispered heatedly against her lips, but before she could answer there seemed to be a panic outside, demanding Prince Zuko's attention.

With a small curse, Zuko hurriedly put on another shirt and sped out to see what was the problem and much to his dismay, it Aang and Katara's dork brother, Sokka.

"No" Zuko whispered to himself, fearing that upon seeing them, Katara would want to leave him.

Zuko glared with fearful hate as Aang flew down from Appa, landing a good six feet from Zuko, Sokka soon joining as soon as Appa came down low enough for him to jump.

Katara came flying out of the room at the sound of all the commotion, fearing Zuko may get hurt, when her eyes landed on Aang and Sokka, her heart sinking miserably.

She looked from her friends to her newfound love, not knowing what to do, whom she should run to, oh what should a girl do?

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