A hero should be righteous
A hero should be brave
We all have our preconceptions
On how a hero should behave

A hero should be kind and just
A hero should be strong
We all have our own list of traits
Which to a hero should belong

When you think about a hero
You think of someone nice
A person with a stunning smile
Someone devoid of vice

But my hero isn't like that
My hero isn't kind
My hero hardly ever smiles
Except within his mind

People hate my hero
They look at him and sneer
They scowl at him and shout at him
That they wish he weren't here

They think my hero full of hate
They think he's just a pain
But what can they expect from him
When they treat him with disdain?

These people always ask of me
Why I stay and hold his hand
Why I stay by such a horrid man
Because without me, he can't stand

I am the one that's keeping him
From leaving altogether
Without me here, his will to live
Is weaker than a feather

I am my hero's driving force
His only cornerstone
And that's why I must stand by him
Without me, he's alone

I'm the only one who's able to
Touch his heart of stone
Because only I can understand
What it's like to be alone

Wee keep each other on the path
We keep each other strong
He's my hero; I am his
Together we belong

We aren't perfect people
We're not exactly nice
People never see us smile
We aren't without vice

But neither are we evil
Unless all you are, too
We only want to live our lives
With or without you

So you may not think us heroes
Well, guess what I say? Tough
We're heroes to each other
And that's more than enough

We don't have to prove a thing to you
Just 'cuz you think that we should
We wouldn't prove a thing to you
Even if we could

You're guilty of the very thing
You all condemn us for
And we've decided we don't have
To take it anymore

So let us live our lives in peace
And we'll leave you alone
And then there will be happiness
Inside our hearts of stone

This poem follows more closely the manga than the anime, where Mokuba was, at least at one time, just as cruel and "heartless" as his brother.