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Oz: Touya's Wacked Our Nightmare

Chapter 5

"Hey look!" Jin exclaimed with a toothy grin, ears wiggling wildly. "The Emerald City!"

"Finally," Touya moaned in exasperation. "Let's keep going." Through the colorful poppy field they trudged toward the glittering city of green in the distance, but something seemed amiss. Bakken paused and looked around, sniffing lightly.

"You guys smell something funny?" he asked. Jin inhaled and exhaled deeply, the wobbled around like a drunk fool.

"Yup," he slurred, "I think it's-" The wind master collapsed in a snoring heap as Touya growled in frustration.

"We have no time for this!" he moaned. Mikan barked and growled, pawing at Jin's feet. At the same time, Gama sat down, yawning.

"I think we have plenty of time for a little-" He fell asleep to. Touya rolled his eyes.

"This is ridiculous. What's going on?"

"Sleeping spell," Bakken said, yawning.



"Oh, well great! How do we stop it?" To late, for Bakken had fallen asleep as well, Mikan curled up at his feet. Touya sighed, falling to his knees. "What do I do?"

"Need help?" The ice master glanced back at the good witch Ruka.

"Do you have something to keep these goons awake?" he asked.

"Here, make a chunk of ice for me." He did, and Ruka slid the tiny block down Jin's back. The wind master promptly leapt up with a shout, hopping around like his feet were on fire, scratching at his back.

"AH! Cold, cold, cold!" Touya smirked.

"Nice. Thanks Ruka."

"No fair!" said Risho, magically appearing next to her. "You helped them!"

"I have to," she replied, "I'm the good witch."

"But that's not in the story!"

"Actually it is. And by the way Touya, you throw a bucket of water on him at the end to defeat him."

"Thank you," the ice master replied as he slipped ice down his companions backs. "That helps a lot." Risho scowled angrily.

"The I'll get you before the end of the story," he snapped.

"No you can't," Ruka interjected. "You not allowed to do anything to them until the reach your castle. They're under my protection until then."

"You can't protect us all the way?" Touya asked.

"Sorry, but no." She smiled. "And if he tries to hurt you before then, I get to zap him with lighting."

"For your information, Ruka," the wicked wizard said, "I can zap you back."

"No you can't! By order of the authoress, all your powers are disabled until the group enters your domain."

"WHAT!" Risho stared at the good witch in shock. "Since when does she have the authority to do that?"

"Hey, this her story," Ruka shrugged. "She makes the rules, not me." Risho shook a fist at the sky.

"Story Nazi!" he yelled. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the ground, scaring the daylights out of everyone. From the light, the authoress stepped out, scowling at Risho.

"What did you say?" she asked menacingly. He laughed nervously.

"Nothing. Never mind."

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