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After the threat to the island was defeated, and peace once more settled over the wonderful island of Neverland, everything went back to normal. The Darling family stayed a bit longer, to help Peter and Wendy manage their new daughter and their ever energetic son. Mr. Darling, Peter and the boys would spend the day outside, while Mrs. Darling helped Wendy with Rosetta.

Wendy and Mrs. Darling would take turns cooking the night's meal of what the boys had hunted down, and the would eat it up vigorously. The rest of the Darling family would reside in the Indian camp, knowing the new family needed their rest with the new baby. It was a wonderful time, when both families were once more brought together, and Wendy loved having her mother and father around, especially to help her know what to do.

Time went by differently in Neverland as the Darlings soon found out, and soon enough, it was finally the time for little Danny to get to learn how to fly. It took a few moments, the little boy getting off the ground for a few moments along side his father, before heading to the ground. But before his tiny body would plummet, either Peter himself or Mr. Darling would be there to catch him, which he was grateful. And with their help, he got the hang of it all, and now could fly with as much agility as his father.

More time went by, and the newest member, Rosetta, was finally developing from her baby days. Wendy was taught how to feed regularly, and the right holding positions. And Rosetta was developing beautifully under the watchful eyes of mother and grandmother. The native medicine woman would come and do weekly checks on her, each time claiming she was very healthy, and soon, Rosetta had learned her first word. "Mama" she'd say as clear as a bell one afternoon, in which the mother and daughter rejoiced happily.

But soon enough, the months went by, and Mr. And Mrs. Darling finally decided it was time to leave, for they had been there for far too long, as Mrs. Darling had claimed one day after breakfast. Complains and groans of protest immediately rose, in which Mr. And Mrs. Darling refused them all, sending them off to pack. Once the boys had rushed off, Mrs. Darling turn to a sour looking Wendy, who she embraces immediately.

"I hate to say it Wendy" the aging woman whispered in her daughter's ear. At this, tears came to Wendy's eyes, thinking her mother meaning goodbye, for she too hated them so.

"But it looks like you don't need your dear old mum anymore, darling!" she said in a whisper, feeling hot tears roll down her face, and squeeze Wendy comfortingly. Wendy mentally gave a look of confusion but embraced her mother firmly. The boys crowding back in, bags all packed and long faced.

That evening, the Darling-Pans all embraced and wished farewell to the Darlings, kisses on cheeks and manly hugs, along with hand shakes and high fives the former Lost Boys had remembered from their many years here before. With the promise of visiting soon and a little help from the fairies, the rest of the Darling family lifted up into the colorful, sun set lit sky, and beyond the border of Neverland to their home of London.

Now it has been almost four years since the day the threat was defeated, and all was still well in the Neverland paradise. Danny had grown up wonderfully and greatly resembled Peter the first time Wendy ever met him, she would say, embarrassing the two men greatly. He had certainly grown into the role of Neverland's young prince, and Peter and Wendy couldn't be happier. Danny was out everyday with his father, patrolling the island, keeping citizens in line, and perfecting his flying skills, which now were better than Peter's!.

Rosetta had also grown so much in the past years. Not long after Wendy's family had left the island, the new little princess had tried walking, with much difficultly as any new walker. But with some help from Peter, Wendy and her elder brother Danny, Rosetta had perfected walking as Danny had perfected flying. Rosetta also learned of her role in Neverland, and just as her elder brother, she took to it quickly. Other than that, she was still growing healthy, and people were noticing growing features in the little girl. People said she had her mother's beauty and her father's spirit.

Peter and Wendy still kept up with their own duties to the island, along with raising the family. But since the threat was no longer, Danny and Rosetta were growing up beautifully, and taken to their own roles, things were finally starting to wind down for the couple. At least, for Wendy!. Peter kept up with teaching Danny all there was to know about Neverland, as he learned from the fairies, to one day be king. Everyday was a new lesson for the prince. And the boys were always bringing home some kind of animal meat, thanks to Danny's improved hunting skills, for Wendy to cook.

Sure, Wendy still had to cook every meal for the family, with some help from Rosetta, and she still had to clean the house, along with teaching Rosetta lessons on one day becoming queen, and homemaking skills, Wendy did some days find time to herself.

One afternoon, Wendy and Rosetta were walking in the woods. It was so peaceful, Wendy found, she decided upon a rest, Rosetta not far away, happily playing in a field of flowers with a bunch of butterflies. Wendy smiled as the wind begun to pick up, closing her eyes and resting her head against the bark of a tree.

It was days like this, that Wendy continued to write the books she'd say she'd write when she was younger, the book in three parts. She written in the first book about the first time she ever met Peter, the thoughts and feelings, and the experiences she and her brothers had first coming to Neverland. About facing the notorious Captain Hook twice, and being captured and taken to his ship. About her first kiss with Peter, and leaving him to go home to London.

The second book was about life once returned to London, then finding out Hook was still alive!. Jessie Cook been taken captive to try and defeat Peter, thinking his Wendy was dead. However, defeating the evil sea captain for the second and last time, but once more returning to London. Finding out Peter came to London in hopes of winning her back, the fight, and both of them dating other people. But Peter returned and asked her to be his wife and queen, Wendy commented to be the happiest day of her life. And the third, was about the evil threat that came to the island, defeating it, and finally raising a family.

But through all these thoughts, she couldn't help but think about her family back in London. Her mother and father, John, Michael, the former Lost boys, and Nana. Remembering how supportive they were, how unsupportive her father had been, and the change of heart. She decided, it would be good to go for a visit. 'Maybe I'll run it past Peter' she thought. Gathering up her things, and calling Rosetta to her, the two girls made their way back to the tree home.

It truly had been a wonderful idea, Peter had agreed at dinner, and the two kids joyously agreeing as well. It was settled; they would leave tomorrow for London. And so they did, the family once more reunited, seeing Wendy's aged parents truly broke her heart, and the boys looking so grown up as Danny did. On their visit, they even stopped by to see the Keating family. How heartbreaking it was though, for kind old Anna Keating had long past away, of a deadly disease. They even stopped by to see the former rulers of Neverland, the fairy king and queen. They had certainly aged too, and they spent the night re-telling stories from earlier years.

Finally, they departed back to Neverland, Wendy's heart filled with grief at how the world she knew as a young girl now grew old and once more forgotten. The family settled back into their usual lives of Neverland, but Wendy couldn't keep her mind off of the change London had part taken. The family and friends she knew had aged, as her children did, and she couldn't help but wonder. Will it soon happen to us?.

Again the years slipped past, and Danny and Rosetta continued to grow. Danny was now a athletic, energetic young man, soon going into adolescence, full of life and spunk like his father was. Now, it was he who went on the daily patrols of the island instead of Peter, having finally learned everything of Neverland from his gracious father. Peter couldn't be prouder. The fairies themselves have been seeing this, Danny had defiantly developed from the energetic boy.

Rosetta was about the same. She too had grown magnificently through the years, however, she was a few years away from adolescence yet. However, she too no longer needed her mother to do chorus. She also almost always did the cooking, Wendy being tired from the cleaning all day with her daughter. Rosetta was also looking more and more like Wendy, through the years, and her spirit was of both her parents. The fairies saw the progression the two offspring of Peter and Wendy were par taking, and were becoming more like their parents each day. It was time for a change.

One afternoon, Peter was told by a fairy messenger for him and Wendy to meet back at the fairy groove for a very important meeting, in which both of them, despite a little confused, complied and hurried along to the groove. There, they were faced with the whole fairy council before them, serious faces surrounding them. "Your majesties. Over the years, who have served and ruled our home very well, and we are very happy with your progress over the years" started one of the fairies.

Wendy and Peter shared a glance at this. "Thank you very much" Peter responded. The fairies nodded at this. "And we have been watching the growth of your children ever since their birth. We are very proud of your parenting, you have defiantly come very far since your first arrivals here" commented another fairy. "Thank you very much" Wendy responded. "But it has come to our attention that your children have reached that age!" said the fairy. Wendy and Peter now exchanged a confused glance.

"What do you mean?" asked Wendy, searching the fairies for answers. "There is a certain age, your majesties. Where your children are able to handle the responsibilities of ruling the island on their own. Without their parents" said the fairies. Wendy and Peter gasped in surprise. "But, they are still so young, I mean, Danny hasn't reached adolescence yet!" Peter debated. The fairies called for silence. "Yes, your majesties, its true of their young age. But when we first took you in Peter, you were about Danny's age yourself, maybe even rounder to Rosetta's age" said the fairy.

Wendy and Peter thought about this, however they knew they were defeated. "Does it really have to be like this?" Wendy asked sadly, tears coming to her eyes at the thought of having to leave her children. The fairies nodded. "Yes, my queen. All the arrangements have been made. You are to reside back in London, near the Kensington gardens" said the fairy. Peter and Wendy nodded. "And Danny and Rosetta?" Wendy asked. "They will be fine, my queen" the fairy reassured. "We shall watch over them with the best of care".

"But I'm afraid you'll have to leave by tomorrow evening!" said the fairies. Peter and Wendy said nothing, they knew this was to happen soon. They only nodded to the fairies in understanding, and made their way back to the tree home, to report the news to Danny and Rosetta. As expected, they both did not take it well. Suddenly running towards their parents, tears flowing down their cheeks, begging their parents to stay. "I know, children. It's too soon" Wendy soothed, rubbing her hand up Rosetta's back to comfort her, Peter doing the same with Danny.

"But you have to stay strong!" Peter advised. "The arrangements have already been made. And the fairies will look after you. It will be alright" Peter and Wendy soothed their sobbing kids. The family spent the rest of the night in tears and warm embraces, also help packing the necessary things for the trip, but adding to the sadness already filtering the room. Eventually, all was packed and done for the trip the next day, and the family spent the night, crying themselves to sleep, their last night together.

The departure the next evening was just as sad, as once more tears came to everyone's eyes as the family had one last embrace. Peter and Wendy giving one last advice to their kids, warning them to be good, and to live happily, also to come and visit often. With that, and one last wave, Peter and Wendy took off into the sky, past the barrier and soon found their way back to London. They found their house close to Kensington Gardens, Number 06.

It was a quaint little house, seemed to be fairly new built, but still needed a little work. Peter and Wendy were pleased with their new home, and knew they would enjoy living there. Upon starting their new life, Peter and Wendy re acquainted themselves with friends and family, and London life. However, all was no so well when Wendy found both her parents had past on, and the house now resided to John, the second eldest. There also was the death of Mr. Keating, and the house had new keepers. Peter and Wendy found the depression very fatal, and didn't know if they would get past the horrible turn of their lives.

Many more years past and the now elder couple has once more found happiness in their new home of London. Peter went to a collage for grownups, in helping him choose career options now that he lived in London. He also had a part time job, working in the Kensington Gardens as a gardener and keeper of the grounds. While in school, he found a pleasure in math and soon worked his way up to becoming a banker in the Bank of London. Unfortunately, he quit his comfortable job in Kensington gardens, but felt he handed it over to someone much more worthy.

Wendy stayed at home, busying herself with the housework, however often thinking of how her children were getting along in Neverland. Wendy also tried to start writing once more, sending her first book to a publisher, who instantly loved the idea, and offered her money to sell it. She agreed, and it became number one bestseller in a matter of weeks. She was so happy she offered the publisher her second book, which of course made best seller once more. Wendy offered the third book once it was finished.

The fairies allowed Rosetta and Danny to visit their parents once in a while, in which was a grand reunion for all of them,. They spent weeks with their parents, re telling all that went on in the life of Neverland. However, time went by too fast and they had to return home. But the cycle Wendy found herself put through went along, business with both of them was booming and the renovated their house to make it bigger and brighter. Wendy soon became a designer, and the kids once more came back, more grown up then ever.

But as the cycle continued, so did time, and Wendy found her looks becoming less youthful and more aged. Her hair faded into white, her eyes lost their lust, and her skin became wrinkled and cold. Time was finally catching up to her and Peter, and now, as she sat in her rocking chair, her third book opened on her lap to the last pages, the aged Wendy stared out of the window in thought, before resting her pen to the end of the page writing:

Life has it's many twists and turns, and for so long I've enjoyed the ride. However, sometimes you enjoy the ride too much, you lose track of time, and suddenly your life seems to have past you by, as mine now has.

Being raised as the English daughter of a banker, I never knew my life would turn out the way it did. The adventures I've had seem so far away now, but I'm just glad to have lived life so wonderfully, never knowing what was to come upon me next. My time will be getting short, but I look back on my life, and regret nothing!.

This is just another chapter of my life ending, until the next one. I just hope this ride is as good as the last!. But when I leave this world, I know I will be remembered for my spirit, and loving nature, and may I remain in the hearts of my loved ones, and my story continue on the spirit of myself and my loving husband.

Forever and Always,

Wendy Moira Angela Darling Pan

& Peter Pan.

The End!.

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