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Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a Seto/Serenity fan fiction. It's not following the anime/manga plot line. A few of the major differences include their mother's behavior, at times, the ages, and the general plotline itself.

Kaiba - 21

Serenity – 19

Kaiba's actions in this chapter and perhaps the next few may seem way out of character, but they will explained later on in the story and will hopefully make sense.


One Drunken Night

"You filthy, little snots! How dare you, bring home a lousy $45 when I provide you with everything you have! I gave you birth, a house and food and all you have to repay me is $45? You two are worthless pieces of scum, you don't deserve my kindness!" The two kids mom screamed.

"You're nuts, Ma! We work hard to please you and help you out and then you go out and bitch on you. That ain't fair; ma, and you know it. It's not like you do that much work. You just live off all the money dad left me and my sister" Joey Wheeler screamed back.

Serenity Wheeler, the other sibling, stood quietly and watched the yelling that took place between her mother and her brother over her paycheck. Each and every time she had attempted to speak up, the other two recipients of the room had drowned her out.

After half an hour of viewing the argument that was taking place in the Wheeler household, Serenity quietly slipped out of the room. She grabbed a light, baby blue, windbreaker, and shrugged into it before opening the door, and quietly walking out of the house and into the night.

Serenity walked aimlessly in the night, letting her feet move and take her wherever they pleased.

As time passed by, and the chill of the wind finally started to effect her, Serenity went into the first building she came upon, not noticing the flashing sign that read "Drinking and Fun" right above the club doors.


The club was blaring with loud music and covered with spotlights on the dance floor. Realizing she was at one of those famous clubs that her brother and his friends talked about, Serenity was about to walk out but a random urge to try something spontaneous took over and she made her way towards the bar, and ordered a light drink.

As she waited for her drink to be served, she started to reflect on the events of the day. Not wanting to recall any more pain than she had to, Serenity gulped down he drink and asked for one that was slightly stronger. In an effort to forget her pain and problems, Serenity started to drown her sufferings through drinking, something that was very unlike her, and would have shocked all those who knew her.

After seven drinks, Serenity was starting to feel lightheaded but kind of proud. She had never imagined she could hold that much alcohol. However, by ten drinks, Serenity was very well out of it and it was obvious through her actions and her speech.

The bartender, noticing that she had reached her level, discontinued her drinks, ignoring her please for more drinks and hoped someone would help the young girl out. She looked to be 19 and he couldn't help but wonder what she was doing here. However, she was not the only one he had to worry about currently. For some reason, tonight seemed to be a night where a few rare individuals, such as the girl, were trying to drown their sorrows through drinking. He noticed the brown haired guy with blue eyes, would soon be reaching his limit and he would have to ignore his please too.

Sure enough, after two more dinks, blue eyes was as drunk as possible and he swaggered towards the petite girl who was wearing a baby blue windbreaker with a knee length skirt. The bartender however had other customers to attend to and he tore his eyes away from the drunken duo.

After ten minutes had elapsed, the bartender turned towards the duo once more, only to find two empty seats and the past occupants nowhere to be found He shook his head sadly as he realized they had probably went to one of the back rooms, and he couldn't help but feel sorry for the young girl. It would probably be her first time and she may not even remember it, pity.

He quietly went back to taking orders from other occupants in the bar.


It was pitch black in the dark room, the only thing that was visible to the naked eye, was an outline of two human figures

One of the figures quietly whispered, "My name is Seto." The other figure whispered back. "Hi, Seto. My name is nobody."

Realizing the girl did not wish to reveal her name, Seto did not prod any further. In the dark privacy of the room, they let their hands do all their talking for them, before they quietly parted, never looking at each other in the light again.


Serenity Wheeler awoke to the sunlight seeping through the glass window of the bus station. She found herself seated in an uncomfortable position and not able to recall how she had gotten there. Looking down at her attire, she noticed her windbreaker was on the bench next to her, and her clothes were rumpled and not properly done. Her blouse was buttoned but mismatched and her skirt was seemed to give the impression that it had been laced on with a hurry in the dark.

Frowning and obviously puzzled by her appearance, She tied her hair into a loose bun at nape of her neck, put on her windbreaker and headed home, knowing the lecture that was no doubt awaiting her at home.

As she walked home, try as she might she couldn't recall what had happened last night after she had entered a building. She tried to recall the name of the building or anyone she may have met or what she did there, but it was to no avail. Thus, her messy and rumpled appearance was an even greater puzzle for her.


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