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You guys will never believe this but did you know that Ahley and Matt Hardy are dating. He say it is difficult because he is know on smackdown, but when he was on raw they spend alot of time together and then they started to date for real they are still together now but Matt say in kind of difficult being on two different brands.GO ASHLEY!

John was walking backstage of the arena hand and hand with his girlfriend Torrie Wilson.

"You ready" Torrie asked John who was standing behind the curtains waiting for his music to play.

"Always" John said getting hyped up

"Okay i'll be right here watching" Torrie said giving her boyfriend a kiss on the lips before he went out hearing his music play.

Torrie was so happy that she was dating John she was so happy she thought she would never find love again especially after her messy divorced with Billy Kidman she thought she would never find love again. But, she did and Torrie promised herself that it would actually workout this time.

Torrie and John have been dating for a year and they have never been happier.

Torrie was watching the Raw main event John Cena and Shawn Micheals vs Kurt Angle and Carlito from behind the curtains when all of a sudden she heared someone call her name...

"Hey, Torrie! Torrie turned around to see one of her new best friends Ashley Massaro

"Oh Hey! Ash" Torrie said giving Ashley a friendly hug

"So how are things going with you lately" Torrie asked Ashley while continuing to watch her boyfriend compete.

"Nothing, me and Trish just came from the gym" Ashley said watching the match with Torrie

"Speaking of Trish where is she" Torrie asked frowning as she saw John being taking down with clothesline from Kurt Angle.

"Oh, she went to get ready for her date tonight with a certain somebody" Ashley said looking at Torrie who had plastered smile on her face.

"Do you mean"Torrie started with a smile, and Ashley nodded still smiling

"She finally asked Marc (Tha Trademarc)" Torrie asked as her and Ashley was so happy for their friend

"Look i'm going to go check on her, and come to the locker room when John's match is over or anytime before 11:30 because that's when he's coming to pick her up" Ashley said as she walked away

Torrie turned and her smile got even wider, as she saw John about to hit the FU on Carlito as Shawn Micheals hit sweet-chin-music on Kurt Angle as they ended on the outside of the ring.

"Come on John you can do" Torrie said getting really impatient

" Oh my gosh John Cena just hit the FU on Carlito" JR said

Torrie was jumping up and down excited to see her boyfriend about to win the match.

1..2..3 And here's your winner the team of Shawn Micheals and John Cena, Lillan Garcia announced as the ref. hold up John's and Shawn's hand up in victory.

When John and Shawn got back they were greeted by Torrie great job you guys Torrie said hugging John. Owwww John said as his back still heart from all the Angle slams he recieved during the match.

"Oh sorry babe" Torrie said easing up

Torrie and John made back to John's dressing room.

"Are you okay" Torrie asked looking at her boyfriend

"Yeah" John said cluching his back in pain

"Ohn,John guess what Trish is going on a date tonight" Torrie said happily

John just looked at her still holding his back in pain

"Oh and guess who its with" Torrie said getting more excited

"I don't know? who?" John said

"Marc" Torrie said jumping up and down

"Marc who"? John asked confused

"What other Marc do you know" Torrie asked sitting down by John

"You mean my cousin Marc" John asked

"Yeah" Torrie said jumping up again

"Wow so their finally going out" John said a little surprised, he never thought either one of them would have the guts to ask the other out.

"Yeah, so I am going to go to see the finish touches on her so I will be back in like 10 minutes, Okay" Torrie told John.

"Yeah,okay but hurry up I'm ready to go my back is killing me" John said still holding his back

"Alright" Torrie said leaving the room.

When Torrie was walking down the halls she saw a woman who wasn't in the WWE and she look like she was lost.

"Um,are you lost? Can I help you" Torrie said being friendly

The woman looked around and then looked back at Torrie.

" No I just found what I'm looking for", the woman said with a smile"thanks anyway" the woman said as she left and Torrie continued to walk to Trish's locker room.

(Back in John's Locker Room)

John had just finished took a shower and was dressed still holding his back in pain


"Come in" John said as he heard a knock on his locker room door

When the door opened John looked up and his eyes widened as he saw a woman standing in his locker room doorway.

The woman spoke "Hi John... Missed me"

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Next chapter you will find out who this mysterious woman is and how Trish date with Marc date goes and John reaction towards the woman