Title: Dissent

Author: Duchess of Darkness

Rating: PG - innuendos

Dislcaimer: I do not own FMA at all.

Summary: It was a slow, almost normal day at work. Roy came in to work late, and forgot to fix his hair. Edward had a delicate step to his walk. No one knew why, and probably never will.

Today was a slow, almost normal day.

Colonel Roy Mustang came in to work late.

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye immediately dumped paperwork on his desk.

Prodigy Edward Elric showed up at the office on time today, but with a strange expression on his face and a delicate step to his walk.

Everyone still didn't do what they were supposed to.

Younger brother Alphonse Elrid squeaked in his armor as he trotted down the hall after his brother.

Colonel Mustange didn't slick back his hair today.

Edward Elric slammed open the door to his office with a growl and maniacal grin.


Mustange blew annoying bangs out of his eyes several times.

"Stupid hair."



Edward flicked a muderous look at him.

Mustange blew hair out of his eyes.

"Stupid gel."

"Damnit, Mustang!"

Mustang tried to push his hair back.


A growl passed through Edward's teeth.

"Next time, I --"

"Riza, do you have a hair tie?"


It was definitely a slow, normal day, today.

AN: Me and my friends are FMA freaks, so bad we even have our own little group of FMA characters at school. I myself am THE Roy Mustang, and since I've cut my hair over the summer, it's grown a bit and one day, it just fell into my eyes during class, and I couldn't get it out. Our Edward laughed at me and suggested a story about it, so... this took birth! - Hope you like it! And, like Sotto Voce, you can find this one on my LJ account.

Proofed/Edited: 09 June 2006 (I don't think I looked over this story. Sorry about all the mistakes, I fixed them all now. I don't think I used a proper word/doc program when typing this. Oops.)