Title: Sotto Voce

Author: Duchess of Darkness

Rating: G - it's all pretty simple and clean (darn)

Disclaimer: I do not own FMA at all.

Summary: "Sotto voce - whispered in a sodt undertone, usually in a private way; literally, under the voice." R/E pairing.

Riza Hawkeye sighed to herself as she reloaded the rifle, took aim, and fired off two rounds. Next to her, the Colonel did the same with his handgun, squinting through one eye with a deep frown on his face. Glancing at his target, Rize noticed the many random marks lacing the pin-up dummy, the complete opposite of her own target silhouette that was only shot in the chest.

Sliding off her ear muffs, she turned to her commaning officer as he tried again. She peeked up at the wall clock and realized how normal this way. It happened often, especially lately, where Roy asked for her company and they would come to the firearms practice area to shoot some rounds before they took a stroll or ate out. Riza could only guess why her Colonel required her attendence lately, but personally, she didn't want to know - it probably had to do with his harem of women. Not that she really had a problem with it, to tell the truth.

Roy Mustang was, without a doubt, a very smooth and suave man when it came to the ladies. He was always rumored to have stolen a subordinate's girlfriend and leaving her high and dry, begging for more as he moved to infect another young woman. There was hardly a woman alive that could deny him. Even Riza herself found it difficult in refusing Roy whnever he switched on that charm.

So, now, it was rather strange to see him so worked up emotionally and even more frustrated with paperwork than usual. He couldn't concentrate for more htan twenty minutes without doodling off to the side or pacing around his office, nearly driving Riza insane every day with his constant moving.

And as much as she didn't want to, Riza found herself curios that day to her Colonel's private problems. She frowned as four more shots ran in the air, piercing the paper across the room. With a long glance at the dummy, she found her eyebrows rising at the display.

She turned back toward her superior, questioning to his deaf ears, "Colonel, sir?"

Roy smiled bitterly and reloaded the gun, shooting off a few more bullets before throwing down his ear muffs and raising the gun one last time. He finally glanced back at Riza and turned his smile to her before running a bullet through the target's head. Finishing his display.

Under his breath, he muttered, "My devil, Riza, my beloved devil."

He sighed heavily and dropped his gun, slumping against the booth table with a groan.

"Always, sir? Never the others?"

Black eyes met blue. He nodded and turned to admire his work, wondering briefly if he could keep it, though, in reality, he would have to burn in.

Riza smiled sympathetically at the man she unadmittedly admired and felt loyal to, no matter that the circumstances. She rested her gaze on his masterpiece and read the troubles of his heart:


AN: Ta-da! I think it would be extremely difficult to actually shoot initials in a paper dummy like that in real life. That's a LOT of bullets, if you think about it. Well, please review and thank you! You can find it again on my LJ account.