A crossover between Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2

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A Past Revealed
Part 1
By Angela Nebedum

- Somewhere in Nerima -

Ranma Saotome, now 18 years old, is having one of his usual days. He's beaten up Kuno, Mousse and Ryoga, beat up Principal Kuno when he tried to cut off Ranma's pigtail with barber shears, got sent into orbit or pummeled into the ground by Akane's mallet, and now he's being chased all over Nerima by his would-be fiancé's.

"Ranma come back and take Shampoo on date, yes?" Shampoo shouts as she trys to knock the other girls away.

Kodachi Kuno is chasing after Ranma, while twirling her ribbon and laughing maniacally. "Oh ho ho ho ho! My darling Ranma will take me out on a date you foreign hussy." Kodachi shouts as she attacks Shampoo with her ribbons.

"Ran-chan doesn't need the two of you when he has me!" Ukyo says as she joins in on the fighting, wielding her combat spatula in her hands.

Ranma is a couple of blocks away and he turns around and lets out a sigh of relief when he sees that the girls had finally stopped chasing him to fight amongst themselves.

"This has got to end!" Ranma exclaims as he runs the rest of the way back home to the Tendo dojo.

Ranma reaches the dojo on time for dinner, and he listens to his father and Soun Tendo tell him off about shaming the family honor for leading so many girls on when he was engaged to marry Akane. Akane sits on the other side of the table eating dinner and feeding some of it to P-Chan (Ryoga) who was in her lap.

"Saotome, how could you have raised your son to be so unfaithful to his obligations!" Soun wails as tears run down his face in torrents.

"Ranma how can you shame our family name for leading on all those girls when you have a fiancé!" Genma shouts between bites of food.

Ranma listens to all this, and is slowly growing angry. He finally slams his hands down hard on the table, shaking the table and knocking over a glass.

"I don't know how many times I'm going to tell you jerks, I am not marrying Akane!" Ranma shouts. "Honor be damned. If you want to Akane to marry a Saotome, then why don't you marry her yourself! I don't care."

Everyone in the room just stares at Ranma with shocked expressions on their faces. "Ranma what are you talking about? Honor means everything to you." Akane says slowly.

Ranma just snorts. "What is honor when it makes my life a living hell?" He demands. "All I get around here is flack about what I should or shouldn't do because of my engagement to you, Akane." He then stops to take a deep breath to calm himself down. "Ever since I came here I've had nothing but trouble, trouble either caused by pops that happened years ago, or being attacked everyday by girls who want to marry me, and getting hit by your mallet every time I say something to you. Maybe it's time for this to end."

"Ranma what are you trying to say?" Akane asks worriedly.

Ranma looks at everyone sitting at the table, including P-chan, and speaks. "What I'm saying is that as far as I'm concerned, this engagement is off. I'm not marrying Akane not now, not ever!"

Soun jumps up and the demon head appears. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON'T MARRY MY AKANE!" The head bellows.

"Ranma! You have an obligation to uphold the family honor to marry Akane. Tendo and I pledged that you would." Genma shouts.

Ranma just sits there eating his dinner, and unlike the usual times whenever Mr. Tendo had done the demon head trick, this time Ranma wasn't scared, and neither did he back down, and he glared into Soun Tendo's eyes making Tendo back down and change back to normal.

"That's right, pop. You and Mr. Tendo pledged that I would marry one of his daughters before I was even born. It was a promise that you guys made." Ranma says. "I have no wish to uphold a promise that I didn't make. If I marry someone, it would be to someone that I choose, not you."

Genma and Soun start crying and wailing while Akane, Nabiki, Happosai, Kasumi, and P-chan just stare at Ranma with stunned looks on their faces.

"So does this mean that you have choosen one of the other girls to be your wife, then Ranma?" Nabiki asks.

"No. I haven't, Nabiki. And I have no wish to marry any of them either." Ranma states calmly.

Some of the tension goes out of Akane's body when she hears this. 'At least, the jerk isn't choosing any of the others either.' She thinks to herself.

"Then what do you plan on doing?" Kasumi asks.

Ranma looks around at everyone. "I'm leaving town."

"WHAT!" Everyone shouts at the same time.

"I'm leaving town. I certainly can't stay here. Pop and Mr. Tendo will continue to hound me, trying to force me into marrying Akane. And once the other girls find out that the engagement is off, they will continue to hound me worse than ever before." Ranma says sadly.

Everyone remains silent for awhile, as they continue eating their dinner.

"So where will you go?" Akane asks trying to keep emotion out of her voice, as she feels as if her heart might break.

"I don't know yet. And even if I did know, I certainly wouldn't tell it to little Miss Blabbermouth over there, who would sell the information just to make a quick buck." Ranma answers while shooting a pointed look at Nabiki.

"Who me? Me tell everyone where you are going, what kind of person do..." Nabiki begins then shuts up in mid sentence at the glares she was receiving from everyone.

"Exactly." Ranma says coldly.

Ranma then gets up to leave the table to head upstairs.

"Where do you think your going, boy!" Genma hollers from downstairs.

Ranma stops at the top of the stairs to shout back. "I'm going to make a few phone calls, to see if I can find a place to stay. The sooner I'm out of here the better it's going to suit me!" He reaches his bedroom door and slams it shut when he enters.

Ranma is on the phone dialing out, using his own private phone line, to make sure no one in the house would be able to listen in on the calls he made. He had an address book open in front of him as he called the numbers of everyone he knew who didn't live in Nerima. He called all of phone numbers that was in his address book, calling the people he knew who wasn't after him for something his father had done in the past, and was turned down by everyone, for all kinds of reasons.

He finally came to the final name in the book, "Tsukino, Ken, Lives in Tokyo, Japan." Ranma says to himself. "I rember, him. Uncle Ken!" Ranma says to himself. Ranma slowly remembers his uncle and his family that he had met years ago when he had only been ten years old.

Flashback -

8 years ago

Ken Tsukino, Genma's brother-in-law, and Genma Saotome are sitting in the shade of Hiroshi's house, watching a child version of Ranma play with his cousin, Serena (age 8) and her brother Sammy.

"It was nice of you to take time off from your training to come visit my family, Genma." Ken says to his brother. "I see that Serena and Sammy are getting along well with Ranma."

Genma just laughs. "Ranma can get along with anyone he wants, Ken. And I believed that it was time for my son to meet the rest of the family."

Ken gets an uncomfortable look on his face, as if he is preparing to tell Genma something. "Genma, I need to ask something of you."

Genma turns from watching the children play. "What is it, Ken? You can tell me anything."

"Irene has been talking to Nodoka, and both of them don't like the fact that you've taken Ranma on this training trip for so long." Ken begins. "Both of them want to know when you plan on bringing him back home to Nodoka to stay?"

Genma gets upset at this. "Ranma needs to be trained in the ways of the Martial Arts, just like my sister and I were trained." Genma exclaims. "I don't know if Irene has even begun training Serena and Sammy in Martial Arts yet, but I wish to continue the family line by teaching Ranma how to fight. And I can't do that with Nodoka coddling him."

"Well, I'm only repeating the message my wife told me to give you, in case I saw you before she did." Ken says, as he turns back to face the children.

Genma then gets off the seat, saying that he needed to go use the Men's room, and disappears around the corner.

Ken sits on his seat, thinking, when he gets an idea.

"Ranma!" Ken shouts.

Chibi Ranma turns to face his uncle.

"Come here, boy." Ken commands.

C. Ranma ran over to the bench as fast as his ten year old legs could move him. "What is it, Uncle Ken?" Ranma asks uncertainly.

"Ranma, I want to tell you something." Ken begins. "I've been thinking about this a lot, and I want to ask you this. Who do you want to live with the most?" He asks.

"I want to stay with my dad and train some more, but I would also like to stay here with you guys, and Aunt Irene." Ranma says.

"Ranma, you know that you can't stay here, not without your fathers permission?" Ken asks.

C. Ranma just nods his head.

"Let me ask you this. I make you a promise, that when you are older and Genma is no longer legally your guardian, and you have no where left to go," Ken says. "How would you like to come live with us for awhile, till you are able to find a place of your own, and move out?"

C. Ranma's face brightens up when he hears this. "Uncle Ken! You mean it? I can come live with you guys if I decide I don't want to live with pop, at least when I'm old enough that I can leave without any problems?" C. Ranma exclaims.

"Yes, Ranma. I mean it." Ken says with a smile on his face.

"You won't forget your promise?" Ranma asks with an uncertain look on his face.

"I promise you Ranma that you may live with my family if you choose." Ken says.

"Ranma!" Chibi Serena shouts, "Come back here and play with us!"

Ranma turns back to face his cousins who were waiting for him to return. "I'm coming. Thanks Uncle Ken." Ranma says as he takes off after Serena and Sammy.

End of Flashback -

Ranma sits on his bed, looking down at the name and phone number, that was in his hands. 'It's been so long.' Ranma thinks to himself. 'I wonder if he would even remember his promise.'

Ranma reaches for the phone and dials in the Tsukino residances phone number. The sound of a girls voice can be heard on the other end.

"Hello?" the voice says.

"Hello, is Ken Tsukino in?" Ranma asks the girl.

There is a brief moment of silence on the other end. "Hold on, I'll go check to see if my dad's home." the phone on the other end is put down.

'Her dad? It must be Serena who I just spoke to.' Ranma thinks as the phone is picked up again on the other line, and a mans voice is heard.

"Hello? This is Ken Tsukino speaking. Who is this?" Ken's voice could be heard on the other end.

Ranma hesitated for a moment then spoke into the receiver. "Uncle Ken? It's me Ranma." Ranma says.

Silence on the other end. "Ranma? I haven't heard from you in a long time, lad." Ken says. "What can I do for you."

"I was wondering if your offer of a place to stay is still open?" Ranma says uncertainly as he waited for his request to be turned down once more.

"The promise I made to you 8 years ago? Of course it's still open Ranma." Ken says. "Why? Are there problems at home that cause you to want to leave?"

"Yeah. I've gotten fed up with what's going on here, and I'm leaving town, and I needed a place to stay until I get a place of my own to live in." Ranma explains.

"Well come over anytime you want, Ranma. We would welcome you with open arms." Ken says.

"Thanks for taking me in, Uncle Ken. Do you mind if I come move in tomorrow? It wouldn't take me long to pack my stuff and leave for Tokyo.".

"Fine with me, Ranma. It would be great having you with us again." Ken says.

"Well, good-night. And see you tomorrow" Ranma says.

"Good-night Ranma." And Ken hangs up the phone.

Ranma hangs up his end of the phone, and sits on the bed to think. 'Finally! I'm out of here. Tomorrow, I'm going to leave Nerima behind and start anew in Tokyo.' Ranma thinks to himself as he begins moving around the room packing what things he had, readying them for tomorrows trip to the train station.

To Be Continued

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