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Chapter 20: Bending the Stars

"There he is! The prince!" The mage shouted for the guards to come to the ledge of the ship, only to see the "prince" fighting off some sort of Firebending animal, a strange monster burning Zuko and his ship, and everything else.

"Dear Lord, what is that?"

"I don't know..."

"Get the mages! Call the guards! The Fire Lord wants his son alive!"

"Only to kill him afterward…"

"It doesn't matter. If his son arrives to him alive, then we shall stay alive. If his son arrives to him in charred pieces, we won't hear the end of it."

The mage nodded and ran to the first tower of the large ship, calling the soldiers and guards from their posts.

"Do what you must to stop it," the mage said quickly. "I don't want to be the one in the way when the Fire Lord finds out his son was burned alive."

A wave of nods agreed to the mage as the soldiers got ready to depart.


"Mika! Stop!" Katara's arms shielded her from all the damage Mika was doing. Whether Zuko was alive or not, she could not tell. All she knew was that Mika had totally and absolutely lost it, and whatever was happening to her was not good. Her eyes seemed redder; her body seemed to be growing. Something was wrong.

Now, though, Mika's feelings weren't important. Another ship had appeared in the distance, and Fire Nation soldiers were jumping off of the ship into the water, running towards Zuko, Mika, and Katara.

She looked up at Mika again. Flames were rearing around her like a tornado, only faster and warmer. Mika was continuing to destroy Zuko's ship and the forest. All Katara could do was watch and wait.


When the soldiers where finally close enough, they looked up at the thing with awe. None of them had seen so much fire in their lives. What could they do? More fire would only make things worse.

"What…should we do?" A soldier asked. "There's no way we can—"

"Don't just stand there!" The mage ordered. "Attack it!"

"You're crazy! I'm not going to give my life to save some spoiled prince!"

"Then the Fire Lord will have your head once he receives my report!"

The soldiers were quiet. The only noises were the crackling flames that the spinning tornado was giving off.

"Fine…" The soldiers mumbled. A ripple of agreement washed over the crowd. Reluctantly, they began to run towards it.

The first row, however, acquired the surprise. Instead of running straight through the flames, they bumped onto a large, white, sparkling wall.

"What was—"


Sure enough, about fifty feet up, two piercing dragon eyes were staring at them with hate. It's long muzzle was attached to two long, whip like whiskers. The flames had died down, giving way to a shivering Zuko underneath.

"Dear God…"

The dragon, now enraged with fury, let out a horrible cry. It looked down at Zuko once again, then to the mage, then to the soldiers, then to the Water Tribe peasant girl behind it. It pivoted to the face the soldiers and Zuko, and with a whip of its tail, knocked them all away, including their rusting ships.


For some odd reason, Katara was not afraid. She knew that the Mika inside of the dragon wouldn't destroy her or her friends. She was merely protecting the friends she had left.

Taking her chances, Katara began to run into the dense forest to find Aang and Sokka.


"I don't know why you didn't put this stuff away," Sokka complained to Aang. "You know how long it's going to take me to do it? Probably another half hour! Gosh Aang…" Sokka began to pick up his belongings from the ground. "Aang? Are you even listening?"

The materials on the ground began to shake. Sokka turned around to look at what Aang seemed so hypnotized by.

Whatever was in Sokka's hands dropped to the ground "D…da….d…d…"

"Dragon…" Aang said. "Mika." Behind her was Katara.

The large white dragon bent so its face was close to Aang's. Its eyes, blue and misted, looked to the sky.

"Say hi to them for me," Aang told the dragon. "Tell them I miss them very much. Please. Tell them…tell all of my friends that I'm sorry I ran away. Tell them I'll be joining them soon."

The dragon nodded a slow, mournful nod.

"And tell your family that I said hi too," Aang added.

The dragon's eyes gleamed. Her wings began to move up and down, levitating her into the sky. She flew into the clouds, not looking back.


"OK, I don't care what you guys think, but that was really, really weird. I mean like…crazy weird."

The friends were sleeping under the stars, thoughts of the unusual day buzzing around their minds. "It was pretty weird," Aang agreed.

"I don't get it though," Katara added, glancing at Aang. "I mean…how did you know she was going to…to die? Or kill herself? Which did she do? How did you know?"

"I guess she found a way to leave the physical world to the spirit world. She missed her family a lot. I don't really know which she did, kill herself or just die. But she's with them now. That's all that matters to her."

"And how did you know?" Sokka asked skeptically.

"Avatars just know this stuff," Aang said; muse staining his voice. "I just sorta knew."

Sokka and Katara were silent as they drifted off to a deep sleep. Their day had been busy, and they didn't have to think twice about falling asleep.

Aang, however, stayed awake. The stars twinkled at him, each glittering happily. He had never seen so many stars in one night in his entire life.

I wonder if she told them…

As if to answer his question, the stars directly above him glowed even brighter. Aang turned to his side and closed his eyes. '

He knew that tonight, a mother was united again with her long departed daughter. Tonight, a mystical race was complete in the sky. Tonight, the monks and friends he had were smiling at him for remembering them. They missed him, he missed them, but they could wait to be reunited. He would save the world, and once his pain was finally over, he would see them again.

And together, they would bend the stars.