If you Give a Specialist a Soda

Summary: If you give a specialist a soda, he'll ask for a sandwich. After he gets the sandwich he'll want a glass with some ice for his soda…. You get the idea

Dedication: This story is dedicated to my wonderful reviewers, and everywhere but Carthage NY (you guys get nothing!)

Disclaimer: Every time you leave this house you represent our family. The least you can do is not embarrass us.

If you give a specialist a soda, he's going to ask for a sandwich.

After you bring him the sandwich he'll probably want a glass for his soda.

And when you bring him the glass, he'll say that his soda is too warm and ask for some ice to cool it down.

When you bring him the ice, the specialist will be reminded of the sister of the witch who put a mind control spell on him. This will most likely get him really angry.

Since he's angry you'll have to calm him down before he breaks something.

So you'll go through your CD collection and put some music on.

The music will remind him of his girlfriend who really likes music. So he'll want to make her a burned CD.

That will mean you'll have to go shopping.

When you get to the store, the specialist will realize that his clothes are out of style and that he needs new ones. He'll end up wanting a whole new wardrobe.

After you get back from shopping and go on the computer the songs will remind him of how he can sing.

So he'll want to sing again. And he will sing very loudly.

After he's done singing- he'll be hungry.

Chances are if he's hungry he'll ask you to make him a sandwich.

And if you make him a sandwich, chances are he'll want a soda to go with it.


I hope you all enjoyed the story. Anyone who can guess who the specialist was and what the story was based on gets a cookie and a mention.