This is my first story so don't expect it to be wonderful.

Investigation Prime

Flagship Aleksander

"All right, marines, listen up!" that was the command Sgt. Smithers gave to his squad of marines, tasked at investigating the Command Center on the Zerg homeworld of Char. " By now you all know that a Command Center in the 5th Sector of Char lost contact with Earth a few weeks ago. Well, we are here to find out what the hell happened to it. Marvin! Read the damn briefing!" A skinny nerdy looking person strode up to where the sargeant was standing, nervously holding a portable datapad. He sputtered out," Number 1: Infiltrate Command Center. Number 2: Split up and extract data from all eight Command Center computer consoles. Number 3: Rendevous and escape. Sounds simple enough." A firebat raised his hand. "What is it, Thomas?" asked the sargeant. " When do we leave?" the firebat's voice sounded eager. " We will leave as soon as our transport ship arrives-"

"Dropship Delta 345 arrived and ready for next cargo."

"Well, guess what? We are leaving early today." Smithers jumped off the box he was standing on. "Go go go!"


"Shit." Smithers swore. He wasn't expecting a violent landing. The dropship they were on took heavy fire in mid-air. It had spiraled down and crashed right in front of the Command Center's entrance. Smithers tried to remember what hit them, but all he could remember was that just seconds before the dropship went down, the entire canopy lit with green. Luckily, the entire squad survived. The pilots had died, though. Smithers rubbed his forehead in frustration. Just a few hours into this mission and we have already been through trouble, he thought. " Sarge! Sarge! Are you awake?" Smithers looked up. Zepp was a few feet away from him, tending an injured marine. " Can you give me a hand with this?" Zepp was a young marine, barely 15 years old. He lied about his age to get in the military. Smithers got up and went to lend Zepp a helping hand.

The marines went into the dark Command Center. Smithers couldn't help realizing that something was watching him, but his military discipline told him to stay focused. As they trudged through the main entrance, Marty the Ghost asked, " Are we there yet?" Smithers ignored that question and continued to lead the squad through the open darkness. They heard weird sounds coming from walls, a slight creaking noise, followed by a loud wailing noise. A few marines were starting to get a little nervous.

After a while, they reached a fork in the road, which split into 6 directions. Marvin was clearly scared stiff, and said, " So, uh, I guess now we say good bye to each other." Smithers agreed, and commanded, " Marines! This is where we split. Each one of you goes into one of the 6 directions. There are six of us, so only one person a path. After you get your share of the data, transfer it to each member of the squad, just in case something happens to you. Once you are finished, start your way to the cafeteria. I will meet you there. Good luck. Smithers out." The marines looked at each other nervously, not wanting to be alone. But pretty soon one by one they filed out in separate directions. Smithers took the middle one. Soon they would realize the horrors the Command Center had in store for them...