Lightning-Dono: It's been a while since I've written for Tales of Symphonia, so I think I'll give it a shot. It's short, but...I like it.

Breathe Again
: One Shot
: Pre-game


It always returned him to the same place. As soon as deep slumber set into his body and all the fears he had in his mentally alert phase had faded out, the nightmare set in. Every night, it was the same thing, like a television channel that just wouldn't broadcast a new episode. Theoretically, these were nightmares that he constantly had, but to him...they were signs.

He stood before your stereotypical graveyard tree – it's ghostly branches raking the skyline, displaying a heinous amount of undeserved power. The trunk was twisted in intricate designs, its rich structure rotting with time, moss playing at its roots and lichen feeding off of its many arms. A minute later, the tree exploded open to reveal a glowing, ethereal being adorned in deep green robes, sea-green hair cascading down her shoulders. In an instant, the light consumed her. The blonde's eyes watered slightly in his dream state – it was his sister. She was brutally robbed from him and now he was seeing a supernatural replay of the event with a more fantastical touch. The light, shaped into a perfect oval, glided smoothly over to him, two arms outstretched from it...until it reached its intended destination – at Mithos' feet. The glowing deity faded back into her original form, rotating around her brother. Once she was behind him, her arms reached through his sheet of shoulder-length hair, caressing his temples.

Ghastly, inhumanly pale fingers slithered down the nape of his neck, seizing his breath away, making him want to faint. He could feel the warm rush of air from her mouth as she whispered words to him...words that he would never be able to consume, no matter how many times he was told them.

"Mithos, when can I come back to you?" It echoed hauntingly around the devastatingly grave landscape that bore the appearance of a place that had suffered a near-apocalypse experience. The voice spoke again.

"When will you bring me back?"

The blonde boy shot awake, his entire upper body jerking upwards into a sitting position, feeling as though he had been in shock. His attractively wide, sapphire eyes searched the room, as though he were looking specifically for something but could not find it. These nightmares have been going on long enough, he thought to himself, feeling partially annoyed. What did he have to do in order to convince his mind that he honestly needed a good night's sleep?

But in the cruel reality he lived, he silently continued to wish for those eerie dreams to come every night, just so he could see his sister again. For a long extent of time, she had been his only best friend and the one person who constantly made her way into his life, no matter how many times she was pushed away by her eternally rebellious little brother. She had wisely tutored him to be kind and spread the concept of equality to all those who had been close-minded to the idea.

Upon her death, Martel found a way into Mithos' tortured dreams. At first he had simply thought it was a sign of trauma and the lack of acceptance he had towards the idea that his only sibling was dead. But over time, he was beginning to realize that this was much more. He wanted Martel to come back, and this was reflecting vividly in his dreams, often varying between the type in which he saw her from afar, but when he ran to grasp her, she vanished and the most common: envisioning her rebirth.

And since then, he had promised himself to bring Martel back, no matter who tried to push him down. It didn't matter how long it took as long as he could have her make a second entrance into his life and never exit.

For all I had ever wanted since you left was to hear you breathe again.