48. Epilogue
Vampire Dawn is no more, and so the story, alas, must end. Here's a brief summary of what happened afterwards.

Dawn remained a little spoiled and self-absorbed, and somehow got a reputation as a slut, but at least she didn't drink people's blood anymore.

Xander and Anya got married.

As did Willow and Tara.

And, why the hell not, Buffy and Clem. (Long story.)

Giles gave all of them away – gladly – before moving to England to join Pink Floyd.

Spike and Angel, no longer tied up in prophecies, moved in together. Their constant bickering kept them from knowing perfect happiness, but they did brood a lot together (if you know what I mean, nudge nudge).

Andrew stayed in the closet.

Author's note: Well, that's it. Huge thanks to everyone who read this, and especially those of you who reviewed it. I'm a small, petty man in some ways, which means I love being praised for doing something as silly as this - so I really appreciate everyone who took the time. Hope no one's disappointed in the ending, somehow as soon as I crossed the story over to "Angel", it went all arc-y, prophecy-y and apocalypse-y... weird how that stuff happens. Hey, at least I didn't ship them off to a hell dimension ruled by Cordelia. But I got to kill Connor, so I'm happy.