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Harry looked at Sirius, who was expecting an answer. Harry once again swallowed, and said, "We got into a fight with the death eaters at the Ministry of Magic at the end of fifth year, and you...you fell through the Veil." Sirius went pale and clenched his fists, trying valiantly not to be sick. He knew what the Veil was, and saying he didn't like it one bit was a tremendous understatement.

"Congratulations, Remus," Sirius said as soon as he had found his voice, trying to make light of the situation. "You're still alive. You and Peter can continue the Marauders." Sirius looked at Harry, who had suddenly clenched his fists and his jaw, and was looking straight at the wall, looking ready to kill. "What's the matter, Harry?" Harry breathed for a minute, and tried to relax before looking at the rest of them. Still fuming after a few minutes, Harry gave up on trying to calm down and looked at the other four in the room. Seeing the worried looks on their faces, however, quelled his anger a little.

"I'm fine," said Harry through still-clenched teeth. He couldn't tell them about Peter's betrayal. Not yet. There was no way they were ready for that yet. Remus, seeing that Harry was clearly not comfortable with the direction the conversation was turning, decided to change the subject.

"Who did you grow up with, Harry? I mean, if James and Lily..." He couldn't bring himself to say the word 'died'. Harry looked at him a moment, grateful to him for changing the subject.

"I grew up with the Dursleys," Harry answered, though seeing the confused look on their faces, he continued. "The Dursleys are my aunt, uncle, and cousin." James and Lily looked at each other and shrugged. They didn't know anyone with Dursley for a surname.

"Dursley?" asked Lily. "I'm not sure I know anyone named Dursley."

"Actually," began Harry, "Dursley is Aunt Petunia's married name." Realization dawned on her as he said his aunt's name.

"Petunia is my sister," she explained to the others. "But–" she looked at Harry. "That would mean you were raised by muggles." Harry nodded, and James' eyes widened in surprise.

"Raised by muggles!" James exclaimed. "But there's so much that you should have learned that muggles can't teach you. I mean, muggles don't even know what quidditch is. And how did you learn to fly your first broom? And–"

"Oh, honestly James, is quidditch all you ever think about?" Lily asked. "I'm sure Harry has much more important things to do than play quidditch all day."

"Actually," interjected Harry, "I love quidditch."

"You do?" James and Lily asked at the same time.

"Of course I do," said Harry. "It's one of the things I miss most when I go back to the Dursley's for the summer."

"You play, then?" asked James, carefully wording it so that Lily wouldn't chastise him again.

"Yeah," Harry said quickly. "I've been the Gryffindor seeker since my first year at Hogwarts."

"First years never make the house teams," said Sirius.

"I know," said Harry. "And seeing the look on Malfoy's face when I got on the team was priceless. Especially since it was his fault." The others urged him to continue, so Harry told the story. "Well, it was our first flying lesson, and Neville's broom got out of control. Madame Hooch took him to the hospital wing and told us to stay on the ground. She even threatened us with expulsion. Once she was gone, Malfoy picked up the remembrall that Neville's gran had sent him, and he wouldn't give it back. He got on his broom, and said he was going to leave somewhere for Neville to find. I decided to follow him, and it was like I had spent my entire life flying. Honestly, it was the most natural feeling in the world." James grinned and nodded. He knew the feeling Harry was talking about. "When I got to him, Malfoy threw the remembrall. I went after it, and caught it a few feet from the ground. I was so happy to catch the remembrall and pull up before smashing my face into the ground that I didn't even notice McGonagall had seen me. She came down, and all she said was to follow her. I swear, I thought I was going to be packing my trunk that night. Instead, she got the Gryffindor quidditch captain, and told him that she'd found him a seeker. I had no idea what a seeker was, but I was too overjoyed at not being expelled that I didn't care at the moment." Harry looked at the others, who had awe and pride all over their faces. After all, James and Lily's son was the youngest quidditch player in almost a century probably. And if this Malfoy was Lucius's son, and if he was anything like Lucius was, then he deserved everything Harry could give him.

"Well, one thing that can be said for quidditch," announced Lily, "is that it keeps the players out of trouble. Right Harry?" Harry tried hard to keep a straight face, but the underlying grin was only too evident. "Oh, Merlin, you're like him aren't you?" Lily pointed at James. Harry's grin grew, though he was still trying to hide it. "You're going to get expelled, you know."

"Oh, come now, Lily," protested James. "You worry far too much about people getting expelled. Harry won't get expelled for being a teenage boy, will you Harry?" Even though the question was rhetorical, Harry's enormous grin answered it.

"I'm surprised you three haven't been expelled yet," Lily insisted. "If you didn't have that cloak, then you'd have been caught first year when you–" She paused when Harry's grin widened still further.

"You have the cloak, don't you?" asked Remus, amused. Harry nodded, grinning more than ever.

"And," added Harry, "I also have the map." The three boys looked at each other, then back at Harry, knowing exactly which map he was referring to. Lily, however, wondered if she even wanted to know.

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