Good Luck On Your Homework

"Edgar Allan Poe. Can anyone tell me who he was?"

The redhead rolled his eyes as Sensei rambled on. When would she learn that no one - except for Tohru of course - was even paying attention to her lecture?

A hand shot up enthusiastically.

"Yes, Tohru," Sensei said.

"He was a poet!"

"Yes. Edgar Allan Poe was a poet. A very famous poet. Does anyone know what poems he wrote?"

Again, the hand shot up.


"A Dream Within a Dream."

"Very good. Does anyone else know anything more about him?"

Kyo snorted. What kind of stupid crap was she trying to teach the class anyway? Nothing important of course.

The redhead continued to work on his English homework. (English as in the language, not the subject.) He had forgotten to do it last night, so here he was, working in his workbook while Sensei continued to ramble on, unheeded.

"Now, open your text book to page 157."

There were sounds of crashes as a few students awoke and scrambled to open their text books - only to fall back asleep again.

Kyo snickered, then reached over his work to pick up the literature text book, opening it to the directed page. Then he turned back to his workbook.

Suddenly, it flew out of his hands.

He looked up as Sensei held his binder, looking over its contents, continuing her lecture about the English poet.

Kyo could feel his facing going hot with annoyance, but decided to hold his tongue. Maybe if he didn't scream, Sensei would just hand it back to him without a fight.

He perked his brow in puzzlement as Sensei walked over to the window. Slowly opening it, she turned back to the class.

"-Poe was well known for his poem The Raven."

Kyo felt his heart fill with horror as he realized what Sensei was about to do.

She reached her hand out of the window.

The summer heat came pouring in, and a slight breeze blew the trees' leaves outside.

Then . . . the hands . . . Sensei's hands . . . carried the binder outside of the window. And down the binder fell.

Now, being Kyo, Kyo was not a very neat person. So his binder was not a very neat binder.

The binder flew open, loose papers flying out of their pockets, fluttering in the breeze as they fell from the second story window.

And it was reported on that hot summer day, that it snowed on the front lawn of the high school; though many say that it was not snow, but strange, flat, thin objects.



"Well, maybe you should have just paid attention in class," Haru replied, not really concerned about Kyo's problems.

"Or better yet, done your English homework at home," Momiji added, his goofy smile playing upon his lips.

"It was the stupid cat's bad luck. It would have happened no matter what he did."

Kyo tackled the grey-haired Sohma, shouting with rage.


"Stupid cat! Stupid cat!" Yuki taunted.

"Ah! Kyo! Sensei wanted me to give you this note!"

Kyo looked up at the smiling girl. He gave Yuki a final glare and stood up, taking the note from Tohru.

Glancing at it, he read the scrawled handwriting on the scrap of paper.

Good luck on your homework.

There was a silence.

Then, "ARGH!"

Yay! That was awesome! Heh heh. This fanfic was based on a true story about my science teacher. Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did! Review please! And constructive critism is welcome!