Note: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor it's characters.

Note 2: Story was inspired by the movie "Carrie"

Chapter 1

Haruka shyly looked around the halls the next morning in school. She was a senior in high school, a sort of outcast to begin with. The day before, Haruka mustered up the courage to ask out one of the popular girls...

Slowly, the tall butch made her way to the other side of the lunch room. Her hands shook, even after they were shoved in her pockets. Most of her quest was a dare, the other part was her lust for Mira, the most popular senior in school.

The chatter at the table ceased when the blond stepped up next to Mira. "Are you lost? The loser table's over there." A different girl spoke up and pointed to the other side of the room, then laughed with a few others.

Haruka stumbled over her words as she looked down at her target. Her face became beet red as she spoke. "Hi Mira. I'm Haruka, I uh... I sit behind you in chemistry." her nervousness refused to go away as she watched Mira's emotionless face. "Well... you see... I was uh, I was wondering if, well, if you weren't busy Friday night... if you wanted to catch a movie with me."

Another silence fell over the table, then a brief moment later, laughter erupted. The laughter drew the looks of everybody in the room.

"YOU! You ARE as deranged as you look. First off, I have a boyfriend... Second off, you're no where NEAR my league... and finally... You're a dyke! Get out of here loser!" her laugh was almost evil as she joined the rest of the lunch room.

Haruka bit her lip, looking around shyly before walking calmly out of the room. The entire commotion caught the attention of a new, quiet student, who sat alone at the table in the corner. The aqua-haired beauty simply watched Haruka leave, the wanted to follow her, yet was afraid of making enemies so soon after her arrival...

Dyke! Fag! Freak! She ignored them all as she passed, walking toward her locker. The grip on her shoulder strap got tighter and tighter, the more she heard the comments. Laughter surrounded her as a football jock 'accidently' bumped into her, knocking her to the ground. Her car keys slid from her hands and her backpack landed a few feet from her.

"No don't!" she reached up for her bag when a guy picked it up. He simply opened it up and dumped it's contents on the floor.

"You should go wreck her daddy's Ferrari Damion." Mira picked up Haruka's keys.

"Her daddy's dead... Maybe it's her mom's car..." he laughed. "No wait, she's dead too. They probably killed themselves when they realized they had a dyke daughter."

A soft, yet strong voice rang out from the back of the crowd. "Stop it!" The same aqua-haired girl made her way through the group. She plucked the keys from Damion's hands, then knelt down to help Haruka clean up her supplies. "What are you all looking at?" she glared at them all.

"The dyke's got a bodyguard!" The crowd slowly broke apart to get to their classes.

"I'm Michiru." she smiled sweetly at the blond. "I heard what happened yesterday... You shouldn't let those people walk all over you like that. You need to tell a teacher." She slid the last of Haruka's books back into her bag and stood up.

"You don't think I've tried? My kind isn't welcome here. Listen, thanks for helping me, but it's for your own good that you not be seen with me." She slung her bag over her shoulders and hurried down the hall as the bell rang.