Chapter 10

Two Months Later...

"Come on sweetheart, we'll be late for school." Haruka fixed the tie of her school uniform as she stood by the front door. She was finally happy about going to school. They now had many friends. They were active members in their schools Gay/Straight Alliance.

"I'm coming baby." Michiru ran down the steps, carrying her backpack over her shoulder. "Come here Ruka, your tie's crooked. As always." she reached up and fixed it. She grinned slyly as her hands snaked up into the blonde's hair. "I love you. More then anything. Lets skip school today and go into the country for a nice picnic. There are only suppose to be assemblies today anyway."

"Won't your mother get mad at us if we skip. Though a day alone with you sounds wonderful." The tall blond bent some and gave her love a tender kiss. She couldn't help but smile at her. "Alright. You go get food. I'll go get a blanket and a basket."

They pulled apart, Michiru going into the kitchen and Haruka upstairs. Michiru's mother was standing in the kitchen when her daughter entered. She only smiled. "Have fun today." ...

An hour later the young couple sat on a thick blanket, overlooking the city on a cliff. "It's so beautiful up here Ruka." Michiru snuggled closer to her love.

Haruka's next sentence was blurted out. "Marry me."

"What?" Michiru sat up and looked into Haruka's teal eyes.

"Marry me Michi." she smiled at her love's shock.

"But Haruka, honey, this is such short no-" she gasped as the blond showed her a diamond ring. "Oh god." she starred deeply into Haruka's eyes.

The blond pulled the ring from the case and slid it onto Michiru's finger. "Will you marry me Michiru? Will you be mine forever?"

Michiru's eyes filled with tears as she slid her arms around the blond. "Yes. Of course I'll marry you."

-The End-

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