Title: Vigil

Rating: T. Minimal language. Diabetics may want to beware of some scenes, though. :P

Disclaimer: Abby, McGee, Gibbs, Tony, Ducky, and Palmer are not mine. The others are, so there.

Pairings: Blatant McAbby!

Summary: When Abby is injured in a car accident, she and McGee receive reassurance from a surprising source.

Not Like Abby

Abby felt herself becoming airborne. The sound of crunching metal mingled with the feel of crunching bone, as her car came to an abrupt landing in the steep ditch.

Her head bounced backwards as the airbag deployed, and she felt a crack in her neck. The delayed reaction of the pain coursing through every inch of her body was starting to come to fruition, pushing its way through the shock that had, until now, kept her from feeling anything but stunned surprise. Mercifully, she lost consciousness, and everything faded to black.


Tim McGee stared at the untouched meal on the table, long since grown cold. Not only was Abby not home yet, but she hadn't called. That just wasn't like her.

He knew his Abby. She always let him know where she'd be, for the sole and simple reason that she knew he was a natural worrier. She hated when he worried, especially about silly little things that didn't really warrant it. So, when she told him she'd be at point A at such-and-such-a-time, she was there. And if something came up that would throw a monkey wrench into her ETA, she'd let him know. And if she changed her mind, mid-flight, she'd let him know that too. He was always cool with it, and it never mattered to him where exactly she was, just as long as he knew from her own lips that she was safe.

Anyway, it was a mutual thing between them. It never would have occurred to him to not let Abby know where he was if his own plans were suddenly changed. Abby tried to pretend otherwise, but she was secretly grateful that he loved and respected her enough to let her know. What was good for the goose was good for the gander, after all.

Tim glanced at his watch, becoming more and more apprehensive with each passing minute. He couldn't help the feeling that was starting to form in his gut, the one that told him that something was very, very hinky.

He sighed, crossed his fingers, and picked up the phone.