Title: Watching Author: Gaeriel Mallory
Rating: K
Crossover: Neil Gaiman's Sandman
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon or Neil Gaiman.
Summary: Someone watches.

Tara stood at the window and watched the lightning in the distance. She placed her hand on the glass and felt the coolness against her skin.

"You can't help them."

"I know." Tara didn't turn around, instead pressing her cheek against the window, feeling how it shook as thunder cracked above them.

"So why do you even bother watching them?"

"Because it's what I do." And who else will if I don't? She remembered past battles when she was still a part of that world, and how her breath had caught in her throat each time beforehand, and how her heart had pounded when she realized that the fight was over and that they was still standing.

"They'll either win, or they'll lose. And if they lose, then they'll come here. I would think you would like that."

"If they lose, then that means that the other side has won. I'm fine with loneliness, if it means that they'll live another day, fight another day." Tara stroked the glass and bit her lip as a particularly violent streak of lightning filled the sky. The thunder that followed shook the ground so much that she almost lost her balance.

"They're Champions."

"Yes, they are." She closed her eyes and felt the window rattle again. She said a silent prayer inside her head to any of the Powers who might be listening. Please protect them. "That's why I watch."

As suddenly as the storm had begun, it stopped. The foundations of the house they were standing in quieted. Light shone through the glass, warming it under her skin. Tara opened her eyes and stood back, smiling as the sun emerge from behind clouds. "They won." She turned towards her companion.

Death's lips curved up slightly. "That's all right. They all come to me eventually." She looked at Tara with something akin to sympathy before continuing down the long hallway.