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Heels clacking down the hallways, Heather turned corner after corner until she came to the double doors of the Dorms in which her father owned. School had let out an hour ago but dear old daddy wanted an explanation for her incident in the hallway. Word had always gotten around easily at LivesHigh.

Outside, the sun reflected on the ocean, making a beautiful picture she had drawn too many times. Heather took in the sight of the beautiful island and breathed a sigh of comfort. She then turned and went to the edge of the isle. There, just as it was back in the other dimension, was a big brown boulder in which Cyborg had said he had hid something under; something just for her. She really needed that Cyborg right now so she quickly used her sorcery and lifted the boulder, tossing it aside as she unraveled her gift. It was a black box.

She bent down and lifted the box out from the dirty prison. Lifting the cover, she peered inside, only to find a small digital camera.

"Why would he give me a camera?" she wondered to herself out loud. She put the box under her arm and stared at the tiny machine. Suddenly, a voice came from the camera.

"Identification confirmed. Pictures to Heather from Cyborg."

The little screen on the camera popped into life as it first showed a picture of herself as she sat on her temporary bed. Next came a picture of Cyborg and herself eating waffles. Heather felt a smile twitch onto her face as the next picture, consisting of herself again, bent over Cyborgs computer with a small flirty smile on her face as she looked down at the half machine human, came into view. After a few more pictures, she found herself laughing and remembering when she guessed, or rather knew, his ticklish spot. Then, a frown as she found herself walking inside of the portal. Suddenly, Cyborgs voice came from the camera.

"Hey Heather. Remember the good times. Don't forget the Cyborg from this dimension. I won't forget you."

Then, the same voice answered, but not from the camera. "I never said that." Heather turned swiftly as she faced the Cyborg from the dimension she was currently in.

"Get away from me, you ass. You don't have any right to be acknowledging me after what you did. But just so were straight, its over." She turned and started walking back to the Dorms, but a metal hand grabbed her shoulder.

"Now wait a minute. Who was that? It sounded like me but it wasn't. And you called me an ass." He said, accusingly.

"That was you, from the dimension in which I got stuck. He found out how to get me back. He cared, unlike you who just went out and found another piece of ass." Heather pushed his hand away and turned again. "And touch me again and I'll have you kicked out of LivesHigh forever." She threatened before he could pull her back.

"So where were you, really?" Beastboy asked as the game station started up.

"It's none of your business. Stay out of it, Bb." Cyborg picked up his controller as the race started. An automated voice came from the screen.

"Race Beginning. Cyborg verses Beastboy. Three…Two…One…Go!" the girl shouted. The blue and green car took off. The green car suddenly pulled ahead as he went into turbo.

"Aha! You shouldn't have done that Bb! It's over now!" Cyborg yelled like the old days. Beastboy smiled, glad to have Cyborg back. The smile, however, quickly turned to a frown as his turbo ended and Cyborg used his, speeding up to the front of him.

"Hey! That was cheating! You can't do that!" Beastboy defended his little green car.

"It's all over, Beastboy." Cyborg said as he passed the finish line.

"Round one goes to Cyborg." The screen said to the both of them. "Round two beginning. Three…Two…One…Go!"

"Why won't you tell me?" Beastboy asked, speeding ahead but without turbo this time. "Is it really that personal?" Cyborg sighed beside him.

"Beastboy…I went to see my father." Cyborg said. Beastboy dropped his jaw, having heard Cyborgs history. He turned and stared at Cyborg.

"You did?" He asked in disbelief. "But…but…"

"Round two goes to Cyborg. Round three is not necessary. Game goes to Cyborg." The girl said. Beastboy didn't phase as Cyborg had hoped, so he turned and looked back at Beastboy, sighing.

"Every time I want something, it's always out of my grasp. I just couldn't take it anymore…Anyways, he helped me a little…With the robotics part I mean. He put in a new X9540 Bolt…" Cyborgs shoulders dropped. "Ill be okay though. I just need a little video game time." He said as he started up a new game.

"Race Beginning. Cyborg verses Beastboy." Beastboy hesitated, then grinned and turned back to the screen.

"Well, then prepare to be beat, metal man!" he shouted.


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