Lufia: Revenge of the Sinistrals

By Jerle Shannara

Author's Note

Here's yet another Fic to add to the admittedly rather small Lufia library. This is my take on the ultimate confrontation between the Sinistrals and the last of the bloodline. And while they say self-instertion in your fics isn't a good idea (I've been told it's actually quite corny), I do so merely out of a lack of a better name for the hero. And yes it's set in modern times. Assuming that our world and the world of Lufia were one and the same, this fic places this confrontation thousands of years after the end of Lufia: TLR, which is admittedly not in keeping with the Sinistrals' usual timetable, but oh well.


Three balls of red light streaked toward a massive palace. They entered together and made their way to the throne room, where each took on a human form. The being on the throne had no discernable form, appearing to the watchers as no more than a hint of a presence, the suggestion of something but little else.

"The time has come." said the strange being. "The day of reckoning draws near."

"What have you seen?" asked the eldest of the three lesser immortals.

"The time is upon us when the Dual Blade will again make its choice." replied the stranger. "A confrontation between the Sinistrals and the Bloodline is again at hand."

"The last has been lost in the mists of time." remarked the lesser being. "Surely the Bloodline is no more."

"One still remains." the greater immmortal replied. "Seek the Sightless One. He is the last."

"It shall be as you command, Arek." the lesser being decreed. "You alone have seen the shape of things to come. We shall be guided by you."

"Know one thing more, Daos." Arek cautioned. "The Sinistrals shall again meet a descendant of Maxim and challenge him for dominion over this world. But know this: this meeting shall be the last. Whatever the outcome, this confrontation shall determine the shape of things to come."

"The world will know the wrath of the Sinistrals." Daos decreed. "Too long have mortals been granted freedoms of which they are not worthy."

"What of Erim?" one of the other two asked. "Our power is incomplete without her."

"Erim has made her choice, Amon." Arek replied. "There are none now who may alter it, not even I."

"The traitor!" snarled the third immortal. "We should have been more watchful!"

"Be that as it may, Gades," Arek interrupted, "the Sinistrals shall have aid, for the time has come for me to involve myself as was once foretold."

"What must we do?" Daos asked.

"We wait." Arek replied. "We watch the mortals for the one we seek. Then we make our move."

"As you wish." Daos replied. He and his brothers disappeared, departing the fortress the way they had come. Arek smiled inwardly. This day had been long in coming. Finally, the matter of the dominion of Earth would be settled once and for all.