By Marie Darkholme

First Chapter

"Stop right there!" A young brown haired girl shouted at her persecution. But the guy kept running without giving her time to breathe. The girl sighed and kept running after him. Her hair was soaked by the heavy rain that had started falling all the sudden that night.

She picked her gun while she ran. She wanted to shoot the guy so badly but that would mean many formularies to fill and questions to answer so she controlled herself and ran as fast as she could to catch the guy. He ran pretty quick but she had lots of training and wasn't ready to give up just yet. She was never ready to give up. She was a fighter.

The guy turned into an alley less illuminated. The brown haired followed him. She could only hear the heavy rain and the footsteps of her prey. The guy faced himself with a barbed wire fence. He looked behind him, to see the cop approaching really fast. He had never seen a girl run as fast as that cop. He took a glance at the gun she carried in her hands and he didn't think twice. He started climbing the barbed wire.

The girl saw the guy climbing the wire. A huge smirk spread along her face. She speeded up even more, if that was possible. As she started climbing the net the guy jumped to the other side. The girl equilibrate herself on the top and jumped towards, falling over the guy.

She picked her handcuffs and started chaining him. He tried to get her off him but he simple couldn't due to her amazing strength.

"You thought you could get away, you bastard." She shouted as she pulled the guy against the wall. He smirked seeing for the first time his pursuer's face. She was pretty, really pretty. "What are you smiling for, your son of a bitch? Your going to be locked up for a long time." She said. The guy kept smiling and that annoyed her.

"I didn't think police had such babes in their force." He said. The girl's eyes filled with anger. The guy got frightened by those crimson flaming orbs. The last thing he knew she punched him with all her strength on his stomach which made the guy spill blood. Then she pushed him to the floor and kicked him. "Don't you ever say that again or I'll fucking kill you." She said as she pushed him against the wall again.

The guy smirked at her and this got her even more angry. She was about to throw the guy and punch him again when a voice came from the other side of the barbed wire. "Takenouchi stop that." A blond cop shouted at his furious partner. She threw the guy to the floor and stared at her partner.

"What?" she asked, obviously angered by his interruption. The blond glared at her. His blond hair fell to his shoulders as it was a bit longer than normal. He too carried his gun on his hand. He put it back on his belt and walked to her. "You know what. Jyou is going to be pissed off if you send another guy to the hospital. Is the third this month, Sora, and he can't cover for you all the time."

Sora walked to the prisoner and picked him up, grabbing him by his shirt shoulders. "Let's take this to the station Ishida." She passed by the blonde pushing the handcuffed guy in front of her. Yamato sighed and followed her.

Back to the station, Sora threw the guy into questioning room. The guy smirked. "I'm not going to say anything until my lawyer gets here." Sora smirked mischievously at him which made the guy loose his will to smile. "We don't need you to say anything. We found enough proves to incriminate you without you even opening your mouth." She smirked. The guy's grin faded in no time. Then Sora walked off the questioning room and walked to Yamato.

The blond looked at his partner. She was one hot girl, especially with those black bike gloves she always used. He had never seen her without them. He wondered several times why she was so aggressive and had such a hate for guys even though she worked only with guys, since there weren't many girls working at the police station. He smiled as she passed him and went straight to the fridge to get a beer.

Sora felt Yamato's glare as she by passed him and launch him a killing look as she picked a beer that she opened and drank in one gulp. She turned and opened the garbage basket, throwing the empty cane into it. As she turned she felt someone else besides Yamato in the room. She sighed and turned to face a blue haired guy with thick frame glasses. He had this angry face that she knew it meant troubles…for her.

She took a glance at her partner that shrunk his shoulders. The boss motioned her to follow him to his office. She sighed once more and followed him. As she walked to the room some other friend cops started whistling. "Again in the chief's office, Sora?" some said as she passed them. She didn't pay attention and continued her way.

The blue haired guy entered his office and sat on his chair behind the large, paper filled desk. Sora entered after him and stood against the closed door. She already knew his speech so she just got mentally ready to hear it… again. Jyou, the name of the police chief sighed as he tapped his fingers on the top of the desk.

"What am I going to do with you?" he rhetorically asked. Sora looked around the office. She knew that office as the palm of her hand from the many times she had been called there, most of them not good. "You're a great cop Sora, but you can keep treating badly every guy you catch. I don't want to suspend you so try to control yourself. I'll ask you once more to go and talk with Mimi. Why don't you open up to her? She won't tell anyone your problems because she's under her profession's rules." Jyou calmly said. Then he stood up and walked to the younger subordinated. He stood in front of her, which caused her to notice his superiority and authoritarian air. She looked right into his eyes and he into hers. He could see pain inside of them but he couldn't get the reason. No one could.

She was a cop for five years now and no one knew anything about her. About her past. He put a hand on her shoulder. "Go talk with Mimi. I expect a report on your condition from her in my desk by tomorrow in the afternoon." Sora slipped to her right side making Jyou's hand fall from her shoulder. Then she turned the door open and left.

The guys started whistling again which caused her volcano to explode. "Shut the fuck up already." She yelled. The guys quickly turned to their work again, murmuring things about her. "I don't know how Ishida can take her." One of the guys said to other at his side. "Me neither."

Sora walked right into the cafeteria and picked up another beer. Yamato was sitting on a chair by the table taking a coffee. She picked a chair and turned her on her fingers so the back of the chair faced the table and sat there, putting the beer cane on the table. Yamato rose his head from his coffee to face an angry Sora, like usual. He had never seen her truly smiling. She was a revolted person and she never smiled.

"What happened?" he asked her. She took a gulp of her beer rudely as she stared at the ceiling. "He sent me to the shrink again." She said. Yamato sighed. "So, is that so bad? At least you can still work." He said.

Sora kept staring at the ceiling not really caring what he said. She was just avoiding his blue ocean eyes. Yamato was the kind of person that could read you to your soul and she didn't want anyone to know what was in her soul. Jyou hadn't that ability. He was more superficial. She took another gulp and ended the cane.

"I guess not." She replied as she stood and went to the fridge to get another. This was told to be her part of the fridge because only she alone could drink the entire stock of beers in it. Yamato sighed as he saw her opening the fridge again. He stood up and pushed the door closed again. Sora eyed him.

"Do you mind?" she asked, glaring at him. He shook his head saying no more. She let go the fridge and sat on the table. "Fine." She grumbled. He walked towards her and sat by her side. "Wanna talk?" he purposed friendly. Sora glared at him and then stood up. "Let's finish this shift already." She replied as she picked her coat and walked off the door.

Yamato followed her. He watched as she walked to the car and opened the door. He had fallen for her a long time ago but she was always so distant, so mysterious. He knew he hadn't any chance so he just gave up and surrendered his heart to another. No guy would ever get a chance with Sora. She was just too damn cold.

Sora walked in the car and waited for her partner to get in; then she started driving. It was only an hour to her shift was over and she could relax. She picked a cassette from the compartment on the passengers side and inserted it in the player. Her body might have been driving the car but her mind was far away from that place.

One hour later she drove Yamato to his house and then drove herself to hers. She walked in and closed the door behind her. She lived in an old apartment in the sub-area of Kyoto city. Drugs and homicides were a constant there but she didn't mind. She had grown up in a place like that and she was used to it.

She went straight to the fridge where piles of filled beer canes along with some necessity things completed the small compartment. She took three of them and sat on the sofa. The television was on and it was passing a really good movie, but she didn't even bother to look at it. She stared at the ceiling instead thinking about her life. She opened one of the beer canes and started drinking as tears made their way down her face.

She took her gloves and stared at the scars she didn't want anyone to see. Then she started remembering all the afternoon. In her head images filled her as she slipped into an unsettling sleep.


"We have indices that Hiroshi Nikawa is selling drugs in the fourth district, so you two are going on patrol there." Koushiro said to them as they entered in the night shift. Sora sighed and walked in the car. Yamato was on the passengers' seat as always.

She drove right into the heart of the neighbourhood. "What's the address again?" she asked Yamato. She drove to the place and parked the car right in front of the building. Yamato took his gun as she did and they walked to the second floor where the guy supposedly lived. They started hearing screams. Sora's face contracted in anger and her eyes filled with rage.

They stopped at the front door. "At three." Yamato motioned her. He extended one, then two and at three fingers, Sora kicked the door sending it down. She took cover and Yamato got in. He looked into the three ways corridor and saw a guy running. He followed him, and Sora ran towards him too. "Stop. Kyoto Police!" he shouted. The guy jumped of the window breaking it. Yamato was preparing himself to follow when he saw the little figure of a girl in the corner of the room.

Sora rushed into the room and looked at her partner. Then her eyes met the sixteen years old girl, curled naked on the floor, blood around her and her face marked with cuts and bruises. Sora veins swelled with rage and she jumped of the window in persecution of the guy.

----End of Flashback----

Sora twisted in the sofa. Her forehead was covered with a cold sweat. She turned to one way and then turned again while she mumbled. "Leave me alone. Please stop." She murmured while she turned again. The gloves had fallen to the floor along with the beer cane that let out the liquid dirtying the carpet, not that she was clean, nevertheless.

Suddenly Sora sat straight on the sofa breathing fast, soaked in sweat. She stared at the window. The noise of the television filled the air along with the laughing of the people on the show. Sora allowed herself to fall to the couch again, still breathing fast. She picked the television's remote control and turned it off. She then noticed her gloves were off and stared once more at the scars of cuts in her wrists down to the back of her hands.

She looked around for her gloves founding them on the floor along with the cane. She picked them up and put them on. Then she picked the cane and put it on the trash in the kitchen. She looked to the clock on the wall and decided to go do a little of morning jogging.

She went to her room and dressed her training suit, consisting on a pair of large pants and a sleeveless shirt. Then she picked a bottle of water that she put on a small backpack that she always carried in her trainings along with her gun, her house keys and the handcuffs, besides some money.

She closed the door and started walking downstairs since she lived on the eight floor of an old building which had no elevator, or better, it had but it was always out of order. Along the third floor she could hear a man shouting at someone. The she heard the sound of something breaking. She stopped and listened carefully; but then she heard the woman crying and a door slamming so she knew the woman was okay. She suppressed a tear that threatened to go down her face as she continued.

She took her CDs player from her backpack and put on her headphones. Then she began running to the sound of a well known Japanese rock band. She ran down her neighbourhood to a more happy zone were some elder made a walk too. She was running without a sense of direction and she was never tired. She just kept running and running.

She stopped in a small park filled with trees to do some lengthening. She put her foot over a bench and reached it easily with her hands. Then she did the same with the other. After all the lengthening was done she sat down on the bench and took her water bottle that she drank, then spilling some of the water over her head.

She stared at the trees and the people passing by. They seemed so quite and happy with life. Why couldn't she be like them? Why couldn't she feel happy? She knew why. She looked into her watch and decided to get back home and get ready to go meet Mimi at her clinic.

The sky was blue and with no clouds at sight. The day's before rain had completely cleared it. Sora walked into the high central building of the police station and up to the upper floor where Mimi's clinic was. She knocked until a voice from the other side told her to come in. Mimi was, as always, sat behind her large desk with papers all around her and her work glasses pilled on the top of her nose while she took some notes in her personal notebook.

Sora took a seat in the chair in front of Mimi's desk and waited for her to finish whatever she was doing. In fact, Sora had only went there because she didn't want to get suspended and Jyou made largely clear he wanted her to go or else.

Mimi looked from the top of papers around her to her client. She sighed, put down the pen and took of her glasses. "Here again, Sora?" She asked her friend. Though Mimi was Sora's shrink she was her friend too and concerned about her. Not even Mimi knew what passed through Sora's mind though being a shrink give her some conclusive clues. Sora watched her friend to notice once more how different they were from each other. Mimi was all girlish. She had long brown hair with blond strikes and wheat eyes matching it. She dressed like any other girl though with simple clothes.

Sora on the other hand was a tomboy, but it was her nature and she couldn't do anything about it. She usually wore black or dark blue and always long shirts and pants. She sighed at Mimi's comment. "You know it's not my will to be here." She grumbled. Mimi stood up and led her to the couch were they both sat.

"And you know you wouldn't be here if you weren't so aggressive." Mimi replied in her kind concerned voice. "I'm not aggressive." Sora disagreed. Mimi took a glance at her and once more noticed her friend's gloves. "Why don't you take off those gloves, Sora?" she asked. Sora immediately covered her hands. Mimi knew the answer forall her questions might start with Sora taking off the gloves, but it was her choice to do it and Mimi could not oblige her.

Though her friend had never told her anything, Mimi had made a diagnosis on her basing on her behaviour. She thought Sora had had a rough past and her father probably hit her, but she also thought that something besides that might had happened to her because of the way she pushed men away from her and the way she hit criminals.

She tried once more to make her friend spill the beans but it was an almost impossible task. Sora was just too damn stubborn and tough, and she had kept the pain inside her for so long that she couldn't get it out just like that. She couldn't. On the couch, Sora started drifting when Mimi started talking. She drifted about her past.

"Sora, are you paying attention to me?" Mimi asked as she noticed her friend's distracted look. Sora looked at her and nodded. "Well like I was saying, I think we should try hypnosis on you." Mimi said. Sora glared at her with an astonished look.

"What do you mean hypnosis?" She asked frightened. "Through that you can revive your memories without you needing to remember what happened. It might be very helpful." Mimi replied with a knowing look. Sora shook her head. "No way, you're not going to spy on my mind Mimi." She said as she stood up and started walking off.

"But Sora, I don't want to spy on your mind; I just want to know how to help you." Mimi shouted but too late; Sora was already walking downstairs and though she heard every single word she didn't care. No one was going to find out what happened, no one. Not Mimi and not anyone.

Sora ran down the stairs and entered the empty locker's room. She went straight to her locker and picked Kyoto PD's official training suit that she usually wore while training. She dressed herself and went to the gym. It was empty at that time and that was what she loved the most. She could train herself without her partners always staring and murmuring. She hated the murmurs.

She went to the boxer bag and started punching it with quick strong movements. She closed her fist and stuck it on the bag that balanced several times, until she stopped it and punched it again. It was her way to shill out. She practiced hard for about half an hour and then changed to a rubber puppet and started practising her karate skills.

Once in a while she murmured something. "They won't know. I won't let them." She whispered as effort sweat dropped from her forehead and some lost strikes of her light brown hair fell to her face.

Unaware to her, there was a person in the room. A young guy was leaned against the wall covered in the darkness of the room, observing her. The guy's eyes mirrored her, every part of her body and fixed her sweated forehead as he tried to understand what she was mumbling. A hand on his shoulder startled him and made him turn and grab the arm of the unknown person.

"It's me." The mysterious person said. The guy seemed to recognize his voice because he let go of him. Then they walked some steps behind staying even more covered in the shadows.

"How are you man? And what the heck are you doing here?" Yamato asked the guy. He looked to the blond and grabbed a lost strike of his hair. "Your hair is longer." The guy said. "And yours is still as messy as I remember." Yamato replied. Indeed the guy's hair was messy. It seemed like a brown bush on the top of his head and gave him a strange look.

"But what are you doing here, Taichi?" Yamato asked his old friend. "I'm in a investigation and the dude you got yesterday is involved so I'm going to need your help, old friend." Taichi replied to the blond. Then he turned his attention to the girl again. Yamato could see his friend's eyes melting while he watched his partner. He sighed.

"She's no fish for your fishhook…or anyone else's." He replied. Taichi melted even more. "You know I like tough girls." He smirked, still mirroring Sora. "Believe me, you're not gone get this one. She's too tough." "No girl is too tough. They all eventually break. But what is she mumbling anyway?" Taichi asked. Yamato tried to pay attention and could figure something out.

"She's saying something about no one will ever know." He replied confused. "What does she has to hide?" Taichi asked. Yamato sighed. "I don't know and I'm her partner. No one knows anything about her life before she came here in fact. She lived with her father. She got the best grades of her entire school and entered the police with maxim grade. But she's so distant and cold. Believe me, she's no girl you would want to fall for." He ended. Taichi sighed. "How can you say that? She's totally hot."

In the middle of the talk, Taichi started walking in Sora's direction, but she was too involved in her spiritual fight to notice his presence. He put a hand on her shoulder. This caused an immediately reaction by her. She picked his hand and projected him to the ground. Then she prepared to hit him with a punch. She closed her fist and stopped inches away from his nose.

"Don't you ever do that again." She coldly replied to him and walked off, passing by Yamato. He almost couldn't hide his laugh and Sora gave him a deadly glare. Taichi was still on the ground in shock for being caught so off guard. Yamato walked to him and started laughing uncontrollably before Taichi's astonished face.

Taichi quickly got up and stared annoyed at his friend. Yamato just gave him the: I told you look.

Sora headed furious to the lockers room, which was in fact, a mix lockers room since she was the only girl in the police. Of course there were secretaries and Mimi but they didn't had lockers because they didn't had to dress their uniforms or train or take a bath there. How dare he spy on me when he doesn't even know me? she though to herself. And trying to catch me off guard? Stupid guy! Guys are all stupid.

Suddenly a noise coming from the door was heard, interrupting Sora's thoughts. Taichi entered the room and stood right in front of her. She glared at him. "Don't you know how to knock? I could be dressing, you know!"

"Well, in case you forgot you're in the men's locker." Taichi said to her. "Besides I came to apologize you." He extended his hand to her. Sora glared at the man standing before her. Only then she noticed how handsome he was. He had brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. "Apologize accepted. Now get out. I want to get changed." She ordered and started taking some clothes of her bag.

Taichi smirked. "But I want a rematch." He informed her. Sora stared at him like she hadn't heard or understood him very well. "I want revenge." He repeated. "Okay, if that's what you want." Sora spat angrily, putting her clothes back in the bag. "We meet at the tatami." She replied walking off.

He watched her as she left and smiled. She's tough alright. But I'm getting my revenge…and maybe something else. He thought to himself. Then he walked up to the locker that had been put there for him the day before and took his own training suit.

Outside, Sora went to the gym again and sat in the tatami, waiting for her opponent, whom she didn't even knew the name. He's going to pay. She thought. Yamato approached. The light brown haired looked up at him. He smiled but she didn't retributed it. "How was it with Mimi?" he asked. She crossed her arms on her chest. "The same as always."

Yamato sat in front if her. "I don't get it. What are you hiding from us? We're your friends you know." He quietly said. "I'm not hiding anything." she coldly replied. He decided to drop the subject since he knew she wasn't going to say anything. "So, Taichi defied you?" he asked smirking. "That's the guy's name? It suits his hair." She replied. Yamato let out a small chuckle.

Then Taichi came into to the picture. "Talking bad about me? I can feel my hears burning." He joked. Sora gave him an empty glare and stood as Yamato did too. "Well, try not to hurt each other…much." He said as he walked off the tatami. Sora and Taichi got ready. They looked into each others eyes and walked around like a prey and a hunter analysing each other, though you couldn't really say who the prey was or who the hunter was. Taichi gazed into her crimson burning eyes, while she stared into his chocolate brown orbs.

She stepped forward, testing him, and he immediately stepped backwards. He was on defensive. Sora had played in defensive mode for too long. She stepped quickly ahead and grabbed his wrists. Then she changed her weight to his back still grabbing his wrists and projected him to the ground but he expected that and crawled her making her fall to the ground too. One to one. They got back to their first positions, but Sora didn't give him time to compose himself and punched him on his stomach.

Taichi gasped as her fist emptied his lungs. He embraced his hurt stomach and looked into her eyes. He could see rage in them. But why? I didn't do anything to her. He thought, but he wasn't ready to be defeated. He slid to the ground and hit her, making her loose her balance and fall to the ground. Not letting her got up he put himself on top of her grabbing her gloved wrists against the floor. Sora got nervous, like she was feeling claustrophobic, as she felt his body over hers.

He looked deep into her eyes and, for the first time, he saw something more besides rage. He saw fear and pain, lots of pain. This made him loose control. She took this moment and used her legs to project him to the floor and get up. "Guess I win again." She said as she ran to the lockers room.

That night, like every night, except on Saturday and Sunday, Yamato and Sora were on watch, patrolling the streets of Kyoto. He tried to pull the talk to the events of that morning but Sora was as stubborn as a donkey and remained a tomb. But though her mouth was closed her mind wasn't safe from the thoughts about the brown eyed man. There was something in him that made her remember her father and she hated him for that.

She drove the car down an avenue and Yamato motioned her to stop next to a group of hookers on their night spots. "Hey there officer. Wanting to relax a bit?" one of them offered herself to Yamato. He smiled. He and Sora had found this prostitutes several times on their nights and sometimes when they needed information they came to them.

"Come here, Yumeko." Yamato said to one of the girls with brown hair, though it looked black now due to all the painting she had put on it. The girl approached. She looked to both sides as afraid of being watched and then entered to the back seat of the car. Yamato turned while Sora remained motionless, looking through the mirror to the girl in the back sit. She had such hate for them, for having that profession. Anything was better than prostitution, whether it would be a stripper or a drug addicted.

"What do you know about Nikawa Hiroshi?" Yamato asked the girl. She once again looked through the closed window to see if someone was observing her. Then she approached him and whispered. "All I know is Nikawa was supposed to make a delivery today but you guys caught him and now he's fucked. But I don't know what it was."

Yamato took a glance at Sora that was still eyeing the girl through the mirror. She motioned him to let the girl go, and he told her to leave. Yumeko watched once more the apparently empty avenue and left the car. Yamato then opened his window. "C'mon girls, you know you can't be here. Go work to other cops' zone, okay?" he said as Sora started the ignition and they left the avenue. "I don't want to see you here when we come back."

She remained as silent as she had been all night. He tried for the thousand time to make a conversation. He knew her too damn good and knew something was bothering her. Though Sora's past was an inconnu to all the police station, well except for Mimi and Jyou maybe, Yamato could understand her mind states very well, and right now she was in a deep though about something that bothered her.

"So, what are we looking for anyway?" he asked referring to the Nikawa's case that they were working on. They have caught the guy with an illegal immigrant on his house, raping and beating her, but they knew that was only half off his real intentions. Nikawa was a dangerous guy but they just couldn't get enough proves to lock him up for good and that made Sora furious because for her, he should at least be arrested by rape and giving shelter to illegal immigrants.

"Proves." Was her simple, direct and cold as always answer. Yamato then tried smoothly walking into the unknown field of Sora and guys pulling Taichi's name to the conversation. "You know, Taichi's department is after him too." He said. Sora continued driving, as she hadn't heard any of what he had said.

Before this attitude, Yamato got really frustrated and annoyed. "What the hell is going on with you?" he said loosing all his patience and calm, but still Sora remained silently driving the car. She was paying attention to him, but she just didn't bother to reply.


A sixteen years old crimson eyed girl walked into her house's living room and started picking up the broken glass on the ground along with the beer's canes. On the couch a guy sat. He had his beard pouncing out and needing a cut. His clothes were all messed up and fed to beer. He put his feet over the table in front of him and continued drinking.

"Your bitch. Look what you've done. You're just as worthless as you mother was." The guy shouted angry and drunk to the red eyed girl. She continued picking up the broken glass like she wasn't hearing a thing of what he was saying. "Work your slut. I don't know why I feed you. You should be winning some money somewhere out there instead of being here annoying me."

Still the girl continued to pick up the glass. Sometimes a more sharp point would stick in her fingers making them bleed, but she continued picking the glass. And though she wanted to scream, to cry and to beat the guy she called dad as hard as she could, she remained silently picking up the glass on the ground.

----End Of Flashback----

The shift continued but Sora remained in her quiet position that she had adopted since that evening. About seven in the morning their watch was finally over and Sora went to her house to get a nice and long nap that she was waiting for since the day before. Yamato on the other hand had a date, but not with his girlfriend. It was more like a meeting.

He walked into the pizzeria and sat at one of the empty tables. The waitress came in a flash and Yamato asked for a pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni and extra cheese, his favourite. He waited for the pizza to come and then someone came in the pizzeria.

Taichi looked around and saw his pal sitting at one of the tables. He waved him and quickly went to join him. "Hey dude." Taichi said as he shook Yamato's hand in a guys' manner. He then sat at the table too. "Swell and you?" Yamato replied as he picked a slice of his just arrived pizza.

Taichi called for the waitress and asked some pizza too. "Fine." He replied looking through the window. Yamato glared at his friend. He had changed the past few years. Maybe the pressure of being in the murder's department was taking over him or maybe it was another thing. Yamato and Taichi knew each other since they can remember talking. A few years back they had moved together to Kyoto leaving their families behind and had joined the police but Taichi chose murder's department while Yamato preferred the watch. They barely saw each other now, and if it wasn't for their brother and sister they would have probably lost contact. Hikari was Taichi's sister and she was dating Yamato's little bro, Takeru, for a few years now.

"Are you still thinking about Sora?" Yamato asked his friend. He had noticed his eyes on Sora the all time he was in the police station. "You really can read minds." Taichi joked. Yamato had always had the ability to know what he was thinking. "Yup. It's hard to forget someone like Sora, even if she's cold as ice. But it's even harder to forget those fearful and yet angry eyes of hers when I knocked her down. I never saw a girl watching me with so much rage inside her." He replied to his friend. The eye contact he had had with Sora had made him very confused.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. During the night, while we were on shift she barely talked to me. She isn't feeling alright lately and I can't figure why." Yamato said taking a gulp of his soda. Taichi nodded and picked a slice of his pizza. "But enough with that. Why is murder's department after this guy after all?" Yamato asked, his curiosity beating him.

"Well, he's suspected to have connections with one of the major assassins in the area that we are after. Yamamoto, Kenshi. Do you know him?" Taichi replied while chewing a bit of pizza. Yamato shook his head. "Never heard of." "We want to catch him, besides he's related to two of the most important drugs' Traficant too. Mister Nikawa seems to be a very connected guy."

They finished eating and stepped outside to continue talking. The day was of a beautiful blue sky. Children played in the parks here and there. "How is Megumi?" Yamato asked. Taichi gave him a confused look. "Megumi! Oh! Yeah, Megumi. She left me two months ago." Taichi said without a hint of sadness in his voice, almost like it was the most normal thing to happen. "I'm sorry man, I didn't know." Yamato replied kind of sorry for his friend. "Hey, don't be. She was revealing herself as a real bitch." Taichi replied with a smirk hiding his true feelings.


A brown haired guy walked into his apartment. As he gave the first step in, he saw several unusual things. For one, his girlfriend wasn't in the living room studying, like she always did. Second, she had several of her clothes spread around the place, like for instance her bra and her shirt. But…no worries. Megumi had always been clumsy. He walked to the kitchen and that was when the really party started.

"Oh yes… yes! Oh!" he heard his girlfriend's voice screaming, but he didn't want to believe what he was listening. He stepped slowly like a cat into the hall and then open the door that lead to his room. He gasped as he lightened the lamps and saw his girlfriend and another guy, making sex, on his apartment, on his bed.

Tears rolled down his cheeks, but he quickly stopped them. The girl stood up completely naked as the guy. She started saying sorry and making excuses. The brown haired started picking up all her clothes and throwing them outside the door. Megumi picked some clothes that she put on, more like her bra and pants. The other guy was pushed outside along with Megumi and the brown haired slammed the door and leaned against it, finally releasing his suppressed tears.

----End Of Flashback----

"A real slut." Taichi said to no one in particular.

Ohayou everyone. As you might see, if you know me as an autor, this is an old story. I'm editing and so I decided to delete and repost it. I hope you enjoy it. I'll try post a chapter a day, so in about seventeen days it'll be over.

It has minor changes like the names of some characters, com cars and hopefully I've corrected all the grammar mistakes I had.

For new readers, I hope you enjoy it.

Sayonara minna