Marie Darkholme

Sixteenth Chapter

The evening of the following day, arrived in a flash. Sora and Taichi were all smiles and hugs during all day. Some of her oldest partners that had asked kindly to have a new partner were completely amazed the changes that one man had provoked in her. They had never seen her laugh or smile or anything like she had done that day. The couple was obviously to everyone's eyes discovering each other in their own way as friends, though.

The snow had stopped in the morning and since than it had never fallen again, much for their happiness. When, later in the evening, Taichi and Sora entered his house, besides carrying some stuff that Sora had asked Taichi to bought for her cooking that night, she had also a bag with a new jacket since her old one was ruined with blood and the one Taichi had lent her reached under her ass. Not that she mind that, but the fact that the sleeves had to take two folds annoyed her a little, so she bought a new jacket.

Putting down the bags in the kitchen, they both sat exhausted on the couch. "Huf! Filling all those damn papers almost gave me a heart attack." Sora said. Taichi laughed at the comment but he too was tired, not physically of course but mentally. They had been all morning along with half the afternoon filling papers to the court for Suzume's trial. The girl was really crazy. Only in the first night over the jail, she had already attacked two cops and hurt her room mate. A girl convicted for being busted stealing weapons in an armoury store.

Sora turned to meet his eyes. "You know, I have to thank you." She said. Taichi yawned and turned to her. "For what?" he asked. "For everything. I mean, you're always so kind and thoughtful of me and you help me all those times." She said kind of daydreaming. The brown haired guy smirked. "Yeah, I guess I'm the coolest." He playfully said. Only then he noticed Sora leaning over him and then the touch of her lips over his. He could feel his cheeks burning as she watched his reaction. "Thank you." She said and then smiling she left to the kitchen.

Taichi remained in the same spot not knowing what to say. She had kissed him. He hadn't kissed her first; it had been her that had kissed him first. That means…that she likes me, she really does. A faint blush crossed his cheeks again and a smile sketched in his face. The smile of a child when you give her the present that she had been wanting since ever. "Life is beautiful!" he exclaimed as he leaned against the couch and allowed his thoughts to divagate through his mind. Thoughts that he had repressed but that he now allowed to come, thoughts of a family.

In the kitchen, the crimson eyed girl was repressing herself for what she had done. She wanted to kiss him so badly that this time she didn't have the strength to stop herself from doing it. He has been so good to me. After Daisuke left, I thought I would be miserable without his friendship, but the truth is that when I'm with Taichi I completely forget about it. And even if I try to play hard on him, I can't. He's such a gentleman. He never forced me into anything and he really cares for me. She sighed inwardly like teenagers do when they see their crush passing by them. I guess there is no point fighting the way I feel anymore. "Life is beautiful!" she replied at loud as she started cutting the ingredients to dinner.

The two love birds, each one in their own private mind were thinking at the time practically the same thing. Taichi had always wanted to have a family, children, a wife, so his thoughts travelled faster to those kind of things, while Sora had always dreamed about her enchanting prince, even in her darkest hours, she would think that one day she would fall in love for the prince that would save her and in fact, he had done it several times now. Her thoughts travelled about having the family that she had never had. Having a sister like Hikari and a brother like Takeru, a man that respects and loves her. Somehow they were thinking synchronized. While she kept daydreaming and cutting onions, Taichi remained slumping in the couch daydreaming as well.

Outside, unaware to their attention, the snow had begun to fall again. A man in the darkness moved closer and closer to the door of the building, holding a smirk on his face. His brown dark hair with some black strikes waving to the movement of the wind that blew. He stepped into the building and uncovered his face.

The door bell suddenly rang, awaking the couple from their dreams. "I'll get it." Taichi said as he stood up and walked towards the door. Sora smiled in the kitchen and continued with her cooking. The brown eyed guy walked to the door and unlocked it. His movements a little slow from the sleep that had consumed some seconds on his mind as he drifted away. As he opened the door, he saw a man standing outside with dark brown hair crossed by black threads with brown eyes amazingly similar to his. Just the simple fact that he was smiling made a shiver cross Taichi's spine. "Yes!"

Back in the kitchen Sora begun to walk towards the door also. Something in the back of her mind, told her that this wasn't right. She could hear Taichi's voice coming from the door. "Are you Yagami Taichi?" the man asked. Taichi raised an eyebrow. Wait a minute. I know this voice from somewhere. He thought. Sora too had heard the voice and it had sent a cold shiver down her back as well. Suddenly the wind seemed to be blowing inside the apartment; in part it really was, because there was an open window. "Yes, I am" Taichi replied. Almost at the same time, he could hear Sora shouting. "Close the door." He looked to the man before him and saw him grinning mischievously.

"No!" Sora screamed, racing to the door as fast as she could, just in time to catch Taichi's body before it hit the ground. She held his body inches from the ground, kneeling due to his weight. He was cold, very cold, but as she looked for the thing that had hit him, she couldn't see anything. She stared at the brown striped haired man that stood by the door. Amazingly to him, her eyes didn't show what he had expected to seen.

"What have you done to him, Kouji?" she shouted at the man. Kouji smirked, even a little taken back by her anger outburst. He had expected her to fear him more than ever. In his hands he held a syringe. He had been so fast sticking it in Taichi's arm that the brown haired guy hadn't the chance to fight it back. "Oh, nothing special… I just gave him a strong immobilizer. He won't be able to move in the next few hours." He smirked. Sora turned her attention to Taichi again. Only then she noticed his arm bleeding. She immediately ripped a part of the cloth she had and applied on it, then she dragged him from the door to a place that she thought more secure. She was worried about his safety and not getting Kouji this time. She heard the door close but she didn't mind.

"Taichi can you speak?" she asked him, some tears rolling down her cheeks. He opened his mouth but the serum made any move hard for him and he couldn't speak. Not seeing any damage besides his arm, she turned her attention back to the man that she had feared for so long, but that she no longer feared. She faced him. He had pale skin, a long grey coat covering his body. Underneath it, she could only see his pants. She knew he was hiding something from her eyes. She thought as quickly as she could. Her gun was in her temporary room and Taichi's gun was on his. Going to the kitchen to get a knife could result dangerous for Taichi, but if she risked for a hand to hand combat, she was sure he wasn't going to play clean.

Kouji stood motionless watching the woman that he loved in such a sick twisted way. "You've grow up." He replied as casually as talking to an old friend in the street. She didn't give him the lust of seeing her fear and stood her ground. "I'm gonna lock you away, Kouji." She replied coldly in her old way. She could see his smirk as his hair waved around with the wind coming from the open window. She could feel her own hair waving with the wind. She was just expecting for him to move and then she would fall hard on him.

The man looked to the open window and then to Sora once more. His hands travelled smoothly to his coat, but Sora was seeing his every move. Inwardly she smiled, thinking how stupid could he be, trying to trick her like that. He gave a step forward but she stood her ground. Then he moved closer and closer. Her thoughts travelling fast again. He wouldn't have so much of a trouble just to kill me. He's hiding something. But why didn't he kill Taichi? The answer to all her questions relied on that man before her.

Suddenly he moved faster and tried to hit her. Sora avoided the weapon by fair centimetres and was able to see it. It was another syringe. It should have the same serum that had made Taichi immobile. She couldn't afford to get hit by it or it would be her end. Kouji smirked. "You want to play rough?" he kind of stated asked. "Anything to stand up to you." she replied. She knew him, and criminal psychology had helped her to know better how to get to the weak points of guys like Kouji.

"It won't be as easy as last time." She said. He grinned. "But it would end like last time." "At least this time, I'm not afraid of you anymore, and that gives me advantage." She replied. Her voice had been rather playfully. She could feel his smirk fading. People like him fed over the fear that the victim had for them. "And this time, you will be the weak one when I'm through with you." She smiled widely in her position. Kouji was getting annoyed by her words. Every one of them hit him psychologically. He wouldn't stand many like that again. He would strike again before she could say anything else, so she continued. "Because you're weak Kouji. That's why you do this, you want to feel that you're in control of everything, dominating and manipulating your victims because you know you're weak. Otherwise you wouldn't have brought that serum with you. You know that I'll beat you and you're afraid."

With a glare and a scream of rage, Kouji raised the syringe in his hands and ran towards her. Sora avoided him, bending down and rolling out of his way. Pushing a lamp from his way, Kouji went after her. She wasn't going to leave the living room. It was the most spacious room and gave her more probability to win the match. He charged on her again and rolling down over the couch, Sora avoided him once more and caught on the way an ashtray that she threw to his head, hitting him square on his forehead.

Kouji winced as he led his free hand to the spot where the ashtray had hit him and saw the blood dripping from it. Sora took her chance and began throwing him books from the shelf by her side. It was the best thing she could get right now, and it was working. Just a little longer. She thought. Hitting him with a major dictionary, she took her chance, while he was on the floor, and ran to the kitchen picking one of the knives that she was using earlier to cook. It took her less than five seconds to pick it. She was back just in time to see him stand up and walk over to Taichi. The brown haired was still affected by the serum and wasn't able to react.

"I'll finish you first. I see this is going to be taking a little more time than I had expected." He admitted as he raised a knife from his coat to hit him. Sora ran to him and kicked the knife away that fell near Taichi's feet. Kouji was angry as hell now. He turned his gaze to her again, seeing her armed was another strike to his weak points. Deep inside he could feel himself loosing. He launched himself to attack again, but this time she didn't avoid him. She trimmed the attack with the knife, and kicked him in the stomach making him fall backwards. Unfortunately as she put her foot back down, she didn't see the lamp fallen in the ground and tripped over it. Kouji didn't make himself hard and lied on top of her, striking her with the syringe. Sora winced in pain as the pointing object hit her already injured shoulder. Knowing the danger she was in by getting hit with it, she cut the needle with her knife, making the point got even deeper on her skin. Kouji looked angrily to the syringe and threw it away. He smirked as he saw Sora lied on the ground trying to get the needle of her skin.

"Now, I have just reassured my victory." He said, but looking back he saw that she was still moving a lot in fact. Damn! Sora cursed. I have to finish him quickly. She could feel the serum making effect turning her muscles numb, but the quantity he had managed to infect her with, wasn't enough to knock her out just yet, and the adrenalin in her blood was making harder for the serum to work. She didn't bother to stand and rolling over her injured shoulder, not minding the pain, she scrambled his feet and knocked him down. Kouji tried to reach for his gun, but seeing him reaching his coat, Sora punched him on the face, breaking his nose that started bleeding, blinding him with the tears that immediately rolled down his cheeks. He grabbed his nose and Sora took the gun from him. She kneeled and pointed it to him, but before she could get to her feet, Kouji low crawled her, making the gun go flying to the couch.

Holding her knife, she didn't bother to go for the gun. Instead she tried to hit Kouji with the knife on his leg. She didn't want to kill him. She wanted him to rot in prison. He avoided her strike and attacked back, kicking the knife from her hands. Sora could feel her time running out as movement became harder and harder to accomplish. She kneeled just to receive another foot over her face, which made her fly towards Taichi. In mid way she managed to get to her feet and attacked Kouji again, hitting him in his already wounded nose, making him groan. But her movements were becoming slower and Kouji had noticed it. As she was about to punch him again, he held her fist and hit her with his knee on her stomach. Not letting go of her hands, he pushed her by her shoulder, pressing it with all his strength, making Sora scream out in pain. She managed to hit him in his weak spot, but that only made him furious, and pressing her shoulder tighter, he punched her in the face, making her bleed from her lips and fall to the ground besides Taichi, her head turned to his feet, close to his waist.

She closed her eyes and gobbled dryly as she watched him clean his nose with his sleeve and turn to her with a mischievous grin. She tried to get to her feet, but her muscles had become numb. She couldn't even fill any pain anymore; just the feeling that she was loosing again, the darkness swallowing her. The fear coming back again, her memories turning back to when she had last seen that man and the way he had, probably worst than her father, ruined her life. The screams. She closed her eyes and tried to cover her ears not to hear the screams in her head, her screams as she felt him touching her. "No!" she screamed, opening her eyes, just in time to see Kouji coming towards her. Not really knowing why, her hands went to the back of her head and found an object. Not thinking, she picked it and stuck Kouji with it.

Kouji glared wide eyed, not just for the pain, that a knife crossing your chest provoked but also because he had never thought that Sora might actually had the guts to kill him, but then again, she didn't want to kill him. It was a desperate act, for saving her life and the man she loved. He gasped as his mouth filled with blood coming from his injured lungs that no longer could bomb the blood to his body. She had caught him in the right spot, right in the aorta. He stepped back in an attempt to get away, just a reflex move and looked still shocked at the knife that he then retrieved before he fell to the ground, dead.

The brown haired girl had her mouth wide opened and she watched the horror show in complete stupefaction. She had not known that the object she was holding was a knife but even if she had she didn't doubt that she would have done the same thing. After all, it was her life or his. She couldn't just let him do the same thing again and go away unpunished. She glanced to Taichi, that thought paralyzed, had seen everything, but his eyes didn't show shock, but joy, joy that she had killed the bastard. She tried to focus on getting up but she couldn't. The serum had finally taken effect and right now she couldn't even speak. She was half forced to watch the blood from Kouji's body cover the carpet that Taichi had on the floor. She had no more choice than to wait until the serum's effect was over, what eventually happened, first to Taichi and then to her.

As the brown haired watched the mess that his house was, after the cops had already arrived and took the body he couldn't help making a funny comment. He and Sora were sitting in the ambulance outside while the paramedics measuring their blood pressure and took some blood for analyses and other stuff, like proving they had really been drugged. "You could have thought of a way to kill him without ruining my carpet." He said. Sora eyed him surprised by the sudden comment, a little embarrassed and confused.

"But…" "No buts." He interrupted quickly. "That had been the first carpet my sister had given to me when I first move in." he replied. Catching his playfully tone, she couldn't help to smile as she went along. Putting an arm around his shoulders and leaning her head on them, she murmured. "I buy you a new one." Taichi smiled and kissed her forehead putting an arm around her shoulders as well. Then he kissed her cheeks, and finally he kissed her in the lips. They continued kissing each other lost in the sweetness of each other's embrace and love.

They were interrupted by a laughing cough and as they looked to see who it was, they saw Yamato. He and Mimi were hand in hand watching as the two of them kissed. Sora blushed slightly but Taichi was rather annoyed by his friend having interrupted the best moment that he had had since the day before when they had first kissed like that. Well, a little less, but it still was their first kiss, since the first time, he had only been him to kiss her.

"I see you're two are busy so we'll come back later." Yamato said turning away with a smirk, but Mimi pushed him with a grin as well. "Yama!" she warned him. He sighed and turned to them again. "We came to see if it was everything okay." Mimi said in a stern tone. Sora smiled at her friend's kindness. "Yes, everything is okay now." She replied meeting Taichi's eyes. He simply kissed her once again.

Yamato turned his head, pretending to be disgusted. "Mimi lets get out of here." He said. Mimi glared at him. "I think I'm going to be sick. I'm not used to see Sora being so…" he didn't have the time to finish because Sora stood up and punched him making him step twice back. "What was that for?" he replied rubbing his injured cheek. She smirked. "Now you're not so sick anymore, are you?" she replied, making Mimi and Taichi laugh, but there were also more two people laughing.

"I can't believe you really did that, Sora." Takeru replied trying to contain himself from laughing at his older brother's face. Hikari quickly walked over to Taichi to check if he was okay. Then without anyone noticing she murmured to him. "I guess you had better luck this time, huh?" he nodded and Hikari hugged him. "Don't forget to bring her to the wedding." She replied with a smile.

"Well, Sora is after all still Sora. The same hot tempered as always." Yamato replied. This caused Taichi to stand with a serious mean look on his face that Takeru and Hikari recognized. "Don't speak badly about my girl." Taichi replied pushing Sora over to him in a protective way. Yamato backed off with a scared look. "Look it was just a joke okay? Please not the nose." He pleaded covering his nose. Everyone started laughing at the scene.


"Do you, Takeru, accept Hikari to be your wife?" the priest asked in his casual voice that Sora thought so boring. She couldn't actually believe that she was in a wedding, something that she had sworn not to see ever. But there she was, and taking the priest boring addresses she loved it. Especially because she had someone very special besides her.

"Yes, I do." Takeru said grinning. He and Hikari were in the most important moment of everyone's wedding, the yes part. "Do you, Hikari, accept Takeru to be your husband?" "Yes, I do." She replied. From the corner of her eye and due to her good hearing, she had captured the sound of a joyful sob coming from where Mimi was. She eyed her from the corner of her eyes. She had a beautiful dress, pale pink that matched her lips' colour perfectly.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The priest said. Sora turned her attention to the wedding again. "You may now kiss the bride." She watched as Takeru slowly took Hikari's veil, uncovering her face. Their hands met and then he sweetly kissed her. A small kiss but with all the love it could possibly carry. The people around raised from the chairs and walked outside waiting for the couple to leave the church so they could throw rice on them. Sora had always thought throwing rice was a waste of food, so she had brought instead, a small basket with rose petals, and some other flower's petals to throw at them. Taichi had thought it had been a wonderful idea, knowing that his sister has always thought of throwing rice a stupid costume.

As they walked outside he allowed himself to stay a little behind to see his little, not so little anymore sister. She had a beautiful dress. It was white like most of the wedding dresses, but it was a quite simple design. It was sleeveless and tied behind her neck with a cute little ribbon with long points that felt to her naked back. The dress covered her chest completely but in the back it started only above her waist. In the middle of her back it had a stripe as well. The rest it was long to her feet, touching the ground slightly, rounded and had from her waist some stripes falling along with the dress that made him look very cute. The veil was a simple one too, held in her head by a hair clip.

He sighed once more. She had finally married. Since the first time he had caught her and Takeru or T.k. as they called him when he was little, kissing in the garden he knew that they would marry someday, but the thought of it had just never hit him as today. His father was dead and his sister was the only family he had left and now she was going away. Nevertheless a smile crossed his lips knowing that she would be perfectly happy with Takeru.

His gaze turned to the exit of the church where Sora was waiting for him. She too was very pretty. As for him, she was pretty in every clothes she wore but that dress made her look even more beautiful. He almost could see her surprise when at the end of another working day; he had appeared with the dress as a present for her. She had been delirious over it. He had to thank his sister for it, as it was her choice. Of course he had helped but women are more into choosing clothes and Hikari had a great fashion sense.

She wore a crimson dress, completely matching her eyes with long sleeves that covered her hands and her feet. Though it was a winter dress, it still didn't covered her neck as it felt to her shoulders leaving them uncover. For that, Hikari had also found a solution and made Taichi bought a long black scarf that Sora wore around her neck falling to her back.

Sora turned to the exit and saw Koushiro struggling to find his way through the crowd of people with his walking cane. The pain in his abdomen had decreased the last few days, but walking was still painful and hard for him, so the doctors had told him to walk with a cane for a few weeks to diminish the strength that he eventually had to make over his abdominal area to walk.

Her attention moved from the guests over Hikari's wedding to her friends. Yes, her friends. She had known too well the word alone and the thing she wanted most after Taichi was having friends. And she had lots of them. She had never given so much importance to having company and someone by her side as she gave now. Taichi was her everything and she knew she would turn mad if she lost him. He was the most charming guy she had ever met in her life. He had been there for her all the time, even when she continually pushed him away.

She turned around to meet his eyes that gazed upon her in radiance, which made her blush as she walked towards him and hands in hands they left the church. As Hikari and Takeru left it as well, hands in hands, covering their heads trying to clock most of the rice that felt upon them, she and Taichi threw them the flower petals, which made Hikari grin as she caught one of them and blinked an eye to her. Hikari was the sweetest girl Sora had ever met, much like her brother. She understood people like no one could, not even Mimi, even though that is her work. Mimi searched for the psychological signs that she had been taught to, but Hikari deepened her analysis in people's heart and she always managed to get something from them. Sora had never seen a relationship between brother and sister like theirs and she envied it, even though, Hikari already considered her as a sister.

The day continued without further events. There was lunch and then dancing. The music started with slow dance as husband and wife stepped into the dance floor and made the first steps of the first dance. Then people started dancing as well. Taichi went to his sister and they danced. Both of them with radiant faces. Sora remained watching. Though she had kind of buried her old lonely self, she wasn't much of a dancer and she didn't want to dance at all. She was happy by watching the others on the dance floor.

Hikari leaned her head on her brother's chest with a smile, looking behind him towards Sora. She grinned. "Go and ask Sora to dance." She demanded her brother. He eyed her. "She said she doesn't want to." He replied. Hikari hit him in the chest with an angry look over her face. "Hey!" he complained. "Go ask her." "Okay, okay, I'll go." He said, returning Hikari to her husband and walking towards Sora.

He sat by her side and gazed her while she watched people on the dance floor. He then kneeled and coughed to make her turn her attention to him. She immediately blushed seeing him on the floor. "Taichi! What are you doing? Stand up." She replied. But he didn't. Grabbing her hands in his he cleared his throat. From her dance spot Hikari watched everything and even Koushiro had turned his attention to the couple, curious about what Taichi was about to do. "Do you give me the pleasure of leading you in this song?" he asked puppy eyeing her. She giggled. "I told I can't dance." "I'll teach you." He replied standing on his feet, with her hands on his pulling her up. "But…" Sora argued. "Oh, don't be a spoilsport, Sora." Taichi complained.

Contaminated by the song that played and her love's puppy pleading eyes, she agreed with a shy pace towards the dance floor. Taichi wasn't shy at all in the dance floor and though he looked a little clumsy, he wasn't at all. He was in fact a good dancer. Rolling his hands around her waist, he pulled her close to him as the slow song begun. Watching the others, she put her arms around his neck and leaned over his chest. She could feel him breath in and out and the soft beating of his heart. Closing her eyes, she let herself be driven by his slow controlled pace.

Mimi and Yamato were also slow dancing near them along with the young couple. They all smiled at their two friends. "See, it's not so hard, is it?" Taichi mocked her. She kissed him in reply and they stepped away from the dinning room, to the balcony of the beautiful palace like that had organized Hikari's and Takeru's wedding party. The evening was long gone and the light that illuminated the place around was only coming from the room inside. The two simply stared at the sky, which, though very clouded over the winter, this time seemed to have open an exception and the starts were visible in the breaches of the clouds.

Sora rested her head on his shoulder, while he held his hand around her waist still. "It's a beautiful night." He commented. She nodded in agreement. "All nights are beautiful since I'm with you." Sora replied. He couldn't help to notice how romantic Sora was. She should have been hidden that all her life. She should have such dreams about marrying in a romantic spot, meeting her love, but all of them erased from her mind by a single man. But he would never hurt her again. That he was sure. He was dead now. He wouldn't be able to hurt anyone at all.

He faced her, holding her face between his hands. "And you are all the beauty I need." He placed a kiss over her lips. Their eyes closed as they got into the moment and they began to kiss in the balcony, their silhouettes barely visible by the light, uniting in one.

Then, coming from nowhere, a deadly sound was heard. A sound that paralyzed both their hearts. A gunshot. Sora looked around for the source of it. A man with brown stripped hair was covered in the shadows holding a still smoking gun. "That was for you, babe." Before she could even react, Sora felt something liquid falling to her hands. She looked at Taichi's pale features as he started dying in her hands, a gun shot in his head, mortal. There was no reaction that she could control as she began to scream full lungs. The pain could kill her right then.

"Sora, Sora… wake up." Taichi worriedly shook Sora. She was sweating badly and she was screaming. She suddenly opened her eyes, looking disoriented around and then to him. Tears rolled down her face as she hugged him tightly. She began to cry compulsive. Taichi tried to shush her rocking her in his lap where he had held her when in the middle of the night she had begun to scream, awaking him from his sleep.

"Shush, it's okay. It was a nightmare." He said trying to calm her down. Raising her puffy eyes to him, she began to speak, sobbing heavily without stopping hugging him. "I was dreaming…about…the night…Hikari's wedding." She replied. Taichi was confused as he thought about that day, so long ago, over two years. Yamato and Mimi had married after it and even he and Sora had their own wedding already planned. Daisuke, Sora's friend had finally made his way to the top and was now a very trustful member of one of the greatest teams in the world. They were living together in a new apartment, to which they had moved two months after Kouji's death. He couldn't understand what was going on. She was recording past times.

"Shush, Sora, honey. I don't understand you. Calm down. Your safe." He shushed her once more caressing her cheeks lovely. After several minutes she finally calmed down and began to relate her nightmare once more. Taichi held her head on his lap as he leaned over the head of the bed, stretching her hair and rolling it in his fingers, like he always did when they were in sweetness moments or when she was telling him something.

"It was Hikari's wedding night. We were throwing her flower petals and then we danced." She said as the memories of it flashed in her mind. "Then we went to the balcony, remember?" she asked him turning her head to see his eyes. Taichi nodded with a grin. He remembered it very well. It had been a wonderful night and later, when they had got home, he and Sora had shared her bed for the first time, sleeping in each other's arms. "Yes, I remember."

"We were kissing and then I heard a gunshot and when I looked…" her voice started to speed again as the sobs threatened to come back. "…and you had been hit… and it had been him, Taichi. It was him." she started sobbing again. Taichi held her again in his arms. Again Kouji. Even dead, he kept haunting her in her dreams. "Shush. He's dead Sora. You saw him die. He can't hurt you again." He comforted her. That was how half an hour later, both raced to sleep again, this time into better dreams and memories like the ones they had together.

Early in the next day, a lonely figure moved through the darkened apartment. She looked out the window seeing the sun beginning to rise. In her hand a cup of milk that she took little sips off. Maybe these nightmares will never end. Maybe the pain and the memories of it will never be erased. A pair of arms surrounded her and she turned to meet his sweet kiss. But at least I know I'm okay now. I'm loved and I'm in love and even if I don't know what the future reserves to me, one thing will remain eternal. And that is love. My love for others and others' love for me will always exist. And that is something no Kouji can take away, no memory, no darkness. No matter how many shadows cover my path, the sun will rise in the morning. I will always survive to tell my story, because I'm a fighter and I'm not going to give up. Ever.


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