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A young man was sitting alone in a dark corner of the Black library at number 12 Grimmauld Place. Still grieving for his recently departed godfather and trying very hard to plot his revenge against those that took his loved ones away.

Picking up a piece of parchment on the small table next to his chair, he recalls the reading of his godfathers will.

Harry had just arrived at Grimmauld Place with his escort for the day Nymphadora Tonks. He placed his trunk in the hallway and had to plug his ears with his fingers to prevent him from getting deaf by the screaching from Sirius' mom.

As soon as he reached the kitchen Professor Dumbledore stood and walked over the young boy.

"Harry, I hope you'll bear with me, but we have to do something that will be hard on you. I need you to come with me to the reading of Sirius' will."

"Why now, can't it wait. I don't want anything from him, I just want him back." Harry said sobbing almost uncontrollably.

Dumbledore embraced the young man gently. "I know Harry, we all want nothing more than to have him back, but this has to happen today otherwise there is a chance that some of his relatives get rights to the estate."

Harry nodded "Alright let's do this then and get it over with."

With that Dumbledore took hold of the young man and apparated out of there.

They sat in front of a, by the looks of it very old and wizened, goblin in a private room in Gringotts wizarding bank.

The goblin started speaking in a very coarse voice "This is the last will and testament of Sirius Black, head of house Black and rightfull owner of the Black estate.

I Sirius Black being of sound mind and heart declare the following.

It is my wish that my godson Harry James Potter will except the task of giving the other benefactors of this will what I have promissed them furtheron in this will.

To Harry James Potter, I leave to you any and all possessions of the Black family including the title Lord Black and the function of head of named family. I hope that you will have the opportunity to change the dismal reputation of my house to such a standing that I would be proud and my mother would turn in her grave.

To the Weasley family I give a sum of twohundred thousand galleons so that your bankaccount be more like the courage in your hearts.

To Remus Lupin I give a sum of onehundred and fifty thousand galleons so that you will never have to worry about your condition again.

To Andromeda Tonks-Black I give an assortment of the Black family jewels and a sum of onehundred thousand galleons

To Narcissa Malfoy-Black I will let the next head of House decide what to do with you.

To Bellatrix Lestrange-Black I will also let the next head of house decide what your faith will be.

This concludes the last wishes of Sirius Black."

Next the old goblin looked straight at Harry.

"Mr. Potter will you honor the wishes of the late Sirius Black and accept the inheritance given to you including all lands and titles and the responsibilities they imply?"

Harry, tears running across his cheeks, nodded his consent.

"Very well, now as the head of house you are automatically emancipated by law, thus the magical restriction of underaged wizards and witches no longer applies to you." The goblin handed him a piece of parchment " This is a copy of your godfather's will, if you want to see to at least some of the wishes of your late godfather at this time please see one of the clerks. I bid thee farewell and hope that it will be a very long time before the next will of a Black family head is read."

Harry stood and left the room followed by Dumbledore. He walked over to the nearest clerk.

"A mr. Potter what can I do for you this afternoon?" the goblin asked.

Harry looked up and recognition showed in his eyes.

"Hello Griphook, I need you to transfer these sums from the black family vault to the people mentioned in this will."

Griphook blinked "Sir you can tell us goblins apart? And you remember me by name? This is truly remarkable." Harry blinked not understanding why he shouldn't have been able to tell goblins apart. "I will see to it that these sums are transferred to their new vaults within the hour, does that suffice sir?"

Harry smiled weakly "That would suffice Griphook. Have a nice day." With that Harry left and returned to dumbledore who apparated them back to number twelve Grimmauld Place.

Sighing Harry stood up and walked out of the library and into the kitchen. There he saw a rather unusual sight, at least to those that don't know Nymphadora Tonks. Tonks was as always clumsy, at the moment she somehow managed to get her feet wedged in a rather large crack in the floor.

"Tonks could you do something for me?"

"Wotcher Harry, what do you need?" the at this time pink haired woman asked.

"I need to talk to your mother, I still have to give her the last part of Sirius' inheritance. So if you'd be so good as to get her to come here right away I'd be gratefull."

Tonks frowned "Mom doesn't like this place so I doubt even me asking would get her to come over here. I'll try Harry, but don't get your hopes up."

This time it was Harry's time to frown.

"If she refuses to come tell her it's a summons to her head of house, then she has to come. I would rather have her come of her own free will though, not by means of pressure. So try to talk her into coming here first."

Tonks nodded "Ok Harry, I'll be on my way then."

About half an hour later the doorbell rang and Sirius' mothers painting started ranting like the world was about to end. Harry stood and walked to the door, which he opened slowly while glaring at the rather offending painting.

"Mrs. Andromeda Tonks-Black I presume?"

The woman next to the pink-haired auror nodded "Mr. Potter, I have it that you have requested my presence?"

Harry rubbed the back of his head "Yes, but where are my manners. Please do come in. Tonks would you bring your mother to the study, I'll be there shortly."

A couple of minutes later Andromeda was sitting in a large silver and black chair when Harry walked in the room carrying a silver tray with three cups, a teapot and milk and sugar.

"Would you care for some tea?" Harry asked.

"Yes that would be lovely mr. Potter."

"Please it's Harry, mr. Potter makes me feel Dumbledores age. Would you like some tea too Tonks?"

"Ok Harry I'll have a cup." the rather clumsy auror said standing behind her mother.

After poaring tea for the three of them and carefully handing the two women a cup, Harry sat down himself.

"I imagine that your lovely daughter here already told you that I requested this meeting in light of the execution of Sirius' will. What she didn't tell you was what the will entailed, so I'll go straight to the point. Sirius wanted you to have a selection of the Black family jewels. Now I have to admit that I have absolutely no idea which of them would be to your liking so I would like to suggest that we go to Gringotts tomorrow so that you can pick them yourself. Would that be acceptable?"

Andromeda blinked "He wants me to have some of the family jewels, but why? Oh, but of course is your proposition acceptable. In fact it is very generous of you to let me make my own selection."

"Good we'll set a date for our visit later then. As for the question why, well according to Sirius you were the only other Black with a decently developed brain in the entire family, at least I think that were his words. I hope I'm not overstepping any lines here, but I was wondering if you'd be willing to help me with some of the tasks Sirius set for me."

"Well Harry, if you don't mind I'd like to know what sort of help you require of me before I make any sort of commitment."

Now it was Harry's time to blink "Oh sorry about that, Sirius wants me to give the house of Black an image change so that and I quote "I would be proud and my mother would turn in her grave.". I'd like to start with welcoming you back into the family, that is if you would be willing to do so. After that I intent to do something about your sisters. I take it you are somewhat familiar with the muggle term psychotherapy?"

Andromeda nodded a little confused.

"I intend on re-educating them to more acceptable manners and thoughtpatterns. It would be a great help if you could help me out with them since I know virtually nothing about them. My explicit plans for your sisters won't be discussed yet, but I can tell you I do not plan on hurting them. Would you help me with this?"

Andromeda was still a bit stunned "Well I'd like to help out even if I'm not convinced my sisters can be saved and I'd be honored to be admitted into the family again."

Harry smiled "Good then that's what we'll do first." he took a small book out of his pocket "I found this hidden under a floorboard in the library and judging by the way it looked I'd say it hasn't been used in a century. It's the Black family book and it's linked to the tapestry which has your name crossed out at the moment."

He opened the book and calmly turned over the pages until he he came the part of the familytree which held Andromeda. He took out his wand and touched the place where her name should have been. "Welcome back Andromeda Black" the tip of the wand flared up for a moment and slowly Andromeda's name started to reappear. "Marriage and offspring approved" again the wand flared up and now her husband and Tonks were also listed in the family tree.

"Well that's taken care of. I'll let you know when I decide to do something about your sisters. Would tomorrow be a good time to visit the family vault or would you prefer an other time?"

"Tomorrow is fine Harry, I have the whole week off from work so tomorrow will do nicely."

"Good, well welcome back Andromeda " on Harry's face an evil smirk began to form "and of course welcome to the family Nymphadora."

Tonks glared at him, but in the presence of her mother just managed to refrain from lashing out at Harry.

"Andromeda do come and visit a couple of times while school's still out and please bring your husband along. I'd really like to meet him."

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