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Chapter 9 : Circumventing school rules

The following morning Harry woke up and opened his eyes. He looked at the situation he was in and blinked before blushing profusely. He turned his head around and what he saw caused his face to get redder than the hair of the members of the Weasley family.

He was laying in his own bed at number twelve Grimmauld place and as had become usual the three girls he liked were sharing his bed. The thing that caused his heavy blushing was the fact that both the girls and himself were missing their usual nightly attire, in fact all four of them were completely starkers.

Harry turning his head caused Trixie to wake up and as soon as she saw Harry's head she started giggling, which in turn caused the other two to awaken from their slumber.

The three girls watched Harry's confused expression for a while, until Trixie couldn't take it any more and laughed with a surprising volume. Cissa and Hannah soon joined her, while Harry was still stunned.

The laughter of the girls finally reached his consciousness and he realised that he had been had. Shaking his head lightly and with a small smile displayed on his lips he turned to Trixie.

"This was your idea, wasn't it."

"Yeah, it was just to good an opportunity to leave unused. That and I actually prefer to sleep like this."

"Well don't let me stop you. You can sleep anyway you want, I'm not going to force you to do anything in situations like this. All I'm going to be correcting is any interaction with other people that I think is not correctly displaying the way I want the Black family to be known."

Trixie sighed out of relief and beamed brightly at Harry.

"Thank you Harry. It's good to know I can sleep anyway I'd like to." she said and the other two girls nodded their agreement.

"Now, did you mean what you said yesterday?" Harry asked timidly.

All three girls nodded.

"Ok, then you'll have to draw straws or something."

The girls looked at him confusedly.

"Why would we have to do something like that?" Cissa asked.

"Well since we're all going to in a relationship, that's going to include dates. I don't want any of you to feel less than the others so I think it's best if you let fate decide who I'm taking on a date first." He explained.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. It was clear that all three of them were thinking the exact same thing at that moment. They had made the right choice choosing to enter a relationship with the black haired teen.

When they had just dressed for the day they heard a female screech that sounded familiar in Harry's ears. They hurried downstairs and found Tonks standing against the wall opposite the painting of Cassiopeia Black. Harry looked at Tonks and then moved his gaze to the painting. A lopsided smile made it's way to his face.

"Cassiopeia, did you have to scare your grandniece like that? I mean she's the only grandniece you have, yet."

"Harry do you have to spoil my fun. If I hadn't done it now she would have had the chance to prepare for it. Now Nymphadora get yourself a chair and sit yourself down. I want to have a talk with my grandniece."

Harry nodded and motioned for the girls to follow him to the kitchen.

Tonks transfigured the infamous troll foot umbrella stand into a nice high backed plushy chair and sat down. Cassiopeia looked at Tonks.

"So you're Andy's kid. You're really one of a kind, aren't you."

"Yes I am and you're the one who threw mum out of the family. Am I right?"

"Yes you are and I'm regretting it, but you have to understand that I was raised with strict values from old times, which state that a wife must always listen to her husband. Add to that the fact that I was raised as somebody who despises muggles and when your grandfather insisted on throwing out your mother I just had to obey and throw out my favorite niece."

"Mum was your favorite niece? Oh well anyway Harry reinstated her as soon as he took over. Now what caused your sudden relapse into apparent sanity?" Tonks asked.

Cassiopeia laughed " Harry happened. He's a remarkable young man, isn't it."

"Yes he is, but what did he do to make you change your ways?"

"What else, he threatened to practice his hexes and curses on me. I have to hand it to him, he can be quite convincing when he needs to."

At that answer Tonks' eyes bulged out of her and her mouth was opened as wide as was possible for the young metamorphmagus.

"Harry did that? Why didn't Sirius do something like that?"

"My son, while brash and most of the time unshaven, was one big softy. He wouldn't follow through with those threats and it showed in his eyes. Harry on the other hand stayed calm, collected and completely unreadable. I would believe any threat that was made under those conditions and I don't think anyone in their right mind would do any different. In other words, when he keeps his cool he is a force to be reckoned with in virtually any situation. But enough about Harry let's talk about something else. How is your mother? Is she happy?"

"Yes she is. Mum and dad are living their lives the way they want to and her happiness was complete when Harry brought her back into the family and returned her sisters to the fold."

"Good, then I'm glad she went her own way. Like I said she always was my favorite and in hindsight it seems that her away from the family has given her happiness otherwise impossible."

Tonks looked at her a little confused. "How did you figure that?"

"Well if you think about it it's simple. If she hadn't been put out of the family she would have never been able to lead the life she wanted with your father and it is doubtful that you would have been born."

"If you put it like that I can see where you're coming from."

"Good, now I'm sure you visit your parents regularly. Would you be so kind and ask her and your father to come by for a visit?"

"Ok, I'll give them the message. Now I'm going to have breakfast, before it's too late. We'll talk again some other time, ok."

Cassiopeia nodded and smiled a little, while Tonks returned her chair to it's original umbrella stand form.

Meanwhile Harry and the girls had already finished breakfast. Harry went to the library to look for some new spell that could come in handy. The girls on the other hand went to the study. They closed the door behind them and sat down. Narcissa took the lead.

"I'm sure now we made the right choice. Harry's idea was quite good actually. Let's let fate decide who goes first." She said and Trixie conjured three straws of different length and handed them to her sister. Cissa offered Hannah the first one and Trixie the second. They compared the straws and came to the conclusion that Hannah was the lucky girl with Trixie in second place and by extension Cissa in third place.

"Ok, then Hannah is first, followed by Trixie and I'll complete the line-up. Now then assuming everything works out who is going to be his wife?" Cissa asked.

"Well I rather like the chance to continue the Abbot line, so I'll give that honor to one of you."

"I think Trixie should be the one personally since she's the one of us that spend the most time with our black haired stud. Well sis, any objections?"

"Hell no I'm not going to complain about something this good happening to me. Thank you both. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy sharing that delicious chunk of man-flesh with the both of you. Come on let's tell Harry the solution we came up with."

Hannah and Cissa nodded and the three of them left the study in search of Harry.

Harry was nosing through the library looking for spells to learn and eventually use, but almost all of the advanced spells he found were so dark just reading about them made him want to lose his breakfast, that is until he found a small spellbook called '101 ways to make your opponent falter' and it had a very nice subtitle 'how to prank people trying to harm you' he opened the book and read the first spell and promptly doubled up, laughing at the top of his voice.

This was how the girls found him.

"What are you laughing about Harry? Willing to share the good stuff?" Trixie asked.

Harry took a deep breath and handed her the small book he was clutching.

"Read the first spell and imagine using it on Voldemort."

She did as instructed and soon after she to was laughing uncontrollably, obviously making the other two girls curious as to what was so damn funny. Cissa took the book from her sister and opened it, Hannah watching over her shoulder. They read the first spell and once again the book had made new victims.

When they all calmed down Harry opened the conversation.

"If I used that on him, at the least it would be interesting."

"Of course it would be. Merely imagining him in a dress made of sunflowers is bad enough, but having inhibited his wand to produce anything except flower fountains is really the icing on the cake." Trixie said causing all four of them to relapse into laughter once again.

When they regained the ability to speak Cissa decided to tell Harry why they had sought him out in the first place.

"Harry we drew straws and Hannah was lucky and I was last." Cissa said with a pout, which actually looked rather cute.

"Ok, I'm glad you already decided to work out that schedule. Now go and put on something nice and comfortable, because we're going out."

Cissa looked at Harry "But you said you were taking us out separately."

"Well I'm doing that too, but we have to get along and going out together seemed like a good way to do it. I was thinking about a nice and private pick-nick, any objections?" he asked. The girls smiled at his plans and hurried upstairs to get changed while Harry went to prepare the pick-nick basket.

When the girls came down a huge smile made it's way to Harry's face. Trixie, Cissa and Hannah were wearing their 'little girls dresses' and were even skipping a bit while approaching him.

"You girls are too good for me. If you're ready we can go. Trixie, Cissa, I take it you know the small lake up in Scotland that the Black family owns. That's where we're going. I'd appreciate it if you'd apparate there and I'll take Hannah, since she has no idea where to go." The Black sisters nodded and with a couple of pops the four of them were gone from number twelve.

Harry and the three girls arrived at a small lake surrounded by hills and started to unpack the basket he had taken with him, while Hannah spread a blanket out on the ground. Suddenly Harry slapped himself on the side of the head.

"Cissa, come here for a moment, will you."

She complied and walked up to Harry, who looked a bit embarrassed.

"I actually meant to give this to you before we left, but I guess I got a little to excited. Anyway I've decided to trust you with this, please don't prove me wrong." He said as he handed her her wand.

Cissa's eyes widened and with her hands trembling a little bit she took the familiar piece of finely crafted wood from the black haired teen.

"Thank you Harry. I won't disappoint you, I promise." She exclaimed, before hugging him tightly and kissing him quite thoroughly on the mouth. Though surprised he quickly deepened the kiss and they took their time, before disengaging with rosy cheeks. They looked into each others eyes and smiled shyly, before Harry went back to unpack the food and drink he had brought.

Trixie turned to her sister, with a for Cissa all to familiar gleam visible in her eyes.

"Sis, that was rather forward for you, wasn't it. I mean you never show any signs of affection in any kind of public situation. So what changed?"

Cissa looked at her sister a bit cross. "Well I figured that since we have gotten a new chance at life I should grasp it and enjoy it. That and this isn't exactly in public, I mean we're sharing a guy so you're like the in-crowd. Does that make any sense?"

"Sure it does. You go girl. Enjoy your second life, since obviously you didn't enjoy it the first around." Trixie said smiling at her sister, who returned the favor.

Harry having finished unpacking called out to the two of them.

"Come on, let's have something to eat and drink."

Harry had made a small, but abundant selection of tasty treats. He had made an impressive display of small two bite sandwiches, a nice chicken-salad, various sorts of sushi, onigiri and a variety of pastries, which were still hidden inside the basket under a cooling charm for later. In addition to the food he had brought butterbeer, orange- and pumpkin-juice, several muggle softdrinks and iced tea. Needless to say the girls were impressed with the feast Harry had set up before them.

"Harry these all look wonderful. When did you make all this?"

"Thanks, I made them last night when you were enjoying yourselves in the living room. Now take your pick and start eating."

After they had eaten they cleared the blanket and moved it a couple of feet back to the foot of a nearby tree. Harry sat with his back against the trunk while Cissa and Hannah leaned on him from either side. Trixie pouted lightly for a moment, before grinning mischievously. She moved in front of the sitting Harry and pushed his legs open, before sitting down between them and grinning at her sister and Hannah. Both girls pouted, a little sad they hadn't thought of that.

It was an unusually dry and warm day for summer in the British isles and it didn't take long for the four of them to drift of in a light slumber. In their slumber Harry's head lowered until he was nuzzling Trixie's neck when she was leaning back into his chest. His arms were around the other two and they rested their heads on his shoulders. All in all it was a very cute sight to behold.

It was rapidly approaching dinner-time when Harry woke up. He noticed the time and went to wake up the girls, Trixie first. He moved his head forward and gently kissed and nibbled her neck line until she woke up, turned to where he was kissing her and claimed his lips for a moment.

"Hi sleepyhead, we're going to be leaving soon.' Harry said before turning to Hannah.

He kissed her forehead and continued to the tip of her nose. That woke her up and Harry lightly smiled at her before kissing her on the lips.

'You ready to head back for dinner?' He asked and she nodded. He smiled at her again before turning to the deepest sleeper of them all, Narcissa.

He stroked her hair, kissed her brow and traced a finger over her exquisite jawline, before kissing her softly on the tip of her nose. Like Hannah this woke her from her slumber and she turned to Harry who smiled softly at her and gently put his lips on hers, which she greedily accepted and for a while deepened the kiss, before breaking off. Harry smiled at her again.

'Well come on, it's almost time for dinner.' Harry said before getting up from where he was sitting. Cissa soon followed, while the other two had already done so before the two of them.

In a series of pops the four of them left the peaceful and isolated lake for the still rather gloomy house at number twelve.

It was the following night and Harry was sitting in the living room squirming in his seat. He was wearing flowing black pants with an emerald colored stripe running down his legs on both sides and a black silk shirt on top. It was obvious he was waiting for something and it was evident with just one look through the room what he was waiting for, Hannah.

It was a couple of moments later that the girl he had been waiting for appeared in the living room. She walked into the room and Harry looked at her in awe. In fact he was so impressed he couldn't even close his mouth, that was hanging open in shock at the sight of the stunning Hufflepuff standing in front of him. She was positively glowing with excitement and looked like a goddess that came down from heaven for a day among the mortals. She was wearing a light blue sleeveless dress that reached down to just over her knees. Her luscious hair she wore freely displayed around her shoulders. She looked at Harry and smiled.

'What's wrong Harry? Kneazle's got your tongue?' she asked and smirked.

Harry shook his head. 'No it's just that whenever you see an angel standing right in front of you, you need some time to get yourself in control.' He replied and Hannah blushed as a result.

'Shall we go?' Harry asked and Hannah merely nodded her consent.

They left the house and walked a couple of yards before finding the limo Harry had arranged. Hannah looked at Harry, a bit confused. He merely smiled at her, before helping her in the large car waiting for them. She accepted the gesture with a smile and stepped in the large car. As soon as Hannah was sitting comfortably Harry joined her and closed the door. Soon after they were on their way. Inside the limo Hannah was looking at Harry with a curious expression on her face. Harry caught the look on her face and grinned.

'What's wrong? This something you didn't expect?' he said a grin apparent on his face.

'This is so much more than I would have ever suspected Harry. So where are we going?' Hannah asked.

Harry smiled and lightly shook his head. 'Nice try, but you'll have to do better than that beautiful.'

She pouted, which looked awfully cute and Harry couldn't resist to kiss her. He lightly touched her lips with his' and his tongue asked to be given entrance, which was given in a flash. They broke the kiss after a couple of minutes, both being slightly winded.

That limo stopped in front of a small restaurant and Harry helped his date and future concubine out of the vehicle. He offered her his arm, which she graciously accepted and they entered the small establishment in front of them.

They stopped before the host and Harry told the man that he had reserved a table and the two of them were soon escorted to a secluded table for to lighted by a couple of candles that exuded a soft and comfortable light. Harry helped Hannah getting seated before sitting down himself across from her.

He ordered a coke for the both of them and they accepted the menu the waiter had given them. Harry looked at it for a moment before turning to his date.

'Why don't you order for the both of us. I'm sure that whatever you order is going to be delicious, since you have a very well developed taste as seen by your choice of a life partner.' he said and caused Hannah to blush.

She nodded and ordered them the lovers special. A three course meal consisting of oysters, one large plate of spaghetti and a desert of strawberries with whip cream and chocolate covered cherries.

Harry smiled at Hannah and she returned the smile with one at least as radiant as the one she had just received. Their hands crawled over the table until they were entwining their fingers with the other's.

The oysters arrived and Harry took one of the shells and brought it to her mouth. Hannah smiled at Harry before slurping the shell empty and returning the favor. It was obvious to anyone that saw them that they enjoyed feeding one another and were not embarrassed at all by it.

The spaghetti they ate themselves and Harry graciously let his future concubine have the last bit.

Hannah smiled at Harry when he left her the last of the pasta. She twirled the strands together using her spoon and fork and brought it to Harry's mouth, totally surprising him though he did open up and ate the offered food.

There was a lot of small talk between the spaghetti and the dessert. They talked about their friends and Hannah's delight at the news that it would be possible to keep the Abbot line in this world.

Harry smiled at Hannah's enthusiasm and love of life, even after having been through so much lately.

Hannah smiled back at Harry admiring his ability to forgive and his capacity to love and have fun after the harsh life he had.

The dessert arrived and once again they fed each other resulting in Harry having whip cream on his nose and Hannah having brown lips from the chocolate on the cherries. Hannah took her handkerchief and wiped the whip cream, while Harry saw his chance and kissed Hannah. He broke the kiss and licked his lips, smiling at her. She did the same and smiled right back at him.

Harry paid for the meal and when they left the restaurant the limo was waiting for them. Harry helped Hannah get in, before stepping in himself and they were on their way once again.

In the wee hours of the morning the two teens returned to number twelve.

They entered the house and Harry noticed Cassiopeia giving him a delighted grin.

As they reached the living room they noticed that the girls were still awake. They turned their heads and smiled at Harry and Hannah.

'So, judging by the pleased expressions on your faces I take it that the date went well.' Cissa said.

Hannah nodded happily and joined the other two girls in front of the fireplace, immediately recounting everything that had happened on their date. Every bit of thoughtfulness from Harry caused the Black sisters to squeal in anticipating delight.

While Hannah was getting Cissa and Trixie up-to-date Harry was transferring his attention to the being that was the most appreciated in the house, besides his three girlfriends that is.

'So Saphira, did you have a good time tonight?' he asked the young hydra.

'Oh it was fine, although the way Hermione was staring at me was bothering me a little. She was looking at me like I was some sort of research specimen.'

Harry chuckled 'That just Hermione when she finds something that doesn't completely comply with data she found in her books. What do you say we ask her about that tomorrow?'

'That sounds good.' she replied and wrapped herself around his torso, her heads draped over his shoulders.

The next morning the four of them got ready for the day and it seemed the girls really liked to dress up for their boyfriend. All three were wearing the little girl costumes complete with lacquered shoes and a bright ribbon in their hair. Needless to say the three of them looked incredibly cute.

At breakfast Harry decided to ask Hermione what had directed her attention to his hydra friend.

'Hermione, tell me. Why were you staring at Saphira last night?' he asked.

'Well her mannerisms don't even come anywhere near the documented examples, like greek mythology. ' she said and Saphira snorted.

The next thing that happened surprised everyone.

'Oh you people just had to write our type species based on the one hydra with MPD, didn't you.' she said gaining weird looks from all of the humans in the room.

'What, I can take every form I want, just like Harry. Is it so hard to imagine me being able to modify my body enough to be able to talk in your language?'

'Well it was a little surprising, but how did you know about a hydra that's been dead for over three millennia?'

Saphira sighed 'Hydra have an inherited consciousness. We gain all of our ancestors memories at birth.'

Hermione had to blink in shock and seemed to get jealous, which caused Harry to laugh.

'Hermione you do realize that you're jealous of the last known member of a previously supposed extinct species, don't you. I mean let it go and go snog your boyfriend.' He said and Ron's pleading expression begged her to agree, enticed as he was at the thought of an early morning snogging session.

Trixie got a mischievous gleam in her eyes 'Yes Hermione, just like this.'and with that warning she claimed his lips and let her tongue beg for entry while they were still seated at the table.

When they parted they sported such a huge grin that Cissa just had to follow her sisters example, with similar results.

Molly Weasley cleared her throat, indicating that she didn't think that snogging was an occupation fit for practicing in company. Harry just smiled at her apologetically after Cissa was done with him.

After they all had breakfast they left the table. Hermione, Ron and Ginny first, followed by Harry's girls who were swaying their hips as they walked out of the room. Harry couldn't help but stare at their delicious looking bums as he followed them to the living room.

He and the girls settled on the sofa and just cuddled for a while.

Not long after Dumbledore entered the room.

'Good morning everyone.' he greeted.

Everyone answered with a 'Good morning sir.'

'Harry, Mr. Weasley, Ms. Weasley and of course Ms. Granger and Ms. Abbot, I have your Hogwarts letters with me. They owls can't deliver them here because of the wards so I decided to bring them myself.'

Hannah turned her attention to the wizened headmaster 'Professor I've thought about this for a couple of days now and I don't want to be away from Harry to much, especially at night. So is there a way for us to share a room, or something like that?'

'I'm sorry to say this, but the school rules are quite adamant about not allowing to let sleep of the opposite sex in the same room. Well except for that one exception that is.'

'Exception? What would that entail?' Hannah asked intrigued.

'Since the rules date back to the time of the founders, marriaged couples are exempt from this rule. In that time marriages often happened as early as the age of twelve.'

Hannah pouted 'Oh well thank you for explaining that to us professor.'

'Just to inform you headmaster. I'm taking Trixie and Cissa with me. I'm sure you could give them something to do. Anyway I'm not letting them out of my sight just yet.'

'I'm not sure that is allowed actually. I'd have to look it up. Now that I've done what I came here for I'll make myself scarce again.' Dumbledore said before leaving the room.

A bit later Harry and the girls were the only ones in the room.

'Hannah, you seem disappointed. What's wrong?' Trixie asked.

'I'm not looking forward to having to spend the nights all alone again.' she answered in a soft voice.

'Oh well there is a solution, but we need Harry to do something for that to work.' Cissa replied.

'And what might that be?' Harry asked.

'Isn't it obvious? You'd need to propose to us and marry us before september first.' she answered his question.

'Uhm this will probably make me sound stupid, but are you sure you want to? I know I'm game. What guy wouldn't want to have three absolutely gorgeous wives.' he said.

The three of them looked at each other and said as one 'Yes.'

Harry smiled 'Well I'll be out for a while then. Need to get some jewelery.' and stood up after saying that, leaving three absolutely beaming girls behind.

Two hours later Harry returned to number twelve and looked around for the girls. He found them talking in the living room and decided to hear what they were talking about before showing himself.

Hannah was obviously rambling in delighted anticipation 'I hope Harry is going to come back soon so we can set a date. I'm really looking forward to this.'

Trixie and Cissa giggled at Hannah's enthusiasm, but nodded their assent.

Harry smiled and sneaked into the room motioning Trixie and Cissa to stay silent and hugged Hannah, softly laying kisses on her neck before claiming the lips of the excited Hufflepuff.

'Good thing I'm here then isn't it.' he said and with a couple of waves of his wand the table moved out of the way and the chairs with the girls on them moved so that they were sitting next to each other. He went down on one knee, pulled a small box out his his pocket and turned towards Trixie.

'Bellatrix Black, would you do me the pleasure of sharing the rest of our lives together?' He asked, opening the small box, showing her a delicate gold filigrane ring with a small diamant embedded in it.

Trixie teared up and hugging Harry tightly she said 'Of course I would Harry.' before bringing a grin to her face 'Now get a move on and get that ring on my finger.'

Harry was for once delighted to follow orders and didn't waste any time getting the ring on her finger. He kissed her briefly and turned to Hannah.

'Hannah Abbot, would you consent to being my concubine and spend the rest of our lives together?' He asked her, once again presenting a ring.

She smiled before launching herself at him, claiming his lips in a very enthusiastic kiss. 'Of course I want to and you're going to give me some children in a couple of years. Now get that ring on my finger and propose to Cissy.'

He did as he was told and smirked 'About the children bit, I'm looking forward to it. It would be a crime to let the family that produced such beauty disappear from the face of this earth.'

Hannah blushed heavily at the compliment.

'Narcissa Black, would you like to be my concubine and maybe in a couple of years start repopulating the Black family?' He said with a wink while presenting her a ring identical to the other girls' rings.

She grinned and nodded furiously, before holding out her hand so he could place the ring on her finger. As soon as he'd done so she leaped from the chair and gave him the longest snog yet.

After recuperating from the snogging session the four of them sat at the table and started making plans for the ceremony needed to get them all hitched.

'After I found the rings I wanted to give you I headed to the Ministry and asked around for who was allowed to do the ceremony. It turns out that most department heads are empowered, so I asked Amelia Bones if she was up for the job and I'm happy to say that she said that we only need to give her a call and she'll do it.' Harry said 'So now we need to set a date and figure out who to invite.'

'You got Amelia Bones to tie the knot for all of us? How did you manage that?' Cissa asked obviously shocked.

'I asked her nicely. How else would I manage to get her to do that?' he replied, causing Trixie and Hannah to laugh at Cissa's befuddled expression.

'I think you broke her Harry.' Trixie said waving her hand in front of her sisters eyes.

'Oh oops, now who should we invite? I'd like the Weasleys since they're like a surrogate family to me, so who else.'

Trixie was first 'Andy, Ted and Nympha...' 'I TOLD YOU TIME AND TIME AGAIN NOT TO CALL ME THAT!' was heard throughout the house 'Tonks have to be there, they're family after all.' Trixie continued.

'If Amelia is coming anyway, I'd like to have Susan there.' Hannah put in.

Cissa thought for a moment before grinning 'What about Millicent and your cousin?' she asked Harry.

'Sure why not. He's a lot better company than he used to be. Let's include Remus Lupin. Anyone else?' he asked and the girls shook their heads.

'Nah, I think we have everyone and if we think of anyone else we can add them to the list later.' Cissa said.

He nodded 'Good next thing we need to do. Where do we want to get hitched. I was thinking that lake where we had that collective date.'

The girls were practically beaming with that suggestion so that was quickly agreed on.

'Now we need to see to the food.' He said and with a pop Dobby entered the room.

'Dobby be doing the food for yous Harry Potter sir.' He said.

Harry smiled 'Sure Dobby, if that's what you want.' Dobby nodded eagerly.

The next day Harry was sitting in his study reading while all of the girls that normally resided in the house were helping his three girls with selecting their robes for the ceremony. He had just turned the page when an owl sat in front of him, holding out one of its legs so that Harry could take the letter that was attached. He relieved the owl of its burden and opened the letter.

Hey Harry,

I was wondering if you could do me a favor.

Milli and I have been "deepening" our relationship and I find myself in need of a best man for my wedding.

We're getting married next Friday and we'd like you to be there.

Since we're getting married Milli's parents are giving us a house in someplace called Hogsmeade as our wedding present and I found a job in a town nearby.

Do come and visit when we've moved to our new place.


Harry blinked twice and chuckled. He saw the owl still waiting and took parchment and a quill.

Hey Dudley,

Sure I'll be your best man.

I take it Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia don't know about any of this. Are you letting them know they are going to be grandparents?

On another note You and Millicent are invited to my wedding. Invitation will follow soon.