A/N: I decided to just finish it today. Like I said a short epilogue. There was no need to make things longer than necessary. This is it. I'd like to thank everyone for reviewing and reading. Never has a fic of mine been this popular. Thank you!


Standing in their Captain's office Alex had a strange sense of déja-vu. It was only five days ago that they'd been standing here and Deakins had told them they were going to a conference. She was certain that a second time around she wouldn't object. Standing beside her was her partner and boyfriend. She almost had to smile at that. Bobby Goren was her boyfriend… somehow that didn't quite say it all.

"Did you two behave?" Deakins asked his best detectives. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something was different.

"Of course, I don't know why you'd think otherwise." Alex answered.

Giving her a look he turned to Bobby. "Learn anything interesting?"

Looking at Alex, Bobby smiled. "You could say that."

Now he was sure, there was definitely something going on. "Fess up, what happened." Standing up he rounded his desk to lean against it. Crossing his arms over he gave his detectives his best glare. He wanted to know.

"Nothing happened! We're two grown ups. We can behave properly in company of others." Alex exclaimed. Deakins' glare didn't quite work on her.

"Fine. Was the conference any good? Should I send others to it?"

"Yeah it was good. I… I think sending others would be good. They gave us some interesting insights into partnerships." Bobby explained.

"Okay. Good to have you two back. Now finish your paperwork."

"Ooh Cap," Alex said as she turned at the doorway. "If there are any more interesting conferences we'd like to know."

Watching them take a seat at their desks, he was sure something had happened at that conference. Five days ago Alex had objected to going to a conference, now she was practically volunteering. This was no coincidence. Aah well, maybe it was better he didn't know.