Snow White

Did you ever take a close look at winter?

The way the dirty streets of Midgar are

somehow paved with white light.

The way sorrows are washed away

as children laugh in sight.

The way life is frozen

until months to come,

and the way miracles happen,

but I will not be getting one.

Can you sense my tears

as they trickle upon your grave?

I'm the foolish Prince that

arrived too late.

You were lured by the red tantalizing apple

and I could do was watch the seeds

of poison envelope you

as Evil had his way.

I fell to my knees

as you succumbed to Death.

I held you and cried

as I watch you take your last

dying breath.


The Evil is now banished and

your kingdom is now restored.

If I seal your lips with a kiss,

will this curse break somehow?


That Evil had taken everything

and left me torn apart.

He may have taken your life, your soul, but

he could never rob you of your pure heart.

It's the generous loving heart that pumps

life into my cold dead veins

and it's the one that protects

me from Evil's bane.

And so I thank you for lending me

the might.

May you rest in peace my angel, my princess,

my Snow White...because

no one said all Fairy Tales ended

Happily Ever After