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Author's Note: Waiii! The very first fan fic that I wrote! Though it is totally different from the original one, I think this rewriting should suffice. The first chapter is short but I think the succeeding chapters will be longer! Enjoy!

Words like this: Tokiya's thoughts

Words like this: Fuuko's thoughts

Divine Intervention

Chapter One: Ok, Who Called The Goddess Hotline?

"Mi-chan! Neeeee, Mi-chan!" Kirisawa Fuuko shot a sly smile towards her walking companion who in turn shot back an icy glare. Why did I ever agree on letting her call me that? Mikagami Tokiya thought to himself with much disdain.

"What Kirisawa?"

"Geez, you could rival an air conditioner with that stare… You've been silent ever since we left the school! Just making conversation here and you're not helping," Fuuko's lips formed a mock scowl and she quickened her pace.

Man, Yanagi-chan better pay me back for this! She had to go early to the kindergarten and "Recca-kun" had to walk his "hime" there. To top it off, Domon is being punished for the nth time! Now, I'm stuck with Frosty here… Just my luck!

"Well, you don't need to suffer in my company anymore. We're almost at my house." Fuuko stopped dead on her tracks to check out her surroundings. It was too dark to see anything and the street light is almost at the end of its lifespan.


"Yup," The wind child adjusted her book bag and gestured Tokiya to follow her. It took about 10 minutes more of walking before the pair got to the Kirisawa Residence. Inwardly, the Ensui master breathed a sigh of relief. I hope Yanagi-san appreciates this…

"Well, thanks for walking me home Mi-chan."

"If I didn't, Domon will 'pound me in to next week' if you don't get home safe."

"That idiot. I'm not 5 years old! I know how to cross the street! Hell, I can just use Fuujin to swoop some pervert on a one way trip to Osaka!" The older boy couldn't help but chuckle at the girl's remark. She always did have a sharp tongue…

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." Tokiya nodded to her and turned to the opposite direction.

"Yeah, I guess you will. Thanks again!" The boy heard Fuuko call behind him and a small smile crept on his lips.

Has it been a year since the Ura Butou Satsujin?

Tokiya scoffed when the thought crossed his mind. Well, that tournament certainly changed his life. He met a girl who looked like his sister but a bumbling fire caster won her affections. The man who he thought had killed his sister turned out to be the master that he trusted. Ahh, such a whirlpool of events shaken his seventeen years of living!

I guess just living like some run-of-the-mill high school junior is a refreshing change.

He paused and began to rummage for the key to this apartment. A sigh escaped from the boy as he entered his domicile.

"Welcome home, Tokiya." A foreign, female voice floated to his ears. Eh? That voice… I must be imagining things. That can't be Onee-chan… Mikagami gave his place an once-over to find whoever spoke.