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Divine Intervention

Chapter Six: Now, We're Even

Once he was out of ear shot, Tokiya groaned while putting the kettle back on the stove. He marveled why he bought an empty tea kettle with him when he was bringing food to the sick wind girl.

"Why did I bring you in?" he mumbled absentmindedly. The boy ran a hand through his mane, trying to remember why he made that slight miscalculation. And then, it came to him.


Tokiya was supposed to make tea for himself and Fuuko; then give her dinner after (while saving a bowl for him to eat, of course). The swordsman was probably jostled into alertness when he heard the purple-haired girl groan.

For a fleeting moment (perhaps), he thought she was in pain. But it turned out that she was just whining about the fact that she was sick. Still, his body reacted before Tokiya could even assess the situation properly.

Baka saru.

Sighing, he filled the kettle with water and left it to simmer while getting two mugs and a bowl from the cupboard. He left the mugs on the counter while he helped himself to the remaining porridge that was still on the stove.

"Oi, Mi-chan! You're expecting me to dry swallow this pill?" She yelled through the door. As if it were on cue, the kettle boiled, signaling that it was done. He placed the bowl next to the mugs.

"Your mother never taught you that patience is a virtue?" He hissed back and turned off the stove.

While Tokiya was getting tea bags, Fuuko shouted, "SCREW VIRTUE! I WANT TO GET BETTER ASAP!" My, she's cranky when she's sick…

The older boy had removed the tea kettle from the stove and poured its contents into the mugs when he answered, "My only consolation is the medicine will knock you out in a few minutes after you have ingested it."

There was a pause while Tokiya placed the tea bags in the mugs. It was when he was looking for a tray for his own bowl was when Fuuko retorted, "You're so lucky that I'm sick. If I was healthy, I'm going to kick your ass for that!"

"Well," he placed the bowl and the two mugs on the tray he found – finally, after ransacking his drawers. "We wouldn't have this argument if you didn't shower yourself in the rain earlier… Now, would we?" Tokiya carefully made his way to the bedroom while carrying the tray with him.

What happened to showing compassion to the sick?? Where the hell is it?!

Fuuko's ire grew immeasurably when the swordsman entered the room. With narrowed eyes, she followed him walking across. Her heated glare was cut short, however, when she felt the urge to sneeze. She swiftly grabbed the tissue that was on the side table and she exploded then and there.

"Wow that sounded really bad," Tokiya said after handing her one of the mugs from his tray. "You better take the medicine."

"Fine, fine." She blew on the tea for a second before taking a sip (The girl learned from the porridge fiasco). The warmth traveled down from her throat, down to her stomach. Soon, it had spread to her entire body and it soothed her weary self immensely. She closed her eyes and sighed; unconsciously snuggling deeper in the blanket.

The boy found himself strangely fascinated by this display. It reminded him of Ganko, who would probably do the exact same thing that the Fuujin master did (if ever the little puppet master was in the same situation). Wait… I'm finding this… Cute?

"Ohohohohohohoho!" A very familiar laugh jolted the duo out of their stupor. 'Nee-chan!

"What was that, Mi-chan?"

"Um, the wind?"

"Agh. I'm so freaking sick, I'll believe anything." Fuuko shrugged the laugh off – to the swordsman's relief – and popped the medicine into her mouth. She gulped the tea and finally, the deed was done.

Tokiya moved his rolling computer chair closer to the bed. He started to eat now, thinking that this would be the most opportune moment to talk about the cause of the girl's "zoning out" on the foot bridge.

The girl in question looked deep in thought herself. She settled the mug on her lap and her index finger started to draw circles around the rim. Fuuko too, was figuring out why Raiha suddenly popped into her head while she was wondering aimlessly around town.

"So," It was the boy who spoke. "Mind telling me what happened? Before the medicine takes effect."

"I-I really have no idea, Mi-chan," She stopped playing with the rim of the mug and decided to stare at the tea inside of it. "It's really strange… I was probably not paying attention to the way but," Fuuko looked up from the mug and glanced at Tokiya. "How did I end up here? Here, of all places?"

That ever infamous interval of silence happened again after the Fuujin master voiced out her query. Tokiya already had an answer in mind but he was debating the logic of it.

It's just rather convenient that Kirisawa happened to remember a guy that she had a brief encounter in the past. I'm pretty sure that 'nee-chan somehow led her here. And… Does 'nee-chan have power over the weather?

"Mi-chan? Are you okay?"

"Huh? What?" Tokiya placed his half-eaten porridge on his desk.

"You've been scrunching up your forehead and rubbing your back," The boy looked down to see that he was rubbing his lower back. It still hurts??

"I'm just thinking… And this has been bothering me since this morning." Fuuko mouthed an 'oh' and then placed the mug on the side table. She coughed for a couple of seconds before gesturing to the boy to sit on the bed with her.

"Fuuko—"That sounded worse than her sneeze.

"I'm-I'm okay," She buried her face on a pillow to muffle the remaining coughs. "I'll be fine… Just, my mom thought me a way to soothe back pain without resorting to a back massage." The girl sat up again and gave Tokiya a weak smile. "Give me your hand."

"Excuse me?" The medicine IS taking effect.

"Please, I'm too tired to argue, okay? Just give it!" Oh Kami. And she said "please"!

"I'll blame you if I get your cold," He sat on the bed and extended a hand at her.

"Whatever." She grabbed his hand in both of her own and proceeded to squeeze specific parts of his palm and fingers with her thumbs.

It was a strange sensation at first. It was like every part that she squeezed would hurt. He'd wince and the girl would lessen the pressure. Fuuko would sometimes stop squeezing to trace lines along his palm. The boy wanted to pull his hand away but it didn't want to cooperate with him.


"Ahh… That's probably your back. Sorry, sorry." She squeezed that particular part more tenderly now, surprising Tokiya. So the girl can be gentle after all.

True enough; the soreness of his lower back was decreasing. But at the same time, he was getting sleepy. He and Fuuko both yawned at the same time. The boy was chuckling and the Fuujin master was about to do the same yet it was replaced by the urge to sneeze.

"Aaahhh---"The swordsman worked fast. With his free hand, he pulled another tissue from the box and held it to her nose. "Chooooo!" CRAP!

"Here, blow," Fuuko did so and with much gusto that she made a very disgusting honking sound. Yet, he didn't find it gross at all. Of all the things to find cute… It just had to do something with mucus.

She took the tissue from him and wiped her nose "Thaungoo," The girl promptly threw the thing away at a wastebasket nearby.

"Um, you're welcome…" Tokiya saw that he unconsciously moved closer to Fuuko in order for her to sneeze into a tissue; not into the surrounding air of the bedroom. It was unnerving. "Well, I guess we're done here—"

"Uh, no we're not,"


"I have to do the other hand too, Mi-chan,"

"… Is that really necessary?"

"Yes, for symmetry." With no preamble, she took Tokiya's other hand and started the whole process all over again.

Quite frankly, it drove him crazy that whatever this girl was doing, felt really, really good. His drowsiness increased with each passing minute she was squeezing his hand. The apprehension of catching her cold was nonexistent on his mind. He suddenly didn't mind there was no space between him and Fuuko, so he succumbed to the sleepiness he felt.

"H-hey," Tokiya had rested his head on the girl's shoulder. "I thought you were afraid of catching my cold?" The medicine was slowly working its way through Fuuko's system so she was feeling tired too.

"I am," He said into her ear. "But… Let me… Stay like this… For a while…" The wind girl hoped that the increase in temperature she was experiencing was due to the bacteria raging a bloody war in her body.

"But, Mi-chan. I want to sleep too! That medicine you gave me is making me want to nap…"

"Please. It won't take long." Fuuko was at a loss. If she wasn't so sleepy, she would have forcibly pried the boy away from her and settled him on the couch herself. The thing here is… She didn't do it., not at all.

"… Okay, when I'm done, you have to get out of here. I don't think a sick person can take care of another sick person."

"Mm." He snuggled even closer after he mumbled a reply. I'm really hoping that fever is the cause for this buzzing in my head.

The Fuujin master was done a few minutes later. She was rubbing the boy's hand absently for her own hands were cold. Her body wanted to sleep. The bed was so inviting, so comforting that she forgotten to dislodge Tokiya from her side.

Fuuko didn't want to think of the ramifications if she didn't wake up her upperclassman so he could sleep in the living room. All she wanted now was to rest.

Well, I hope he forgives me for giving him my cold. She thought and finally lay down to sleep, with Tokiya at her side. Before letting go of his hand, she kissed his fingers before finally surrendering to her own drowsiness. Now, we're even.

Note: What Fuuko was doing to Tokiya's hands is called Reflexology. Trust me, it really feels good if somebody does that for you ;). When I'm sick, my mom would do that to my feet and I would fall asleep right away XDD.

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