One Piece:


Confusion? No, that wasn't it. Anger? Maybe, but who it might be directed to was foggy. …Jealousy? Well, that could be it. But it's probably all three. Being unsure about something such as tonight mad me jealous. But why I was jealous was unsure, which made me confused. The scene, combined with my own confusion made me angry. Angry beyond anything else I had ever experienced. Hard to believe, I know, but true. I wanted to just leave the moment between them, sickened beyond words, but stay to see what she would do.

I know the answer I wanted. I imagined it perfectly in mind, but without the audio. It was weird, but the hazy scene popped into my head the moment he, Mr. Prince, 'popped the question'. I was stunned spit-less for a moment, but being me, quickly recovered. I think the thought, however, is still the source of these damned-to-hell…fluttery-things in my stomach. Butterfly-like things. Except, with more of a hellish motion to them.

Every time I replay that instant in time, the moment after he asked her, the one where her eyes were wide and starry with that school-girl pinkish-hugh on her cheeks, these…demons in my stomach return. Sure, they'll leave once I calm down. I tell myself 'Don't worry! Everything is fine! Besides, why would you, Roronoa Zoro, care?'. And I'll convince myself, 'Yeah. It's got nuttin' to do wit' me at all!', which will cause them to leave. But then, after a sigh of relief, my mind will wander back to that, I think with disgust, and they'll return. So fill the fire that fuels them.

It's hard to describe them, really. They are those stupid butterflies felt by anyone with a heart, same as that damn fire of jealousy and anger and rage and…pain… Except, they hurt. It's like a combination of nervousness, fury, and agony in these beings so small, that they are burrowing in my gut to escape, to get away from this horrid emotion. Horrid. But not just through my stomach, oh no. Through which ever way they see fit. Through my gut, throat or heart. It's nothing I can't handle, but I wish I didn't have to handle it, you know?

Maybe if I give it one finally attention slot in my mind, think about it clearly, and come to a reasonable conclusion, maybe, hopefully it will leave me alone. I can only hope. I brace myself…and…go!…

! Flashback !





'I'm not too sure what to make of this, but I can guess it's…something…sini-…'

"Oh, BOY! It looks GREAT, Sanji!"


"Aw, Luffy, think nothing of it. It's just a regular meal. We've been stuck on this boat for awhile now, so I thought a nice meal would be…nice."

"Well, you thought right! Aieeeeee!"

"So, everyone, dig in!"

Though still uneasy about the situation, the rest of the crew began to fill their plates (with whatever Luffy hadn't already shoved down is rubbery throat). An acquired tension lay heavy in the air, but went unnoticed by Sanji and Luffy. Sanji appeared happy, with an o.o.c. smile on his face, and Luffy…it should be obvious as to why.

After seven full stomachs and six empty dinner plates (…don't ask…), everyone began to enjoy chatting around the table and having a small drink or two. Nothing too big, of course, too many risks. Conversations varied from what was their favourite part of the meal to who was their child-hood hero to their least favourite city to visit. Throughout all this, no one found it weird Zoro couldn't stop himself from joining Nami's conversation whenever it seemed he could peak through with a perfectly normal answer. Or Sanji's now devilish grin…

Soon following the clearing of the table, everyone decided to go to bed.

"Well, see you all in the morning! I gotta ( yawn ) get some sleep soon or I might just…"

"Wait Nami! I've got…something else for you."

Immediately, every single head turned toward Nami and Sanji. Eyes wide, the crew noticed Sanji's strong look of determination. He was after something, like a lion hunting a zebra, and wouldn't stop until he was satisfied. Zoro seemed to be the only one to look at Nami. He was unsure what to make of the look she gave him. With her hand on the knob of the door, she squeezed hard, her eyes matching the ferocity of her hand's crushing strength. However, he also noticed a gleam of hope pass through her eyes instantaneously. It came and went quickly, but he noticed it, and this saddened him to a small content.

"Nami, would you please return to your seat? You'll want to sit down for this."






"HEY! How come Nami gets another helping? Or desert? That's not fai-…"

"No, that's not it Luffy. Nami, please…"


'Is he…?'

'Will she…?'

"Uh, are they…"


Eyes fell on Zoro for his comment, which made him quite uncomfortable. He accidentally said his thought aloud, and now raised eyebrows. He had to come up with a comeback, fast!

"Uh…I just…don't wanna…I gotta…I gotta go. I'm sleepy. Good-night!"

He walked towards the door in an elephant-like fashion. All these emotions swarming him irritated him, making the embarrassing moment his exit key. As he approached 'Nami's' door, he gave her a look that clearly said 'move'. No anger was seen. No hurt. Just fear. Only she saw it, and he didn't mind one bit. He wanted to share this sort of thing with her, these emotions, though the reason was still unknown to him. But right now, although a perfect example of one of these feelings, was not the time.

He noticed a pleading look in her eyes, as if to say 'I don't want you to go, stay, please, I need your support'. He gave her a fierier look back, saying more clearly 'move, now'. Nami looked shaken, frightened, worried, and…sadly, for her, something she hated…weak. This show had scared her and she wanted to leave, even with him. He felt so horrible. Just looking at her like that, the only other time he'd seen her like that was when she was sick, and that (secretly) made him grow worried.

He sighed. Giving her a comforting smile and a miniscule nod, he turned around to face Sanji, one hand on his hip, the other scratching the back of his head.

"Ah, on second thought, I wanna see what Sanji's concocted this time 'round."

"Believe me, it's something."

When Mr. Prince said that, Zoro heard Nami gulp. He also could have sworn he heard teeth chattering. 'Man, I didn't know this guy was so scary! I gotta keep an eye on him.' He walked over to his dinner seat, sat down and put his feet up on the table, arms behind his head and closed his eyes.

"Hey, Zoro!"

"Hmm?" He cracked his right eye open to see who called, "You rang, Luffy?"

"Get your smelly feet off our dinner table!"

"Yeah! That's just nasty!"

"You better not track mud up there, or that'll cause mold and…"



"Come sit, Nami, I won't bite. Please…I promise it's something you'll like."


Zoro left the table argument and faced the crazy blonde terrorizing poor Nami. 'How I would love to kick that guy through the roof right now…' he grumbled as he watched the navigator return to her dinner seat as well. The other's furious calls about 'mold' and 'food' and, somehow, 'what's for tomorrow's breakfast' were ignored by the swordsman's ears. He preferred to watch the red head. His eyes not once leaving her, showing her he was there for the support she wanted.

"Nami," Sanji began as he leaned against the table while searing a cigarette, "I've come to see our travels together have made you become more…custom to having me around, I even heard you call me a good friend. That made me smile five days straight and I still smile when I think about it,"

'Well, doesn't that make you 'Special Man of the Year', your big fat highness!'

"I want you to know you're a great friend to me, too. Maybe even my best friend. And you know what they say, you usually end up marrying your best friend,"


Laughter filled the air from the four scolders at the sight of Zoro face first on the floor. He lost his balance from Sanji's 'moral'. 'HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW, MR. CURLY-SWIRLY EYEBROW?' He wanted to yell, but sadly retained his cool. He lifted his head slowly, ignoring the small bruise on his left temple. Neither the two in question were looking at him. Nami looked like a deer caught in headlights and Sanji was the car.


Sanji yelled in that dry straight voice of his. The others covered their mouths with their hands, muffed giggles spilling out slightly, slowly disappearing in time.

"Now, as I was saying, Nami, I cherish you greatly. You've probably noticed, but I am a man of words and I keep my promises. So, ( clears throat ),

Nami, your as beautiful
as the stars in the night sky
You brighten my world
No other can even try

I can imagine
how our combined lives would be
With these thoughts in mind,

Sanji proceeded to the ground on one knee, digging into his pocket and pulling out a swade cube,

"Will you marry me?"

Who didn't see that coming?

However, The muffled giggles were no more. The only sound was the silence. The waves were even unusually calm, as if they wanted to hear her answer as well. What he wanted to hear her say instantly popped into his head. He saw her in his mind saying, 'Uh…NO!' but Nami wasn't that cold, especially not to a friend.

Especially not to Sanji.

The ring he offered wasn't too shabby either. It was a 24-karat diamond with a pure gold base. Along the band, the design of a rose was clearly visibly on both sides of the stone. It looked very vintage, like it was maybe his mother's. However, that went unnoticed by the people. Nami held a hand over her heart, her cheeks rosy, and it was obvious she had stopped breathing. Time went by slowly, almost like it had stopped but these few people kept on going.

It took Nami almost ten minutes to finally respond.

"…S-Sanji, you are a good friend, I'll admit,"

All gasped.

"…b-but…( inhale, exhale ) buti'mnotreadytogetmarriedyet! I'mstilltryingtohelptheothersandyouandithinki'mtooyoungso...letmethinkaboutit,okay?"

She said it at lightening fast speed, making it hard to understand. She bowed her head, as she shut her eyes, they became glistened, signaling tears. Once again, time stopped for the S.S. Merry Go crew. From how that moment was going, they thought a year or two had already flown by. But Sanji broke the silence again. He chuckled slightly and used his left hand to lift her chin upward and his right on her shoulder.

"Nami, look at me,"

She complied with beaming eyes.

"I will wait as long as you ask me to. I won't pressure you into answering me now, or tomorrow, or by the weekend. Give me a truthful, honest answer you can live with when you're ready, alright?"

She smiled and nodded. No hesitation.

"Good. That's great. Well, GOOD-NIGHT!"

And the doorknob broke from Zoro's slam.

! End of Flashback !

Welcome back, butterflies. Well, what could I do? I mean, she wanted him to give her time to answer, that meant she was thinking about marrying him! HIM! MR. MUSHY-GUSHY! I feel bad, actually. I mean, I have got no beef with the guy, but this…this makes me want to throw up, then slit his throat and shove the vomit down his windpipe. This whole thing is weird for me. I mean, did he even consider how this would affect the rest of us? I mean, don't we matter at all? Aren't we all like a second family to the guy? We are to anyone else on this ship! What makes him so special?

And if this freaks me out, I wonder how Nami feels. I haven't seen her since dinner. Well, I did just walk out on everyone, and it is…judging by the moon, I'd say about one thirty in the morning. Man, I gotta place a number on my naps. Now the one time I wish I could just fall asleep, I'm wide awake! The irony of my l-…huh?

Well, well, well, speak of the angel…