One Piece:


"WA-HOOOOOO! Finally! LAND!"

Could Luffy be any louder? Seriously? That guy is a bullhorn on his own. Can you imagine if he carried one with him? …Anyway, Yeah, we hit land about a few minutes before Luffy tried to shatter our ear drums. The only reason he didn't shout any sooner was because he was still finishing up breakfast. Usopp, Luffy, Robin and Chopper had already departed from the ship. It was shameful to see our one and only fierce captain making out with the ground, but hey, let him be happy, right?

Sr. Puff-a-lot, Nami and I however remained on the ship, standing aligned, staring at the dock. My arms were crossed over my chest while my left elbow rested on the shank of my swords. I glanced over at Nami and noticed she had no expression on her face. It was as blank and pale as a white sheet, like she had seen a ghost. Or maybe there were so many emotions, I was unable to read any. I am not sure which one I prefer.

Puffity-puff-puff stood beside her, glancing at her with that creepy wandering eye of his while yet another cigarette lay at the corner of his mouth, gray smoke forming a cloud over his head. Or maybe it was some sign or demon…?

As a slight breeze blew by, Sanji cleared his throat, causing both Nami and I to look at him.

"Nami, would you like to go shopping with me? It'll be my treat, sweetums. I'll buy you a new outfit and maps and…whatever you want. So, dearie?"

Blech! But that's when I remember something Luffy said to me…

! Flashback !

"Well, what should I do?"

Yeah, I'm that pitiful, I asked Usopp and Luffy for help. Like HELL I'd ask Robin…or Sanji… They weren't any better, but they were my only choice…sadly…





" 'Mm-hmm' what?"

"Just a second…mm-hmm…hmm…wait…wait…I GOT IT!"


"Right, sorry. Anyway, why not take Nami out sometime?"

"While Sanji just proposed to her?"

"She didn't say yes, did she?"

"No, but…"

"Well, all I know is she probably needs it. To be stuck around Sanji while she's 'thinking about it' won't help her."

"Hey, you're right! Thanks, Luffy."

"Cause if any girl every treated me to an 'All-You-Can-Eat Buffet' my size, she'd be my favourite chef ever!"

…fall over…x2

! End of Flashback !


"S-sorry, soufflé, Nami already promised me she'd treat me to…a…n okonomiyaki! (okonomiyaki- a pizza-styled pancake, see "Ranma ½" for visuals) She owes me for something. So see ya later! Let's go, Nami. I think Luffy's rubbin' off on me 'cause I'm starving!"

I grabbed Nami by the forearm and pulled her, somewhat gently, toward me. I couldn't wait to see that sickening grin of his falter. But, to my dismay, it just brightened, almost blinding me.

"Okay then. How about I go with you?"


"NO! Nami owes me. Not you! And if your there…you're gonna say something like, 'Don't worry Nami. I wouldn't want you wasting your precious berries on him. I'll pay for it.' Well, too bad Blondie, but I'm gonna see through to the end Nami gets me my okonomiyaki! My calamari okonomiyaki! So, we're off!"

I practically threw Nami over the edge of the boat and onto the dock. She didn't move or protest, so I guess she didn't mind. We walked off, my arm still holding her, as we made our way into town. As we walked away, I felt that no-color eyed guy watching us. It annoyed me to the point where I wanted to run back there and permanently wipe that smug smirk off his peachy face! But the fact that I got Nami away from Chef Okkuu (annoying) made me just walk away proudly.

Once I thought (and felt) Evil Eye was out of sight, I released Nami's arm from my grasp and gave her some space. She, however, didn't let me go. She held onto my wrist like a two year-old, needing protection, needing to know I was there with her. I sighed and shrugged it off, letting her hold onto me. Ever since that night with Sanji, Nami has totally changed. She hasn't been able to smile freely, like I told her to. She's always forcing herself whenever someone is around her. It pained me to see that, she hadn't listened to what I said. She just thought they were honey words from a friend who should care.

I sighed again.

We began to walk around town like that, and even though people stared and snickered a bit, whether it was through blessings or curses, I didn't care. I felt at ease like this, even though Nami would probably have a heart-attack if you surprised her. Anyway, I finally spotted an okonomiyaki shop and led Nami in without her noticing. Her head was bowed, even when we were walking, as if she was scolding herself, or felt unworthy to have eye contact with anyone.

I brought her over to a booth without any order or recognition from anyone. She sat on one side and I sat on the other. She only noticed we had arrived once I pulled away calmly.


"We're at an okonomiyaki shop. Where else would we be?" I informed in a slight rude manor as I collapsed into my seat.

She looked quite shocked at the moment, almost as if she was looking at me while I was in my underwear. I could see the hesitation in her eyes, like she was contemplating something.

"C'mon, relax! I'm not gonna make you pay. I just brought you here because I told…Sanji I would and he's probably gonna sniff ya when we get back to make sure there's evidence I took you where I said I did. Ha ha ha ha ha…ha? Nami? Are you…okay?"

She was avoiding eye contact again. She was fiddling with her fingers under the table, but you could tell that was what she was intrigued by at the moment. Her eyes were now hollow and the color I had replaced slightly was now washed away again. What did this mean? Did I do something to upset her like Sanji had? Did I do something so wrong, that she now felt uncomfortable around me? I reached my hand to her from across the table, reaching for her…

"Ha'lyo, all! What c'n I get for you t'day?"

My attention was snapped and I pulled back to myself, so did my hand.

"Uh…I'll have…one calamari okonomiyaki and one…Nami?"

She looked up at me, then at the lady and replied with,

"Make that two, please."

"Com'n' up!"

Once the energetic waitress had left us, I stared confused at the girl. We probably sat like that for minutes, hours, DAYS for all I know! She looked at her hands, her fingers were pointed at me, and I looked at her. We were caught in one boring circle.

However, after a while she looked up at me with a very small smile on, almost microscopic, and said,

"You know, don't you?"

"Huh? Know what?"

"That Sanji's what's bugging me. You just can't understand why. Or you just don't know why it's affecting me so much, right?"


"…Well, m-maybe a little…"

"Well, at least you noticed, or care…"


"Robin and I talk enough, but all she can say is 'Oh Nami, I'm so happy for you! You're the luckiest girl in the world!' Yadda yadda blah! It's almost like she wants to marry him…sigh…"

"Well, would you be okay with that? I mean, if Robin and Sanji end up together?"

"Huh?…Oh, well…um…hmm…"

This was it! This is where I find out what's wrong with Nami! Yes! Alright! The 'Waiting Game' is over! Wa-hoo! Awesome! La-la la-la la-la la-la la! …Oh! Okay, shutting up now…

"It's nothing that should concern you. I mean, you'll just get bored, so…"

"But that doesn't mean you can't tell me."

"Huh? But you…"

"As a swordsman, I stay honest and true. I defend others and stick up for friends. That's why I got you away from Sanji today."

"You lied to Sanji about me saying I owe you for okonomiyak…"

"So, I promise, no swear, on my bandana I won't tell a soul and I'll do my best for you!"

"Uh…your bandana?"

"Uh…don't ask…but I mean every word."

"…Hmm…well…okay. But you better not take a nap at all while I'm talking or you'll be swimming with calamari tonight! Ya hear me?"

"Heh, yeah." 'Ah, her spirit's back.'

"Well, you see, as a girl, even though I act tough, I…I've always…wanted someone, you know?"

"Uh…not really…"

"Someone who…who's there for me through the hard time and who laughs with me through the good. Someone who isn't with me for my money or to use me, but for me! I always pictured a buff guy just waking up to me one day and capturing my heart, like love at first sight. But…I've never been able to experience that. No offense to you and the crew, but none of you guys caught my eye."

"Uh…I find that offens--…"

"But that's okay. Because I realize now that it's better to love someone for who they are in here," at this, she placed her hand over her heart, "then for who they are by name, or looks or for what they have. I want someone who can prove they love me and be proud of me.

"My whole life, until I met you guys, I've always felt…alone. Even though I was taken in after my parents' death, I still felt alone. It's not like I'm travelling to find a guy for me, but it'd be nice to feel that way and have it mean something. I honestly, even though I'm old enough to travel and can understand the periodic table, have never felt true love for or from anyone.

"When someone loves you, you know. Even if it's a crush or a family member, you kind of get the hint. But, at this point, a crush won't do it for me. That's why I'm so hesitant and…and afraid to say yes to Sanji, yet eager and willing at the same time. Sanji is a great guy and I care for him differently then I do anyone else. It might be a brother feeling, or love, I don't know at this point. But whenever I consider saying yes, I think about all the girls he flirts with or the girls who like him. That…scares me.

"Heh, you're no the only one it scares."

"But it also makes me think. It's kinda been that way my whole life. No one has grounded themselves or been able to put up with me for very long, but he has. He's shown me the most care, sadly, then anyone I can remember. I think I could be happy with Sanji, and I can't see myself travelling the world just to look for my 'soul mate'. I don't have the time…or the strength and I defiantly don't have the courage to risk it all for something like this.

"And I see Sanji everyday and we're travelling together now, so it's convenient. And I'd be content. I mean, I won't have to be alone anymore. That would make me…so happy. To get rid of this feeling I have been carrying with me for as long as forever, that would make me the happiest girl in the world. And I think Sanji can do that for me. If not, who will?"

"…You're done now, right?"

"Huh? Is that all you can sa--…"

"First of all, I guess that's why you told me you can't let go that night, am I right? Because it's something you've had with you a long time, so to just part with it now is difficult."

She nodded.

"Second, you're already travelling the world, so why not look as you go? If you're not content with how it is right now, then look as we travel. It'll save you a lot of time in the future. And it will help you get rid of something.

"Third, if you're so worried that Sanji might cheat on you or leave you later on, don't put yourself in that situation. It's not worth the time if you experience the heartache later. Get rid of it now. If it worries you that much, you obviously can't live with it, so don't.

"And finally, I agree with you about…loving…someone for who they are on the inside. Sanji apparently looks like a prince," she laughed at that, "but that doesn't make him captain, does it? If it did, I'd jump overboard," she laughed again, "Apparently, it takes a rubber stomach and hollow legs." Now, she was laughing hard. Her color had returned and she was smiling perfectly.

It made me smile.

By the time she had stopped laughing, our food had arrived. We ate, chatted a bit more (about stuff that had nothing to do with Prissy-Pants), I paid the bill, and then we left. As we exited, we realized it was about five o'clock. That's when Nami shrieked. I drew out a sword and stood in my fighting position.

"What? What's wrong?"

"…I just…"


"…I just realized I have to pick something up before we get to the ship. I'll be right back. You can go on though, if you want."

"No, I'll wait."

She smiled again, thanked me and was off.

I just leaned against the closest fence and waited, surprisingly, patiently. I actually dozed off for a bit, until I heard someone say Nami's name. I opened my eyes and looked around, until I realized it was just someone playing a song. So, with nothing better to do, I decided to listen to it, although pop music isn't my favourite thing in the world.

…Okay, I can barely understand anything! All I can make out is every odd word and the rhythm. Damn! This is okkuu. I smirked at the thought. Okay, that got my mind off it. 'Now, I guess I'll just sleep until Nami comes back.' So I sat down and tried to fall asleep…BUT THAT STUPID HAPPY POP-PY SONG WAS STILL PLAYING! I sighed.

Oh well, I guess it was my only entertainment. Thank God though Nami came back soon, but of course not until the song was over.

"Hey, Zoro! I'm back!" she waved to me as she ran across the street.

I stood up and waved back. Once she approached me, we headed off. We decided to walk along the shore. Since we were on a boat, why not? As we walked along, Nami grabbed my hand. I paused my steps and looked at her. She followed my actions, but only smiled at me. It was an exact replica of that smile she gave me that night up in the Crow's Nest, so I melted like butter and just walked along with her. My hand was light on hers, just in case of any 'unexpected visitors'.

We walked, hand in hand, along the sunset shoreline, while a calm breeze blew through our hair. It seemed to be pushing us back, as if telling us to turn around, but we couldn't and ignored the wind. But I did look over at her. I noticed her cheeks were neon pink and her eyes were shining like stars while she smiled up at the sky. I couldn't help but smile with her.

Sadly, the S.S. Merry Go came into view too quickly and we knew we had to let go. So, we did, but regrettably. We looked at each other one last time before Nami ran ahead of me toward the ship. The bag I hadn't even noticed until now bounced lightly at her side. I just let out a heavy sigh and paced in the direction of the ship.

By the time I arrived, Sanji was waiting at the edge of the dock with Luffy, chatting like good old pals. Sanji however, looked like he was hiding something. Wow, I actually called him Sanji. TWICE! I waved to the two of them as I jumped onto the dock and headed toward the boat's dining hall. However, Sanji's voice halted me…

Later, That Night…

That idiot doesn't know what the hell he was talking about! That's the last time I call him…by his name! He's a blonde pervert, after all! I hate his guts, now! Who is he to talk to me like I'm some two year-old fugitive? I committed no crime! I am his age! What's wrong with him, man? So what I talked to Nami? She's not his, NOR ANYONE'S, property! Man, I could kick his ass!

"…And that damn SONG is still stuck in my head! DAMN!"

Yeah, I was just talking to myself, so sue me. You'd think after my little scrap with Crack-head I'd have more important things to think about. Geez! I don't even know half the words! Man… Well, maybe if I made them up and sang it, it will go away? This theory…kinda worked last time, right? Ugh, I hope so…So, here I go…

I cherish you every nap in my dreams
Love, Zoro

She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Never will forget the day
She stole my heart way, no
She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Gotta let everybody know
She's my favourite girl

It started out under a full moon
Came to see if you'd been won by Sanji's woo
And as we talked
You rocked my world once I looked at you
Since that smile on your face
After you walked away
I've completely changed
I've rearranged
My life is not the same

I don't think…
I will…

Ever feel the same again…

She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Never will forget the day
She stole my heart way, no
She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Gotta let everybody know
She's my favourite girl

I can't even count the days
Since you stole my heart away
And I don't even know
If you feel the same
I tried to get help from our friends
It only led me to dead ends
I wonder if it'd be better if I just check out where you've been

I don't know if…
I will…
Control my rage to kill Sanji…

She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Never will forget the day
She stole my heart way, no
She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Gotta let everybody know
She's my favourite girl

I just love her beautiful complexion
Her thievery skills are making us a pirate legend
I love it when she blows a kiss
Just for kicks
Man, she can bend when she does a backflip
When I'm feeling down, she sits and pays attention
Fills my heart with strength and affection
Her smile brightens my whole world
Yo, Nami don't you know?
You're my favourite girl

Sanji says I've lost my mind

Cause I'm crazy, so crazy about you
Damn, I know I'm hot for you
Luffy says I'm losing my mind
Cause I'm crazy, so crazy about you
Damn I know I'm hot for you

She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Never will forget the day
She stole my heart way, no
She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Gotta let everybody know
She's my favourite girl

She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Never will forget the day
She stole my heart way, no
She's my favourite girl
My favourite girl in the whole wide world
Gotta let everybody know
She's my favourite girl

N to the A to the M to the I, Come to Zoro
She's my favourite girl
N to the A to the M to the I, I won't let ya go
She's my favourite girl
N to the A to the M to the I, I want you to know
She's my favourite girl
N to the A to the M to the I, I love ya so
She's my favourite girl
(real song: "Jasmin" by Youth Asylum)

I inhaled sharply as I finished the final note. The stars seemed so much brighter right now then I can ever remember, for some strange reason. Maybe because I'm sitting here peacefully, alon--…


My breath was caught in my throat. I sat still for almost a minute before I turned my head slightly to the right. That's when my worst fear was realized. Out of all the people it could have been, Nami had to be going by right now! Dammit! How many early mornings can one girl stand?

"Zoro? Was that…you singing just now?"

I stayed silent.

She approached me.

"…It…It was, wasn't it?"

She sat down beside me, facing me, her hands clasped together sitting in between her legs. All I could do was stare. I was petrified. If I ever, or when I was going to, tell Nami how I felt, I never pictured it like this! My mouth, for once, failed me and my brain shut down. I couldn't do anything. I just stared.

She however, took that as a "yes" and smiled again. I guess she heard the whole song. That blows my only theory of escape…

"You know Zoro," she whispered as she placed her head on my shoulder, now facing the sea. I could only watch the wind brush against her hair, "you could have set me free along time ago. If you only told me sooner."


She looked up at me, her smile unmoved. She lifted her right fist and punched my arm. I didn't flinch. I was still…frozen.

"You dope, I love you too. If you only told me sooner, you could've saved me the worry about breaking it off with Sanji."


"That's why he was bugging you when you boarded the ship today. I declined his request. I'm not going to be with him. You opened my eyes and made me realize that what I've wanted for so long was you. That's why today, when I went shopping for that quick bit, I bought Sanji an apology cookbook. I didn't want to hurt him because I want to be with you."

Nothing else was said. I grabbed her possesivly by the shoulders and kissed her so passionately on the lips. She was hesitant at first, but swiftly responded. No words were needed once our lips met. We exchanged our feelings of love through our actions. We sat under the full moon for hours, until dawn, showing each other how much we loved our soul mate. We knew we were meant to be. We could tell by our bodies. Our hearts had finally merged and our souls were now one.