Hey guys! That's me again. So, my story is finished and I hope you like it. His is the last chance you can review. As you noticed I used some song lyrics in my story which made even more brilliant. I used French lyrics from my favorite musical 'Romeo & Juliette', cause French is the language of love. But if you don't speak French, I put the translations here for you to understand the beauty of the epithets. So, here go

Lyrics' translations

I start from chapter one. In the beginning of it I put the first French lyrics. It's 'Ouverture' ('Overture') (form 'Romeo & Juliette) (well, all French lyrics are from this musical) and it introduces the story. As Caleb and Cornelia's story is very similar to Romeo and Juliet's, these lyrics suit greatly. So, here are the translations

All stories, similar beginning,

Nothing new under the moon

When a star goes out,

Another one starts to shine

Of course, the rain and the chance,

The night and the guitars

One can believe it in
Each one its words, and its glances
All the stories have their own history

Do not listen to what you are told
Love, it can't be counted

And will love forever,
Will love so strongly,
And then, gently, without wanting it
It passes from the heart, with the memory

All the stories, similar beginning
Nothing new under the moon
Here is one, of Romeo and Juliet.

Very beautiful, isn't it?

And now we skip to the romantic chapter 4, to the ball at the Capulets. Remember first Caleb's feeling when he saw Cornelia at the ball? I used lyrics form 'L'amour heureux' ('Happy love') and here are the translations:

'…At that time Caleb had a strange feeling in his soul. He started to look around the ball room and his sight stopped at a bright figure beside the window.

She wears a light dress,

A little silk, for whom?

She is beautiful, beautiful to die,

Beautiful to choose

One day to die for her'

And here's the first feeling of Cornelia when she saw Caleb on the ball. It is also from 'L'amour heureux'

'…At that moment Cornelia's heart gave her a strange feeling which she never had before. She didn't know what it was and what it was caused by, she only turned around and saw him…

Those are the eyes of the men
But when his eyes he look at me,

And he is shining like an angel in hell,
Like an angel on Earth,

Like an angel of light he is shining'

And now chapter 5, when Cornelia is in Juliet's bedroom before meeting with the girls, dreaming. It's 'Le poète' ('The poet') and here how this sounds in English:

'…Cornelia was totally in dreams. Now all her fears seemed unimportant for her, she wasn't afraid of the situation she was in, she even forgot that they all could easily stay in Verona for ever, that she could be forced married on Paris and that Phoboes will rule the world. She was so glad to see her only love again, talk to him, know that he is al right, that she didn't care of anything happening in the world.

I don't care of the universe
Because this evening, I love a man
To speak about the world and its mysteries,
To speak about all is to speak too much,
Tell me poet, why do I need
One day more without Romeo?
I don't care of the evils of the world
Because this evening I love a man…'

Yeah, that evening Cornelia had the same feeling as Juliet after the ball. And here are the next lyrics of chap 5. That's when Cornelia takes the Heart of the Ocean and again falls in romantic thoughts. It's the most romantic song of the whole musical 'Aimer' ('To love') (well, just a piece of it) and here it is:

'…But it was about midnight and the girls must have already come. Cornelia stood up and put on her light pink dress. She was going to the balcony to give the other guardians a sign. When she was passing by the small table she noticed the Heart of the Ocean shining and took it in her hands. Every moment of that evening got alive in her memory in details.

Love, that means to steal the time,

Love that means stay alive

And burn in the heart of the volcano,

Love, this is the greatest thing ever.'

And here comes the most romantic moment of the chapter, when Cornelia and Caleb sing in French together. They sing 'Le balcon' ('The balcony') and here it is:

'...«If only he knew about my feelings! » Cornelia thought. Her heart was full of feelings and she couldn't keep them inside and to let them out she sang:

What star, what god,
I owe this love in his eyes,
Who wished up there
That Juliette loves Romeo
Which star, Which God
I owe this love in his eyes,
Even if I must pay the price
Of a forbidden love
Why our fathers hate each other,
And the daughter loves the son,
That must make someone laugh, there, high above
That Juliet loves Romeo.

The girls were really astonished with that. «I didn't know Cornelia could sing so well» Irma whispered.

Caleb was also surprised. When he heard Cornelia's sweet voice he also couldn't keep everything in and when Cornelia finished he came from behind the wall and sang:

What star, what god
I owe this love in her eyes,
Let it be their will,
Because Romeo loves Juliet

The guardians opened their mouths. Cornelia heard Caleb and her heart bet. She looked down and saw him, their eyes met. Caleb continued:

If it is necessary to pray, I will pray
If it is necessary to fight, I will fight,
But why do I have to pay
For the right to love each other?

Then they were singing in duet:

And let our fathers torn each other in parts,
Their children want each other
It is invisible to change the history,
But ours will begin this evening

Caleb started to climb up the wall. Cornelia:

And so much the worse to those, who is disturbed by

Caleb climbed on the balcony. Caleb:

That an innocent virgin loves an angel

They stood on the balcony together, looking at each other. (Singing in duet: )

(And I had changed the last lines in order to make this song more suitable for my story. That's what turned out of it: )

What star, what god
I owe this love in her eyes

Does the shining lily know
That Caleb loves Cornelia

He took gently her arms in his… (Singing in duet: )

What star, what god
I owe this love in his eyes,
Does the sun, the phoeb know
That Cornelia loves Caleb

So romantic that I nearly cry. Anyway, here goes chapter 7 and the part when Cornelia tells the Nurse about her feelings. Nurse's feelings. That's 'Et voila qu'elle aime' ('And here she's in love') and the translations:

«Oh, ma fille, you grew up, you love» the tears we visible in the woman's kind eyes

And now she's in love, and here she dances
She says to me 'I love him', she leaves childhood
And me, nothing more than her nurse, her pillow,
But she is similar to me
And I am the only one who trembles for her.
And now she's in love, and here she dances,
And now she's in love…

And that's again chap 7, the end of it, when Caleb and Cornelia suffer from unknowing if their feelings were true or just a lie for the Nurse. I couldn't put in the end of such a romantic chapter something unromantic, so here goes again a piece of 'Aimer' and a very romantic translation:

Love, this is stronger than anything,
It gives best us
Love, that means to feel your heart,
Love, to have less fears

So that how it looks like. And now we're off to chapter 8 and in the beginning I had put a piece from 'Par amour' ('Because of love'). That's also very romantic:

Because of love people have so much sufferings,
But it is the only star
Which guides us in the night
Without love, our lives are empty,
Without love…

Those are all French lyrics for now.

Also used English lyrics:

'My heart will go on' from 'Titanic' (chapter 4)

'A time for us' from 'Romeo & Juliet' (movie) (chapter 5)

'These are my rivers' from 'Romeo & Juliet' (musical, English version (English version of 'Aimer') ) (chapter 11)

So, now I'm totally finished with this story. I'm so glad that you guys like it so much! I'll definitely write new stories and you can send me your ideas, I'll be glad to use them in my further creations. So, please review, tell me your opinion.

See ya in the next stories!

By for now,

with love