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-Meet Vegeta-

I neared closer to the man but he began to back away from me.

"W-wait," I stammered reaching my hand out to him.


He stretched a hand out to me but I backed away hastily. I do not know this man or what his intentions are.

I fell back on my rearafter tripping over a stump. I didn't even realise I fell until I felt a sharp pain shoot up in my tail bone. He continued to advance on me but I had no where to go to run from him. I was too tired and weak ro move any longer. I had been trailing these woods for quite some time and my legs have given out.

Suddenly, the tall stranger removed his bright orange top brom his torso and handed it out in front of me.

" must be cold," He coaxed gently.

Well I am in the nude. How embarassing this is! I swiped the shirt from his grasp slipping it over my meek form and putting my arms through the large sleeves. It seemed to cover me quite well considering this stranger was bigger than I.I shivered holding myself to keep warm. I didn't realize it until he said it but I really am cold. I peered up to see that he was smiling at me. A very kind and calming smile.

"T-thank you," I spoke but I didn't hear anything come from my mouth. "What!" I tried speaking again but nothing came out. No sound came from my lips. I clutched at my throat wide eyed in panic.

I can't speak...What happened to me!


I became worried when the poor man held his neck, his eyes clearly expressing shock.I gently kneeled down in front of him asking,

"Are you okay? Do you need help?"

He hesitated to answer but I think thats when he noticed my tail. He gazed at it in disbelief. I must admit that I was very stunned to see he had a tail also.

I must have trailed off because when I looked back over at him I noticed he was no longer in that spot but leaning over my lap and stroking gentle fingers through the bristly fur on my tail. My face suddenly grew hot as I felt a burning sensation shoot down the base of my tail and to my groin. I gasped loudly from the working we was doing on my limp apendage.

He must have finally realised the effect it had on me when he instantly stopped a blush line clearly visible over his nose. I sweatdropped and smiled nervously. Why'd he do that! What could possibly have lead him to find my tail so amazing! He has a tail too!


Yeesh! I didn't see that coming! I just wanted to make sure it was real. No doubt about it that things definetly real. I can't believe it...there really is another saiyan in existance other than me. I felt a slight fluttering in my stomach then as the realization hit me. I smiled up at him brightly as I shouted.

"You're a Saiyan!"

But I had forgotten and againthere was no sound. Not even a whisper.

So it's true...I am mute.

I slammed my fists to the ground in fury. Not being able to was I supposed to communicate with this man? It was making things so hard!


I watched him with great concern as he unleashed his anger amongst the ground. Teeth clenching, eyes tightly in frustration. A deep growl emitted from his throat.

"Oh I can't speak." I said sadly.

He shook his head in dismay calming his temper.That's terrible. What had this man been through? Where was he from? I had to learn more about him. Becasue then I could learn more about me.

Suddenly, I watched as his head sprung up and he snatched a stik sitting beside him.He began engraving something in the dirt with it. I blinked watching him curiously; when he stopped I examined the message carefully. It was a language I had never seen before but for some odd reason I could decode what it was saying exactly.

"We are saiyan." I said aloud reading the message clearly. "Saiyan?" I looked up at him cocking a brow slightly puzzled. He nodded.

How did I know that!Its true then...I am not from here. But how do I know a language I have never studied! I snapped out of my thoughts and noticed another message had been written in the soil.


How come he doesn't know he is saiyan? He must have suffered from an incident like myself. He doesn't remember it either. I write another message in the dirt and watch him study it carefully.

"My name is Vegeta." I wrote.

The taller man stuttered. "I-I'm Goku."

Goku? That wasn't Saiyan. He must have adapted that name from this planet. He must not remember anything either but his amnesia is far worse than mine.


There was a long pause and I began to feel awkward so I interrupted the silence.

"W-would you like to come stay with me? You are in no condition to be out on your own and I would really like it if I could learn more about you." I smiled stretching out a hand to help him up.

I had just remebered the secret little capsule house I had just a little for north from here. I hadn't been there since Chi-Chi found me and dragged me out. That was a nightmare I didn't want coming back to mind.


Stay with him? I don't see the harm in that. I'm just so grateful I found another saiyan! Well, he found me but I am still stunned, yet excited! I would enjoy finding out more abouthim too. Still I wonder...why am I here? I still can't seem to remeber what happened to me. Maybe one day it will come back to me.


I took Vegeta's hand in mine and helped him to his feet. He was so unblanced that he began to trip over trembling legs . I caught him before he fell securing him in my arms and my stomach did a flip flop as he hung on to me with a strong grip. I blushed slightly.

"Need some help?" I chuckled supporting him.

He nodded and I helped my new friend on shaky knees towards our new home.


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