Better summary: Kira Kamiyama is moving back to Japan after living in America for nine years. A childhood 'friend' of Shuichi Minamino with a mean streak that would anyone with brains tremble, you think she'd fit right in at her new junior high school and notice the stares she gets wherever she goes, too bad she's too preoccupied with demons and rock music to care much.

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Chapter 1 of Rock My World

Meet Kira Kamiyama

"Why do we have to move?" A fourteen year-old girl complained loudly in the back seat of her mother's car. She was maneuvered in the back so that she lay sprawled over the seats with her propped up against the window. Crimson bangs framed her face as the rest of her hair was black and pulled back into a messy bun. Her deep brown eyes stared out the car window across from her at the passing buildings with little interest. Why did she have to move? Things had been good back home, despite the facts that she'd been expelled from schools nine times ever since she started junior high. But the last time hadn't been her fault, the girl that had had her hair lit on fire had wandered too close to the Bunsen burners during science, it was just a coincidence that that girl had been her lab partner and that a book of matches had been laying conveniently on her desk.

"Moving isn't that bad." Her mother scolded, a plain woman of thirty-five years, while navigating through the busy streets. "Think of it as an adventure sweet heart." Her voice resonated of false cheerfulness that her daughter could instantly see through."An adventure?" The teen arched an eyebrow at this questioningly. Leave it to parents to say that everything new was an adventure of some type. More like torture.

"Besides," her mother continued contently, "you were born here Kira. Isn't it nice to see the town you used to live in? Maybe you'll see some old friends of yours."

Kira rolled her eyes in an annoyed fashion, "Kaasan, we only lived here for five years. I doubt that I can remember anything that happened while we were here." It was true after all, her memories of her early childhood drew up blank except with a few scattered images here and there. Other then that, she remembered nothing.

"We'll see," her mother chuckled lightly. "Maybe meeting some people will stir up those memories."

"Meeting some people?" Kira blinked before glaring at her mother. "You don't mean what I think you do, do you?"

Her mother shrugged, "Perhaps, I just thought it'd be nice to rekindle some friendships, that's all."

"More like try to make my life more miserable then it already is," Kira scoffed coldly folding her arms across her chest. Wasn't it just like mothers to pull something like this and expect you to tag along acting all happy with it? Wasn't it like them to expect you to smile and pretend to be overjoyed to visit people from the past? Kira had a firm belief that the past was best left forgotten, she couldn't imagine why some people held onto it for dear life. Like it was the only thing worth living for.

Her mother shook her head, "You could at least try to make this move more…easy."

"Is moving ever easy?" Kira asked harshly, narrowing her eyes.

"I supposed you'd be used to it actually," her mother responded dryly. "Moving will be good for you this time, nobody here knows about your…reputation. It's a chance to get a clean slate and start over fresh. You'll like it, trust me."

Trust her? Kira bit her tongue to keep from laughing at that comment. "I still don't get why we have to move back to Japan. Couldn't we move to California or something? It'd be a lot easier."

Her mother sighed heavily, "Japan has stricter schools and you'll have more fun here anyway. There's an arcade close to where we're moving, you'll love it."

Stricter schools. Ah. That was her mother's agenda, but it still didn't make that much sense. Kira always aced school even though she skipped every other day, it was no real challenge. Only the teachers were difficult to deal with.


What pains in the ass they were.

While some were uber nice, the others were truly evil.

However, in Kira's case, she never met a teacher she actually liked. They all hated her for her carefree, doesn't care attitude that she always carried with her.

She was reckless in class and disrupted it often to yell at someone or to punch someone. Sometimes it was because she had her headphones on and was listening to her music at full blast which her peers could hear all the way on the other side of the classroom. That made people wonder why she didn't have bad hearing. And sometimes it was because she was chewing gum in class, but she couldn't help it. She had a bubble gum addiction at times.

Her mother only got the good side of her behavior, he mother never believed she was as bad as the teachers claimed in the parent teacher conferences. Her mother only knew she was grumpy, irritable and sarcastic. "Teenagers will be teenagers." Her mother had protested in a calm way every conference, then she'd follow it up with, "She's restless, how would like to be cooped up in a room all day and forced to do work sheet after work sheet?" They would gape at her after this, too stunned at her ignorance perhaps. Kira didn't mind if her mother did or didn't notice her behavior, as long as she got away with it, she couldn't care less.

"Kira?" Her mother interrupted her daughter's thoughts.

"Hai, kaasan." Kira said jumping slightly then sitting up.

"Kira you know I don't ask for much from you…" her mother paused then frowned inwardly, "But can you do one thing for me?"

Kira thought for a moment. It was true, her mother hardly asked anything of her. "Hai." Kira said in anticipation, then wishing immediately she hadn't.

"I want you to promise that'll you'll at least try to like this place." Her mother said to her in a pleading tone.

Kira cast her eyes back out the window and rolled her teeth over her bottom lip. "I guess…but for your sake. No one else's." She'd give it a day or two, that's all she needed to decide if she liked it or not. At least it wasn't a lie, something which Kira hated to do, but she made up her mind quickly about things and this was one of those things you knew if you loved it or hated it almost instantly for her.

"And maybe your Japanese will improve." Her mother mused lightly.

Kira looked outraged at this, "My Japanese is fine, thank you!"

"Your accent could use some improvement," her mother smiled, only joking but, she knew her daughter was taking it seriously.

Kira huffed at that, "C'mon. Give me a break."

Her mother laughed, "Well here we are."

Kira turned around and put her hands on the window and peered at their new house like a three year-old looking at an exhibit at a zoo. It looked nicer then the apartment building they lived in New York, no graffiti on the walls or people selling crack outside. No crazy loud tenants, it was a step up she guessed sighing. It was basically a traditional house with quite a nice garden and it was in the shadow of an unusually large silk tree. To be honest, it looked like the house in a movie she'd just recently seen. What was it called…oh yeah, Ju-on, The Grudge. Which had turned out to be a bogus movie, Ringu was better in her personal opinion, but then again…horror flicks weren't her thing nor were they actually that scary.

"Is something wrong?" Her mother asked worriedly at her daughter's blank expression.

"No," Kira muttered. "Everything's peachy." Her tone dripping with sarcasm.

"Kira," her mother sighed, "Just give it a chance."

"I said I would, but I still think we should have stayed in the states." The teenager glanced back at the house.

"I don't want to argue about this anymore." Her mother warned. "Besides, I've already arranged to meet up with an old friend of mine." A small smile crossed the older woman's face.

"Who?" Was the first thing Kira could manage to say.

"Minamino Shiori, remember her and her son?"

Kira thought for a moment in silence while staring at a small cluster of white nimbus clouds overhead as they slowly made their way through the serene blue sky. A face came into her mind of a young boy with crimson hair and emerald green eyes that were captivating even at his young age. She nodded curtly and turned back to her mother. A smug grin played upon the girl's lips, "Shuichi." How could she forget him after the hell she put him through. Although now that she was thinking about it, she could have been a lot worse to him…

He was roughly two and half years older then she, which made him all the more fun to annoy.

"Minamino," she poked the boy sitting next to her, although he'd classify it more as a hard jabbing movement with her index finger.

He glared at her, "Onegai, stop that."

"Iie." She said poking him again. "It's fun." The five year-old girl smirked as she continued poking away.

He was still remembering the incident when she had put bubble gum into his hair. "You aren't scheming are you?"

"I don't scheme," she whined standing up and placing her hands on her hips. "I plan." She said it like he had lowered her somehow.

"It's the same thing Kamiyama." He berated her.

The two weren't on first name terms with one another, though their mother's would have liked it if they were. They referred to each other with last names when their parents weren't around.

"No it isn't." She whined angrily, "Scheming is evil, planning isn't."

He hated putting up with her childishness, "But they do mean the same thing no matter what you think or say."

She arched an eyebrow, "Oh really?"


"Are you still mad at me?"



He exhaled heavily, "Do you know how much it hurts having gum pulled out of your hair or trying to take your socks off when somebody 'accidentally' spilled glue into them Kamiyama?"

"I guess I get away with everything," she confided. Neither of their mother's knew that she had been responsible for both of those incidents and that couldn't make her happier as long as she went unpunished.

"Yes you do." Was his soft response.

"But that's only because you don't tell on me." She noted hastily.

"I have nothing to gain by telling on you." He put it simply.

Kira frowned inwardly at this, she just didn't get him. Her five year-old mind couldn't comprehend his 'advanced' logic. He always said things that seven and a half-year-olds would never say or even think of. Even at her age she knew he was something else, an alien perhaps sent down to destroy humanity with his brain prowess. That was too much of a stretch even for him though, he loved his mother too much to destroy her or something. So she was satisfied with thinking of him as inhuman, like a youkai, though she really had no idea how close to the truth she really was.

He looked at her expressionless face, "Now what's wrong with you?"

She blinked, now truly lost in her train of thoughts. "Hm." She gave him an attentive look which was rare.

As long as she wasn't planning to humiliate him today, he didn't care. He often thought of doing something to get her back for everything, but he didn't truly want to stoop to her level no matter how good it sounded in his head. "You're really something Kamiyama." He concluded which was honesty. She really wasn't like other girls who were sweet and wore dresses and liked the color pink. She was just…off to put it politely.

Kira didn't like this answer she poked him once more, "Quit being so confusing." She demanded.

"Maybe in another life," He chuckled lightly…

"He's weird," she blurted out a little too loudly.

"Who?" Her mother inquired suspiciously with wide eyes.

It took Kira a few minutes to realize what she had said aloud, "Oh…Shuichi I mean."

"Ah." Her mother nodded. "We're going to see them tomorrow."

"That soon?" Kira mumbled quietly to no one in particular. "What about the arcades? I wanted to go check them out tomorrow!"

"That can wait for another time, besides I was meaning to tell you that you start school tomorrow as well." Her mother explained knowing this would only be upsetting her even further.

"Kaasan, are you trying to kill me?" Kira asked balling her fists.

"Iie. I'm just looking out for your best interest, that's all." Her mother paused uncertainly then continued hastily, "Go unpack now then maybe if you have some free time you can go to the arcades. Oh, and you don't have your school uniform yet so you're going to have to wear something else. And please keep all your havoc seeking in line for a few days.

Kira nodded slightly, "I'll try to…" she grumbled.


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